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Leshan transportation


Leshan City has convenient transportation. In the 12th Five Year Plan, Leshan City proposed to implement the "100 billion yuan transportation project", including "two airlines (comprehensive development of Minjiang aviation and power and Leshan Airport), five Railways (Chengdu Mianyang Leshan intercity railway, Chengdu Guiyang railway, Chengdu Kunming railway, Leya railway, Lezi Luzhou railway), 10 expressways (Leyi, Leya, le'e, Lezi, Lehan, Chengle West, ring city and Chengdu Lefu) Line, Renmu, Jinhui), one hub (Leshan port comprehensive transportation hub) "to build a comprehensive transportation sub hub city with complete functions.

By the end of 2018, the added value of transportation, warehousing and postal industry in Leshan City was 5.931 billion yuan, an increase of 5.0% over the previous year.

By the end of the year, the total highway mileage of the city was 12161.06 km. Among them, 11663.36 km of grade roads are available. The new highway mileage increased by 119.77 km, including 33.94 km newly built and 85.83 km reconstructed. By the end of the year, the total navigable mileage of the whole city was 976 km, including 293 km of grade waterway.


Chengdu Kunming railway, Chengdu Kunming double track railway (Chengdu e section) and Chengdu Mianyang Leshan passenger dedicated line cross Leshan.

Chengdu Kunming railway runs through Jiajiang, Emei Mountain, Shawan, Ebian and Jinkouhe. You can get off at Emei station when you travel to Leshan and Emei Mountain by train. The station is 10 kilometers away from the gate of Emei Mountain Scenic Area (Baoguo Temple) and 31 kilometers away from Leshan. To Leshan, you can choose to get off at Leshan North Station (Jiajiang), 30km away from Leshan urban area.

Chengdu Mianyang Leshan passenger dedicated line starts from Chengdu east station, leads into Jiangyou station along Baocheng railway, goes south through Chengdu to Shuangliu International Airport, finally arrives at Leshan City through Meishan City. It adopts 8-car EMUs to realize public transportation operation. Leshan section has three stations: Leshan station, Emei station and Emei Tianxia Mingshan station. Tourists can walk for 10 minutes after getting off the train at Tianxia Mingshan station You can enter the core scenic spot of Emei Mountain. The driving time from Chengdu to Leshan is shortened to 40 minutes.

The construction of Lianyungang Leshan railway starts from Chengdu Kunming Railway in Emeishan City, connecting Chengdu port in the south of Leshan City to Chengdu Chongqing railway, with Leshan South Station in the urban area.

The Chengdu Guiyang high speed railway will be completed and opened to traffic by the end of 2019. In addition to Leshan station, Qianwei station will be built in Leshan section. After completion, it will connect several railways such as Xicheng high-speed railway and Guiyang Guangzhou high-speed railway. It can reach the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Beijing Tianjin Hebei three national economic zones in 8 hours. In the long run, it can connect Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high-speed railway and arrive at West Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Railway projects under construction and proposed: Chengdu Kunming double track railway, Lezi Luzhou railway, Leya intercity railway and Chengdu Guiyang high speed railway.tram

The construction of Leshan modern tram project includes planned line 1: urban loop line; line 2: Leshan high speed railway station Leshan airport; line 3: Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot - Emei Mountain scenic area. The total mileage of the three lines is about 76 km. The first phase of the project includes line 1 and line 2, with an estimated construction period of 4 years, and the second phase project, line 3, is expected to last for 4 years.


Leshan City is 100 km away from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. You can go directly through Chengdu Leshan Expressway and Chengdu Leshan Expressway double track (under construction), or you can take Chengdu Mianyang Leshan Intercity High Speed Railway to Shuangliu Airport Station (located on the first and second floors underground of terminal T2), where you can transfer to Chengdu Metro Line 10 and line 19 (under construction) to enter Chengdu urban area.

Leshan airport, located in longgeng village, Guanying Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, is 14 km away from the downtown of Leshan City and 7 km away from the urban area of Wutongqiao. The civil nature of the airport is a branch airport of civil aviation. The flight level index is 4C (4D in the long term). The short-term station site is planned according to 10 stands (2B + 8C), and the long-term station site is 1 Five aircraft stands will be planned (2B + 12C + 1D), and 21 parking spaces will be planned and put into use by the end of 2021. According to the forecast, the passenger throughput in the near future (2030) will be 1.8 million, and that in the long term (2050) will be 3.8 million.


In 2017, the city's total highway mileage was 11871.26 km, and the grade highway was 11147 km. Six expressways have been built: Chengle expressway, Leya expressway, Leyi expressway, Lezi expressway, Lehan Expressway (including le'e section), Renmu Expressway (Renjing test section) and Leshan Ring Expressway, with a mileage of 235 km. There are national highway 213, 245, 348, and provincial highway 103, 213, 215, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 401, 428, 429, 430 and other 15 ordinary national and provincial highways, with a mileage of 1298 km. There are 9844 kilometers of rural highway mileage, realizing rural oil Road (cement road) and village road. The implementation of networking and unblocking project: lesha Avenue, lesha ecological Avenue, lejing Avenue, le'e Avenue, Lejia Avenue, Lemei expressway, etc., can quickly reach the surrounding cities and districts and counties in the city.

Expressway under construction

Leshan Expressway (from Leshan City to Hanyuan County of Ya'an City) is 143 kilometers long, with a total investment of 21 billion yuan.

The expansion of Chengdu Leshan expressway will take three years and the total investment is estimated to be 20.585 billion yuan. It will be completed in 2019. The original road from Leshan to Meishan qinglongchang will be widened to two-way eight lane, and the section from Chengdu to qinglongchang will be built with two-way eight Lane double track, starting from Chengdu Third Ring Road Sichuan Tibet interchange. The two sections will be connected to form a new Chengdu Leshan Expressway with a total length of 139.986 km In qinglongchang section, the original road is widened into two-way 8-lane, and the design speed is 100 km / h. After completion, the Chengdu Leshan expressway will successively connect with Chengdu Ring Expressway, Shuangliu Airport Expressway, the second ring expressway, Chengdu Ya'an expressway, Suining Zimei expressway, Lezi expressway, Leyi Expressway and Leya expressway. In the future, it will connect with 9 expressways such as the ring expressway of Chengdu Economic Zone.

The starting point of Leshan Xichang Expressway (from Leshan City to Xichang City of Liangshan Prefecture) is located in the Central District of Leshan City, passing through Shizhong District of Leshan City, Shawan, Muchuan, Mabian, Meigu county and Zhaojue County of Liangshan Prefecture, connecting Xichang Zhaotong Expressway in Zhaojue County, with a total length of 245km.

Pudanjing Expressway passes through the northern part of the city, runs through Shizhong District and Jingyan County, and connects with Renmu Expressway under construction.


Every day there are tourist boats to Leshan Buddha in Leshan port. Leshan port also has passenger ships to Chongqing and Shanghai. In addition, Chengdu port is located in Guanying Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, 10 km away from Leshan City, 120 km away from Chengdu. The designed annual cargo transportation throughput is 50 million tons and the container is 3 million TEUs. After completion in 2019, 1000 DWT ships will be able to sail directly to Chengdu port from Shanghai, Chongqing and other places all year round, while 3000 DWT ships will be able to pass through in flood period. The Yangtze River waterway will extend 162 kilometers upward, and Leshan will become the "first port on the Yangtze River" worthy of the name. Leshan large cargo terminal was completed in 1998, with a design lifting capacity of 550 tons per piece. In 2013, 173 batches of goods were actually lifted, with 34800 tons. The total navigable mileage of the whole city is 976 kilometers, including 293 kilometers of classified waterway. The total transport capacity of freight ships is 101200 tons, and there are 9187 passenger (Ferry) ships. The development of Minjiang port navigation and power hub has entered the implementation stage. Qianwei hub and longxikou hub were officially started in December 2015 and March 2017 respectively.