Leiqiong Haikou Volcanic Group World Geopark

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Leiqiong Haikou Volcanic Group World Geopark

Leiqiong Haikou Volcanic Group World Geopark is located in Shishan Town, southwest of Haikou City. It is only 15 kilometers away from the urban area. The Expressway on the west line turns to green corridor and the expressway around the city passes through the park. Graben-rift type basic volcanic activity geological remains, is one of the few Holocene volcanic eruption dormant volcanoes in China (10,000 years ago), with high scientific research, popular science and tourism ornamental value. Grade 4A Scenic Area, World Geopark, National Geopark.

Introduction of scenic spots

The Leiqiong Haikou Volcanic Group World Geopark (Haikou Park) in China is a world-class tourism brand developed on the basis of Haikou Shishan Volcanic Crater Park. The Park hosted the main venue of World Tourism Day in 1996.

Has been rated as "Hainan excellent tourist attractions", "Hainan Top Ten Scenic Spots", "National AAAA Scenic Spots" and "National Geological Park". It is the only tropical island city Volcanic Group Geological Park in China and the first world-class tourist attraction recognized by UNESCO in Hainan Province. The park has become a popular science education base for young people and an important place for Earth Day. It is also the first training base for Hong Kong Ecotourism Training Center in China.

Geological relics

The main body of geological relics is Quaternary volcanic group composed of 40 volcanoes. Volcanic types are complete and diverse, covering almost all types of volcanoes erupted by basaltic volcanoes. They include clastic cones, lava cones and mixed cones formed by magma eruption, and Maar volcano formed by the interaction of magma and groundwater. The volcanic geological landscape is very rich, and the lava flow - crust lava, such as rope, twist and coral, is amazing. The park develops tropical rain forests on volcanic cones, craters and basalt platforms as representative ecological communities. There are more than 1200 plants in the park. The orchards and volcanic landscapes are integrated into one, which is an outstanding representative of the volcanic ecology in tropical cities. In the park, ancient villages, stone houses, stone towers and various production and living utensils built by basalt have been preserved for thousands of years, recording the volcanic cultural vein accompanied by human and stone, which is called the classic of Chinese volcanic culture. The total area of the park is 108 square kilometers. Maansling, Shuangchiling, Xianren Cave and Luojing Pan are the main scenic spots.

Ridge volcano

Ling is a juxtaposition of two twin Maar volcanoes, and the crater wall is a tuff ring. Luojing Panmaluan volcano, with an inner diameter of 1000 meters, has a perfect circular low-level fire mouth. The radial and circular terraced idyllic scenery is very pleasant.

The cave is divided into upper and lower sections. There are holes in the lower section. The sky and the sky make people confused. There are various kinds of lava milk hanging on the rock wall, which seems to be falling down and amazing. The cave stone is strange, water is also strange, you can hear the sound of water droplets at any time, water droplets in different shapes of rock caused by different tones, constitute a very beautiful rhyme. The upper section of the cave is divided into dozens of lava tunnels because of the collapse at the top of the cave. Some of these caves are like interconnected spider webs; some are like open underground restaurants; and some are like fantastic castle palaces. The sunlight shines through the skylight formed by the collapse of the tunnel, which makes the scenery in the dark cave clear and magnificent.

Ma On Ling

Ma'anling volcano is composed of four volcanoes, the South Cone Fenglouling crater, the North cone Baoziling crater and two parasitic small volcanoes beside it. They are like a pair of eyes called Eye Ridge, known as the holy baby volcano. It constitutes a perfect family of Holocene dormant volcanoes. Entering the scenic spot is like entering a stone world of basalt, which is displayed as an open-air basalt volcanic museum with rich contents. The main venue of China on World Tourism Day 1996 was held here, highly praised by experts and tourism officials from more than 20 countries.

Volcanic landscape

There are more than 30 lava tunnels in the park, the longest of which is 2000 meters. Its internal shape and landscape are rich and wonderful. It is rare at home and abroad, and has great research and ornamental value. The low-level fire vents in the park, such as Luojingpan and Shuangchiling, are all volcanoes of Ma. It is the product of steam magma explosion in the process of deep incandescent magma rising, which meets cold groundwater and interacts with each other. The Maar volcano in the park is large in scale, well preserved and precious. Shuangchiling is a juxtaposition of two twin Maer volcanoes, and the crater wall is a tuff ring. Luojing Panmaluan volcano, with an inner diameter of 1000m, has a perfect circular low-level fire mouth. The radial and circular terraced idyllic scenery is very pleasant.

Leiqiong Haikou Volcano Group World Geopark is a multi-functional park with volcanic attraction and exploration, appreciation and tracing of volcanic ecology and volcanic culture, health and vacation of volcanic mineral springs, scientific research and popularization of science. It is a world-class tourist destination for China's leisure and recreation capital, Haikou Tour, and an important brand for tropical island tours. 。