Legend of bald tailed Lao Li

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Legend of bald tailed Lao Li

Folk legends of bald-tailed Lao Li are widely circulated in Shandong Province, and similar written records are found in Yuan Mei's Zi Yu of the Qing Dynasty: "Bi Shifu, Wendeng County, Shandong Province, saw Li on the tree in the raccoon pool in March, as big as chicken eggs." In a different way, I think that there should be no Li in late spring, and that there should be no Li in late spring. Since then, she has been pregnant. A dragon was born in April, about two feet long, and flew off when it fell to the ground. In the morning he will come and drink his mother's milk. Father wicked and wielded a knife to chase it away, cut off its tail, Xiaolong never came..." This is a version of the origin of the bald-tailed Lao Li story, and there are many other deductions and versions.

In 2008, the legend of bald-tailed Lao Li declared by Jimo City, Juxian County, Wendeng City and Zhucheng City in Shandong Province was listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council.

Historical Origin

Long China, there are endless legends; look at the original, there are countless legends. The legend of bald-tailed Balong Lao Li is set against the background that hundreds of thousands of Shandong people have rushed to the northeast of Guandong in the past hundreds of years. They have overcome difficulties, worked for generations and rooted in the black land of the northeast. Their homesickness and rooting-seeking heart make it possible for the fantasy of bald-tailed Lao Li, who calls for wind and rain, to come and go freely. Between the northeast and Shandong.

Stories and legends

When China International Dragon Culture Research and Promotion Association filmed 60 large-scale TV feature film "China Dragon", among provincial units with dragons in their appellations at provincial level, only Heilongjiang was named "Dragon". Heilongjiang's name originated from bald-tailed Lao Li. People in the three eastern provinces, especially in Heilongjiang Province, have orally passed on that they should ask where the Dragon King came from, Wendeng County, Shandong Province. On the Northeast website, I read the article "The Unknowable Margin between Heilongjiang and Tengzhou, Shandong Province". The article writes that although the legendary Heilongjiang Dragon God was a dragon, he was born by ordinary villagers in Wendeng County, Shandong Province. Because of his family name Li, and his father cut off a tail, and named "bald-tailed Lao Li". Therefore, the bald-tailed Lao Li, who is well-known in the three northeastern provinces and even all parts of the country and is known as the Shandong people's protection god and water hero, is our Wendeng County.

Legendary Background

The background of this legend is that hundreds of thousands of Shandong people have rushed to the northeast of Guandong in the past hundreds of years. They have overcome all kinds of difficulties they have encountered. They have been cultivating for generations and rooted in the black land of the northeast. But their homesickness and rooting heart are hard to give up, so they fantasize about the bald-tailed Lao Li, a fellow who calls for wind and rain. Be able to travel freely between Northeast China and Shandong.

Local Chronicles

The story of the bald-tailed King Li Long was first recorded in the local chronicles. It was written in the Annals of Wendeng County by Kangxi: "There is a dragon mother temple in the South Zheyang Mountain of the county." Legend has it that the wife of Guo surnamed Jishui River Cliff under the mountain feels like a child and has not been born for three years. Suddenly a thunderstorm overnight, electro-optic around the room, although pregnant, childless shape. Later, every night, something will breast, like a giant snake climbing on the beam, with scales, strange, to inform Guo. Guo Houqi came back, hit it with a flying blade and leaped away like the end of it. Later, his wife died and was buried under the hill. One day, clouds and mists filled the air. Villagers look far away and a dragon circles the top of the mountain. And Qing, see the tomb moved to the mountain, the tomb is several feet high, people think that the Dragon moved to the funeral cloud. Later, bald tail dragon see, the year is abundant. Every time clouds and mists gather, the natives learn from them. The ancestral temple is sacrificed for its construction. After that, Zheyang Monastery monks took the tomb stone of Dragon Mother, and the wind and rain poured heavily, and the hail followed. It was as big as a fight, and the temple was as black as air, but it was nowhere to be seen. Around Lixu, Ermai was injured. In Dulong Mother Temple, there were no flowers and trees.

Guangxu Wendeng County Chronicle contains, "In the fifty-third year of Kangxi (1714), the dragon is now in the northern mountain of Song Village. At that time, the city was in trouble, and the top of the temple was set up. It was renamed Huilongshan."

Ziyu written by Yuan Mei in the Qing Dynasty:

Bi Shifu in Wendeng County, Shandong Province, saw plums on the tree in the retting pond in March. They were as big as chicken eggs. She thought that there should be no plums in the late spring. She ate too much and was delicious. Since then, she has been pregnant. In April, a dragon was born, about two feet long, and it flew off when it fell to the ground. In the morning, he will come and drink his mother's milk. Father wicked and wielded a knife to chase it away, cut off its tail, Xiaolong never came.

In the next few years, his mother died and was buried in the village. Overnight, thunder, lightning, wind and rain, if there is something whirling in the dark. The next day, the coffin was buried, and it became a big grave. Years later, his father died and his neighbours were buried together. The evening thunder and lightning came again. The next day, when his father's coffin was lifted from the cave, he could not be buried together. Later, the villagers called "the mother grave of bald-tailed dragon", praying for sunshine and rain.

This matter Tao regretted Xuan Fangbo for the rest of his words, and Yun: "I occasionally read the"Qunfengpu"cloud:'Heaven punishes the good dragon, will cut its ears, fall to the ground, turn into Li. The plum that Bifu eats is a dragon's ear, so she feels gasified and gives birth to a dragon."

Since the fifty-third year of Kangxi, the temple of Li Long and the tomb of Long Mu have been built on Huilong Mountain, especially after Emperor Daoguang added the seal to Queen Li Long, the incense of Huilong Mountain has been very prosperous. But no matter how prosperous it is, it can only be the "dragon" coming back from Zheyang Mountain. The strong evidence is Daoguang's "Zhixian Owen Detailed Request for Dragon Document" on March 22, 25. The summary is as follows:

"... According to the peer county, Lin Rumo, Lin Rumo, former Tongling County Zhixian County Zhixiacounty in Tongling County, Lin Rumo, Longan Prefecture Zhifu Wang Zhengzhen, Nanhe Zhifu Zhifu Wang Zhengzhen, Nanhe Zhichangjin, BiChengzhao, Bichenzhazhao, Bichenzhazhazhao, Bichenzhazhazhazhazhazhazhazhao, Pinduzhou Xue Cong Baoguang, Li Chunllin, Li Chunllin, a former Linzhxiaxiaxiaxian religious edictorLi Chunlin, Lin-born pottery shade, Wang's palace, Chen Daoyua, Chen Daoyua, Chen Daoyuan proliferation proliferation, life-ben-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi Temple One, there is a Dragon Mother Temple under the hill. Legend has it that ancestral temples and temples were built in the past and next years, and there are hundreds of them. Whenever there is a drought, the villagers pray at the Dragon Mother's Temple down the hill and go back to the Dragon Temple to pray, all of them stand abundant Ganlin. Every seaport merchant fishing vessel in the county, in every case of wind and waves, prays for God's blessings, so as to achieve peace. Ling Ying Zhao, local dependence. Grade students are deeply impressed by their place, shelter and worship. All those who have made contributions to the people are blessed with grace and Tin has a title Check the Law of Sacrifice: Sacrifice those who can resist catastrophes, and sacrifice those who can defend catastrophes. So Tianhou Chongmiao looks at Yingyuan, Jinlong Zhaowei Ling in Jiangli, special grace, favor and tin, special devotion. The Dragon Mother's Temple and Dragon Temple in Zheyang Mountain, Zibei County, although they are the earth gods of a single town, their merits and virtues extend to ten thousand rooms, which are worshipped by the residents. In the past hundreds of years, the drought has ravaged the storms, and prayers must be answered. The merit lies in the people's livelihood, and the name should be in the national code. Hometown corpse wish, hundreds of millions of dustpans of sympathy; Chonghao Enxuan, thousands of Yuping Kang Yonglai. According to this gentleman Qilao and other joint words, it is convenient for us to ask the Constitutional Office to check them according to the situation, to turn over the details, to reward the title of Dragon Mother and the title of Shenlong, in order to answer the god's sorrow and comfort the people's expectations. For this reason, it is necessary to apply for it, and the begging should be carried out in detail."

In the 28th year of Daoguang (1848), Xu Zejiu, governor of Shandong Province, was asked to add the title of Shenlong. "The four characters of"Pu Hui You Min"are sealed by decree, and the divine dragon is listed in the sacrificial ceremony. This phenomenon of imperial title and royal seal is unique in the national culture of Li Long.

The eighth day of June in the ancient calendar is the birthday of Lord Li Longye. Legend has it that every year, Lord Li Longye will return home to pay homage to his mother. The devout villagers steamed huge gourds to celebrate the birthday of Lord Li Longye, burned incense on the mountain and offered sacrifices to pray for God Li Longye's good luck in wind and rain. Fishermen and boatmen asked the dragon to protect their safety. From the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the 1930s, Huilong Mountain has been popular for centuries with tourists.

March 2, 1939, is the last mountain meeting of Huilong Mountain. In 1940, Japanese ghosts invaded Wendeng City. In 1941, Japanese ghosts built fortresses and fortresses on Mount Huilong, and all the ancient buildings on the hill disappeared. Wendeng Zheyang Mountain had one Ginkgo biloba plant for thousands of years and one Dragon Mother Temple, which was destroyed on the eve of the founding of the People's Republic because of the war.

Local legends are mainly as follows: According to legend, during the five-year summer of Hongzhi in Ming Dynasty, Li Tiandou, a man from Xiashanqian Village of Zheyang Mountain in Wendeng, married Guo Sanjia, a woman from Guojia Village after Zheyang Mountain in the neighboring village. After marriage, the bride became pregnant by drinking water from the river while washing clothes in Changyang River. Three years after conception, on the night of the eighth day of June in the ancient calendar, when storms and storms alternated, lightning and thunder thundered, Guo Nu gave birth to a son, but regarded it as a flesh. The Li family suspected that they were evil and abandoned Hanoi in Changyang. When it meets the water, it expands rapidly and turns out to be a black dragon. Dragon's mother fainted when she came home to breast-feed at midnight. This was soon noticed by his father, Li Tiandou. One night, Tian Doupu buttoned candles and waited with sickles. After the wind, Tian Dou flipped up the ladle to light the lamp, but saw a black dragon's tail around the roof beam, head into his wife and breast-feeding. Tiandou was angry, swung sickles and cut, and the dragon's tail broke. Black dragon pain, take off from the house, all the way to Heilongjiang... (The same as the latter)

Tiny Black Whelpling

Long, long ago, Xiaowugou (Tengzhou Village name) was a small village with only a few families. In the straw house between the East and the west, there lived Lao Hao Li's husband and wife, who were both diligent and intimate, and had a very good life. It's just that their wives are still in their thirties, and when they mention it, they grow angry.

One night, the wife said "yes" to her husband. Old Li liked to jump so high that he didn't let his wife cook or work. He was afraid of "flickering" when his wife moved. So waited for ten months, December, to the full 24 months of this day, grey, stormy, thunder and lightning, his wife will be born, pain rolling. Li Lao Hao mingled his heart and looked down at his wife. I don't want my wife to slowly crack a crack under her ribs and drill a little black dragon out of it. The dragon was born, swaying on the bed, and the longer he saw, the bigger he grew. When his wife looked at it, she was frightened to death. Lao Li was eager for his wife to have a big fat boy. He didn't want to have a monster. His wife died again. He was angry and uncomfortable. He raised his fist and threw it at Xiaolong. The little thing had divine spirituality. He jumped up, put his body on the beam, cried "squeaky" and wagged his head and tail as if playing hide-and-seek with his father. Li Laohao was quick and angry. He touched a sickle from the foil tent and cut it off fiercely. The dragon's head was sidetracked and its tail was cut off. He ran out of the door with pain and was in the air. He just circled in the sky and refused to leave. He hasn't had time to see his mother yet. He hasn't lived in his home for a day. Daddy couldn't bear to chop himself to death. Another thought: "It's no wonder that people and dragons are not of the same kind. This is not the place where they should live. At this point, he nodded three o'clock to the cottage, worshiped his father and mother three times, drove through the clouds and mist, and turned away from the room three times, drifting toward the northeast. Little Black Dragon is thousands of miles up in the sky. He looks down and sees a winding white water lying across the ground. Although the river is not wide but long, the water surface is shining silver, the mountains on both sides are high and the trees are green, it is a good place to settle down. He pressed the clouds, waved away the thunder and lightning, and plunged into the water.

This river is called Bailong River, which was originally a Bailong town guard. At this time, Bailong was restoring his mind in the mansion. He heard the sound of water and went out of the mansion door. When he saw a bald-tailed black dragon coming in, he was very angry: "What a black boy with no tail dares to invade my jurisdiction without reporting back." Run over and catch Little Black Dragon. Little Black Dragon flashed aside and became angry. Said: "You this thing, do not treat each other politely, do not invite me to live with it, but also to deceive each other by force, good unreasonable." Say two and fight at the bottom of the river.

Little Black Dragon was young and powerful, and without fighting, he was short of breath and could not bear it. He shook his paw falsely, jumped out of the water, turned into a boy in black, and left behind. He was depressed by the defeat. Entering the deep mountains, I was thinking about moving forward, tripping under my feet. Looking down, an old man in his fifties lay on the ground with a shovel beside him. Little Black Dragon leaned down and listened to the old man's chest. His heart was still beating. He quickly picked up the old man and put it down in a leeward hill. Then he came to the spring to hold some water, rolled the leaves into a trumpet, poured the water slowly into the old man's mouth. Soon after, the old man woke up and opened his eyes. When he saw a handsome young boy in black standing in front of him, he knew what was going on in his heart. He climbed up arm by arm and knelt down to Little Black Dragon. Little Black Dragon caught up in a hurry: "Don't do this to the old man. It's his duty to save people and solve difficulties." Why are you lying in the mountains?

Originally from Shandong Province, the old man escaped from Guanli because his hometown had been drought for many years, and he had no way to live at home. He went to the old mountain forest to collect medicines and dig for a living, and built two huts beside the Bailong River to survive. More than ten years later, he had some savings in his hands. He wanted to dig some more ginseng and accumulate more silver to return to Shandong. Early this morning, I went deep into the mountains and dug up an adult ginseng. It was worth a lot of money. I didn't want to be knocked unconscious by a strong man and robbed of ginseng on the way down.

Xiao Heilong listened to the old man's narrative, and felt more cordial to the old man: "Lao Bo, I am also from Shandong Province, home in Xiaowugou Village, Tengxian County." The old man burst into ecstasy: "That's great. We're even more angry. Go! Come into my room. The old man's hut is not far from here. The little black dragon is helping the old man and will not arrive soon. The old man put wine and prepared meals. They sat opposite and began to drink. Little Black Dragon couldn't resist the old man's courtesy. He drank a few more drinks. When he thought that his mother had died for him and that he was homeless, he fell into tears. The old man was so puzzled that he asked, "What's the matter with the benefactor? Let's talk about it with the little one. Maybe I can help. Little Black Dragon will tell the truth. The old man was shocked and bowed to him. "Damn it, little old man, with naked eyes, can't see the real face of immortals!" Damn it! The little black dragon was laughed at by the old man and hurriedly lifted him up: "Old man! Although I am a dragon, I have a surname, which is the fourth word of a hundred surnames; I have a family, which is in the human cottage; I have a father, whose father is a common farmer; I have a mother, whose mother is a poor farmer's daughter. Isn't it the same as you? It's just that I'm weird. I can't live without water. I hate the white dragon for not allowing me to live.

The old man listened to Little Black Dragon and was not afraid: "What can I do for you?"

Little Black Dragon thought for a moment and said, "I can help you a lot, but as you get older, I can't bear to bother you."

"Don't say that. You saved me. I should repay you."

"Lao Bo, although the white dragon is brave, would you like to help us, we can't fight him alone?!"

"Ah, ah, what does Shangxian say? How can I get close to the White Dragon?

"I know, you just need to do this... That's all!"

"It's easy!"

The next day, they were ready to stop. Little Black Dragon leaped into the river to find White Dragon.

White Dragon came out of Shuifu and saw Little Black Dragon. He laughed and said, "My defeated generals are coming back to die?"

Little Black Dragon said, "This time I'll fight you to the death. If I lose to you, I'd rather lie down in front of you and let you break up thousands of pieces."

White Dragon is more proud: "Good! There is no joke in a gentleman's mouth. Even so, I swear: if you win me, I will go away, never return, and give you this water house forever."

After the second dragon hitter clapped his hands, he opened his arms and started fighting. They jumped up and down, East and west, stirring up the sand and boiling the river. They each use their whole body strength to make the whole body count. The two dragons are fighting each other. It's really a vicious battle.

The old man standing on the Bank of the river saw the river elephant boiling a pot. He knew that the little black dragon and the little white dragon were at war. His eyes were fixed on the river, and in a few moments, "Hula" turned up the white waves, and he rushed down the lime. After a while, the black wave rose and he threw the steamed bun over. In this way, he scattered lime and steamed buns into the river from time to time. Erlong fought desperately in the river. When Bailong saw that Little Black Dragon was about to float into the water, he wanted to run over and hold him down. As soon as he looked up, he was blinded by lime. Little Black Dragon felt hungry. Taking advantage of the opportunity of White Dragon rubbing his eyes, he darted up and stuttered down the steamed bun left by the old man, and instantly gained strength. For three days and three nights of such a war, Little Black Dragon ate steamed bun from time to time, his strength increased and he became more brave during the Vietnam War. White Dragon was blinded by lime many times, hungry and gradually unable to support his strength. Finally, he had to lose battle, flee out of the river, soar in the air, drive clouds and wind, hide himself in the rainstorm, and fled to other places for his life.

Bailong fled and Black Dragon came to power, so people changed the name of Bailong River to Heilongjiang.

One day, Little Black Dragon called shrimp soldiers and crab generals, assigned their duties and sent them to their own ways. He sat in a coral chair, closed his eyes and stared unconsciously. He stared for more than half a month. When he woke up, he remembered the old man who was digging ginseng. He hurried out of Shuifu and came ashore. He still turned into a young man in black. When he came to the old man's residence, the door was empty. The old man had been back to Shandong for many days.

Unconsciously, Xiao Heilong has been guarding Heilongjiang for nearly a year. On this day, when Little Black Dragon came back from his tour of the river, he felt his growing horn on his head, and remembered that he would be one year old tomorrow. It was also the anniversary of his mother's death, so he could not help but cry like rain. He busily prepared sacrifices, went out of Jiangxi, rose into the air and rushed home.

He pressed the clouds over the ditch and remained a boy in black. He found his mother's grave, placed incense candles and fruit, poured wine glasses, knelt down on both knees and offered sacrifices to her dead mother. After sprinkling wine, burning paper money, then knocking three heads, crying for a long time, it was in the air again, and returned to Heilongjiang.

People saw a bald-tailed dragon hovering over the sky in the storm. It was known as the little black dragon of Li Jiasheng. People called him bald-tailed Lao Li. It was also found that the tomb of Lao Hao Li's wife was not rained, and the surroundings were dry. It was known that Lao Li, with a bald tail, came to the grave. It is said that after a heavy rain in the reign of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, some people found gold wine bottles and silver wine pots in front of Li Laohao's wife's grave.

Lao Li, a bald-tailed man, guarded Heilongjiang Province and tried his best to manage the whole river and the aquarium in an orderly way. Rain is distributed seasonally to help people farm. He was very happy in his own life, but he always missed his mother and the old man who was collecting medicine. In order to show his yearning and respect for his hometown people, whenever ships carrying Shandong people came to the heart of the river, he sent a big carp. Before sailing, the boatman always asks the passengers whether there are Shandong people or not. If there are Shandong people, they will be calm and steady. It is difficult to say that there are no Shandong people. The big carp jumping on the boat board, of course, nobody ate it. The boatman held up his hands and shouted to the passengers, "Lao Li, bald-tailed, has given a gift to Shandong villagers!" And then put it back into the river. This custom remained until the Republic of China.

Black Dragon King

People have been circulating such a saying: to Heilongjiang by boat, the ship owner first asked if there were Shandong people on the boat? As long as someone answers that there are Shandong guests, the passenger ship will be safe and sound. Why? It is said that the Black Dragon King, who guards the river, blesses the people in his hometown.

Where is the home of the Black Dragon King?

Legend has it that in Fanxian County (formerly Shandong Province), Longwangzhuang on the North Bank of the Yellow River was built with Longwangzhuang Temple in ancient times.

Long ago, the Yellow River gave this area good farmland and fertile soil, hard-working people in this land, cultivate wasteland, build homes, live a happy life. Later, a fierce yellow dragon was drilled into the Yellow River Bay, which often made waves, destroyed homes and brought terrible disasters to people. It not only stirred up the water sources in this area, but also robbed Shanxi of the clouds and rains, causing Shanxi to suffer an unprecedented drought. It is said that for three consecutive years the clouds have disappeared, the rivers have dried up and the grass has disappeared. Farmers, unable to withstand the torture of hunger, have left their homes and begged for their livelihoods.

Among those who fled, there was a couple carrying the burden. They were originally from the family of Laolouwo people in Hongdong County, Shanxi Province. The name of the man was Li Qing, and the name of the woman was Qiutao. Li Qing's family was poor and suffered from severe drought. His parents died one after another. Couple see, nostalgia for the countryside is hopeless, decided to go away, find a suitable place for water and soil, in order to hope that the time will turn. So they begged along the street and came to the Bank of the Yellow River in Shandong Province. At a glance, rivers and harbours, lush grass and fertile soil, sunshine in the mist, self-confident to find a geomantic treasure. So he chose a wild slope highland and built a straw shed to live in. At first, the husband opened up the wasteland and his wife asked for food. They depended on each other. Later, men farmed and women weaved. They also fought with Huangshui by fishing boats to build barriers and weirs, so that they could live slowly enough to be self-sufficient. Time flies like an arrow. Li Qingnian is half a century old. One day, his wife says that she is pregnant. Li Qingdaxi is happy, but she has not seen childbirth for three years. Now it is February 2. Suddenly, the sky is cloudy and thunderstorms are thundering. In an instant, the sky and the earth are vast. In a flash, the heavy rain pours into the house. When Li Jiababies come to the ground, the flood also immediately recedes, and the crops in the four countryside fall without any damage. When Li Qing saw the child's skin was like paint, he named him Li Hei.

Li Heisheng's eyes are bright and clever. One day can climb, three days can do, five days can jump to the room, drinking water is unlimited, can eat rice, more powerful than others. He loved water by nature and went swimming in the bay without winter or summer. Li Qing's husband and wife were very worried that they might hurt their lives. In order to teach him how to shut him up for three days at a time, he was so anxious and thirsty that he ran to the courtyard and drank all the pot water. He ran to the pit and drank the pit water for three feet.

When Li Hei was 12 years old, Li Qing's family property could no longer support a large number of children, so he had to rely on personal feelings and send them to Gekou village to do long-term work. Outside the merchant, he grew rich by feeding food in flood. He was unkind to people. He only gave Li Hei two steamed buns and a bowl of porridge for each meal, but he was told to graze sheep in the field all day long. There is a big pool in the west of Gekou Village. It is rumored that the water is bottomless and goes straight to the East China Sea. It has become a good place for Li Hei to play with water. He went there every day to graze sheep and take a bath. One day, he only played with water. He accidentally lost two sheep. Outside the staff, he was angry and scolded. He was also punished to shave off ten mu of cotton and willow piers in the east of the village and warned him that he would not be fired home.

Who knows Li Hei made a black wind and pulled out all the cotton and willow piers. Outside the staff were shocked, suspicious and unreasonable. He had to water the vegetable gardens in the south of the village. Li Hei still didn't pay attention to his heavy work. He slept in the arbor all day and saw only five mu of vegetable seedlings in full bloom. Outside the staff was very puzzled. In the middle of the night, I watched Li Hei turn into a black dragon. After a few shakes in the well, the water column poured out, and soon the five Mu vegetable garden was irrigated. Outside the staff, they knew that Li Hei was a real dragon. They thought that one day he would be the son of heaven. They said to their wife that they would marry their daughter to him, and that they would be rich and honorable in the future. Of course, the daughter was happy to hear what she said, and begged her parents to see the truth in secret. Who knows, I was frightened to death. Outside the staff, they regretted too much and became angry. They drove Li Hei out of the business and complained to the government to make his parents pay for their lives.

When Mr. and Mrs. Li were told that Li Hei had been involved in a catastrophe, they expected that the merchant would not stop, and they rushed to discuss countermeasures with Li Hei, ready to escape from the mouth of the tiger. Unexpectedly, the merchant led the servant into the hospital with a gun and stick. When Li Hei saw that something was wrong, he pulled out his legs and ran. He was squeezed into his buttocks by a door outside the merchant. His blood was dripping. He felt painful and lost his voice. He broke free and squeezed his tail. Li Qing and his wife saw that the child was a black dragon with blood all over them. They rushed forward painfully and cried, "Li Hei, go far and fly high. If they get the first place, they should benefit the people and think of the people of their hometown." Li Hei listened and burst into tears like rain, bowed down and kowtowed, then thundered and flew away.

In addition, Huanglong, who is proud of the river bay, has seen the black dragon since its birth, hated it in his heart, and made water several times in an attempt to swallow up the Lijia Manor and strangle the black dragon in its cradle. Because the black dragon was sent by heaven, he dared not violate the destiny of heaven, and had no choice. Today, seeing the black dragon flee, take the opportunity to make waves, make hair water, black dragon was invaded by yellow dragon from childhood, and was entrusted by his parents, for the people to eliminate harm, protect his hometown, he turned back and fought against yellow dragon with nine turns of merit. It was time, but there was thunder and lightning in the sky, and heavy rain, which lasted for seven days. Eventually, because Heilong was young, although he exhausted all his life power, he was still difficult to win, so he had to retire to Gekou Deep Pond for help. He told people in their dreams that on February 2nd, he fought with Huanglong in the deep pool to help people in his hometown. If there are black flowers in the pool, it is he who asks for food to satisfy his hunger and throws them into white steamed bun and fat meat; if there are yellow flowers, it is Huanglong who gasps for food and throws in bricks and tiles. Today, however, when the pool water roared, villagers rushed from all sides to the pool, and helped each other day and night. As a result, the black dragon defeated the Yellow Dragon and tied the Yellow Dragon under the pool. Following the instructions of the black dragon, the villagers gathered crushed iron in several villages far and near, broke into huge chains, and detained the Yellow Dragon at the bottom of the pool to avoid future trouble.

Since then, the Yellow River has been gentle, boats come and go, people are busy planting land, fishing in leisure time, carefree, black dragon also gives people rain in drought, flooding clouds, so that this area of wind and rain successive harvest, disaster-stricken people have lived a happy and happy life.

At the same time, people have established deep feelings with Black Dragon. Everyone admires and misses him from his heart. Every New Year's Festival or harvest, I think of his happiness, full of hope for life, dream and talk to him, also always unrestrained. So the old call him bald-tailed Lao Li, and the young call him Black Master. Whose child is crying and naughty, just say: Listen to Master Black. Children will immediately stop crying.

The fact that the Black Dragon King captured Huanglong for the benefit of the people shocked the Dragon Kings of the East China Sea, the South China Sea and Qiantang. They played the Jade Emperor together, which moved the Jade Emperor very much. They named him the Black Dragon King and guarded the Northeast River of China, known as Heilongjiang. Before his departure, Black Dragon sent a message to his father and his fellow countrymen: "Every February, he will visit the people of his hometown, and come to Heilongjiang by boat. He can protect everyone from surprise." After the death of the Black Dragon King, people built a Dragon King Temple in his birthplace in order to remember him for generations. Every year, on February 2nd, the stage sings and the temple fair commemorates the Black Dragon Lord. He also called the deep pool where he defeated Huanglong as Black Dragon Pool. Over the years, the village where Longwang Temple is located naturally became Longwangzhuang.

Yanggu, Shandong Province

There are many endless legends in the long history of China, and there are countless legends in our eyes. In Shandong, Hebei and Northeast China, there are many stories of bald-tailed Lao Li. In Daokoupu, Dongchangfu District, and Zhangqiu Town, Yanggu District, the legend of bald-tailed Lao Li is well known. Every July, when the strong wind from Northeast China comes up, the black clouds are overwhelming and the downpour is approaching, the local people rush home to shelter from the rain, and their mouths will keep shouting. Baldy tail Lao Li is here to sacrifice his mother! The legend of "bald tail, old Li, wind and rain" remains unchanged in the minds of the local people. Up to now, the temple site of Longmu Sanniang, mother of bald-tailed Lao Li, in Wanghaizi Village, Daokoupu, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, remains. Li, a local villager, said, "We have believed in bald-tailed Lao Li and Longmu Sanniang for generations. No matter how bad the weather is, the hail has never hit Wang Haizi, and the ice will not hit Tang (Yi)! ____________ (Note: Daokoupu used to belong to Tangyi County)

Longmu Sanniang Temple is located in the west of Wanghaizi Village. Although the site of the temple has now become a big pit, the local elderly can clearly remember the structure, location, orientation of the temple and the scene of local people begging for rain from the Longmu Sanniang Temple. It is said that bald-tailed Lao Li was born in Wang Haizi, among which there is a moving legend.

Long ago, a girl passed through Wang Haizi Village. She was pregnant, tired by the roadside because of the long journey, and was taken in by the kindly people in the village. When the girl saw the simple and honest Folkways in the village and the people were diligent and kind-hearted, she kept an eye on them. The kind person introduced her to a family surnamed Li. When the young man saw that the girl was very handsome and loved her, he did not dislike her pregnancy and became a family. Because the girl said she ranked the third in the family, her husband called her Sanniang. In a twinkling of an eye, Sanniang arrived at the time of production. There was no moon in the sky and the black clouds were overwhelming. The husband was anxious to wait for the arrival of his little life and was very happy to hear the cry. Not long after, the midwife hurried out with the baby in her arms, just as a happy husband. At that time, she had an ominous feeling that she took the baby and saw that the child not only had very dark skin, but also had a tail behind her buttocks! The husband was amazed and thought, "How can I see someone when a freak is born?" After much thought, he put the child in bed, took a sickle from the hospital, and cut off the child's tail. Instantly, a lightning bolt opened the back window and rushed northeast. When the husband looked back, he found that the child had disappeared. It was raining heavily outside and thunder was roaring.

Originally, Sanniang was the three princesses of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. The Dragon King of the East China Sea wants to marry the three princesses to the eldest son of the Dragon King of the West China Sea. But the big boy idled around all day and did not do business. The three princesses hated him very much. Moreover, the three princesses had made a private contract with the two princes of the Dragon King of the South China Sea, who were well-known and well-behaved. So the three princesses and two princes eloped secretly. The Dragon King of the East China Sea was furious and sent all the soldiers to capture the three princesses. The Dragon King of the East China Sea expelled the three princesses from the Dragon Palace because of their fierce personality and their disobedience. The three princesses in exile were pregnant at that time, so the children born in Wang Haizi village were actually dragons.

The black dragon was cut off by his mortal father and wandered with pain. He wanted to find a place to live. Later, a big river was found, but there was another white dragon in the river. The white dragon was very domineering, making waves and endangering the people. But the black dragon fought with it several times and lost the battle.

At that time, most of the people living in Northeast China migrated from Shandong. That night, all Shandong people living here had the same dream. A black dragon in his dream told them that he would fight Bailong in the river in three days, hoping that they would bring stones, steamed bread and meat to help him. Because Bailong usually does nothing evil, so even the local people decided to help the Black Dragon. Three days later, there was no cloud in the sky, and the sun was just north and south. See the river from west to east came a black water, and from east to west from a white water, the two water meet together and play a whirlpool. Listening to the "thunder" loudly, a column of water protruded from the river, not to mention how high it was, shaking the rocks on the cliff and rolling them into the water. Then the river rolled up, and the bad waves hit both sides, and the droplets could splash to the top of the cliff. Shandong people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait rolled drums to support the battle. Black water surged on the river. People rushed to throw steamed bread and meat down. After a while, when white water turned over, people threw stones down. So many times, the more the Black Dragon fought, the more brave the White Dragon was defeated. Suddenly, a white cloud and mist rose from the water and drifted south. Looking at the surface of the river again, the evil waves are not rising, and the river level flows calmly eastward. People named the river Heilongjiang in memory of the Black Dragon. From then on, Shandong people were on the boats whenever they sailed in and out of the river. If they did not, the boats would surge and turn over. Gradually, the sailors knew the reason for this. If there were no Shandong people on board, they would not sail. As long as there is a Shandong man on the boat, when sailing the boat, he shouts "bald-tailed Lao Li..." The ship will sail smoothly. Up to now, when the ship passed Heilongjiang, many people still silently read the name of bald-tailed Lao Li.

Inheritance Significance

In order to survive, fight against the harsh natural environment, fight against the local indigenous peoples, and survive, it is necessary for Shandong people to attach importance to local conditions in order to help and help each other among their fellow countrymen. According to historical records, from the early Qing Dynasty to more than 300 years before the founding of New China, 20 million Shandong people migrated to the vast and resource-rich northeast region, went through all the hardships and made a living, and became a new force in the development of northeast China. Everyone stayed in Guandong, but they fantasized that there was a fellow countryman who could help them, protect them, travel freely between the northeast and Shandong, and strengthen the connection between the two places. In addition, this legend also has such a background, that is, hundreds of thousands of Shandong people rushed to the northeast of Guandong in the past hundreds of years. They left their homeland and went to the Northeast without relatives. All they saw was the sky and the snow. The bald-tailed Lao Li helped Shandong people eliminate evil and promote good and fight demons and demons in Guandong, which should be the social reality of that time. Alternative reflection, people use fictitious myths and legends to increase the determination of Shandong villagers to unite and cooperate, and become their spiritual pillar to overcome difficulties. Therefore, the legend of bald-tailed Lao Li originated in Xiaowugou Village (Tengxian), Tengzhou City. It has its cultural foundation, historical origin and regional characteristics.


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