Leshan scenic spot

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Leshan scenic spot

As of 2018, Leshan City has 3 world-class heritages, 10 national key cultural relics protection units, 4 national intangible cultural heritages, 3 national scenic spots, 2 nature reserves and wetland parks, 3 National Forest Parks, 1 National Geological Park and 1 Mining Park, and 4 National Water Conservancy Scenic spots, creating 35 A-level scenic spots There are 2 5A scenic spots and 13 4A scenic spots.

Leshan has three world heritage sites: Leshan Giant Buddha, Emei Mountain and Dongfeng weir. The density of world-class and national tourism resources reaches 25 per 10000 square kilometers, which is 3.6 times of the average value of Sichuan Province. Leshan Sleeping Buddha and Leshan Giant Buddha, discovered in the 1980s, constitute the eternal wonder of "the heart is the Buddha".

Leshan also has a large number of undeveloped natural original ecological scenic spots, such as the Gucheng Alsophila Valley, where Alsophila is flourishing, which can be called the living fossil kingdom in nature. Leshan has 10 key cultural relic protection units in China: Leshan Giant Buddha, Mahao cliff tomb, Emeishan ancient architectural complex, Feilai Hall of the temple, yanggongque, Qianwei Confucian temple, Qianfoyan grottoes, Guo Moruo's former residence, Wuyu Lidui, Sanjiang song tower; 41 provincial-level cultural protection units, 79 municipal cultural relics protection units, with more than 20000 cultural relics in collection, including more than 2600 cultural relics above grade III.

Leshan City honor

In December 2020, it was selected into the list of "the second batch of national whole area tourism demonstration areas".