Legend of Yang Jiajun

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Legend of Yang Jiajun

The Legend of Yang Jia Jiang is a kind of literature expressed by folk rap in Northwest China. The story of the generals of the Yangs has a long history. It began to circulate as early as the Song Dynasty. Xiong Damu in the Ming Dynasty wrote a miscellaneous book, The Romance of the generals of the Yangs, which shows the achievements of the three generations of the ancestors of the Yangs in resisting Liao, protecting Song Dynasty and killing enemies bravely, so that the legend has a more complete story. The rap version of The Legend of Yang Jia Jiang was born in Shanxi Province, which fills in the blank of Chinese Han epic poems. Yang Jia will be legendary in June 2008 approved by the State Council into the "second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list".

Historical Origin

The story of General Yang has a long history. It began to circulate as early as the Song Dynasty. Xiong Damu in the Ming Dynasty wrote a mixed book of "General Yang Jia", which shows the achievements of three generations of grandparents and grandchildren of Yang Jia in resisting Liao, protecting Song Dynasty and killing enemies bravely, so that the legend has a more complete story.

Because most of the stories about the war between Yang Jia and Liao took place in Lianyuan, Zhuozhou, Xushui, Xiongxian, Gaoyang, Dacheng and other places in Hebei Province, many legends about Yang Jia Jiang have been circulated in the northern part of Hebei Province adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin for more than a thousand years. It is well known that "Yang Silang visits his mother", "Yang Wulang is a monk of Wutaishan", "Yang Liulang visits his mother", "Yang Qilang eats noodles", "Yang Balang visits his mother", "Mu Guiying breaks through Hongzhou", "Mu Guiying hangs in command", "Yang Zongbao Mukezhai recruits relatives", "Yang Liulang Yuanmen chops son", "Qilang Bahu strolls Youzhou", " Yang Bajie Youchun, Yang Bajie Zhi Golden Dao, Yang Paifeng's War against Han Chang, 12 Widows'Expedition to the West, Yang Yanhui's Death, Yang Jiye's Death Against a Stele, Pan Yang's Litigation and so on. Many stories have also been put on the stage of opera and are highly praised by the people of all dynasties.

The reason why people like to tell stories of the Yang family is because of the traditional ideas of protecting the country against the enemy, punishing the evil and promoting the good, and advocating loyalty and hatred.

In fact, these legends and stories are basically fictional. Some of them, such as Yang Zongbao, Mu Guiying, eight sisters and nine sisters, Yang Paifeng and twelve widows, have nothing to do with history.

Legends are often based on historical background and events. The legends of Yang Jia-jiang are also rendered and derived from the legends of Yang Jia-jiang in history.

primary coverage

The legends and stories about Yang Jiajun are well known and well known in China. In folk word-of-mouth literature, it has been recited for thousands of years without fading. When we listen to the touching stories of Yang's family's life and death, we will turn up the waves of history and real touching. Ouyang Xiu in the Northern Song Dynasty mentioned Yang Jia in his epitaph: both father and son are famous generals, and their wisdom and bravery are known as invincible. So far, people in the world, as for Lier Yeli, can do it. It can be seen from this that the story of Yang Jiajun had been widely circulated in the streets and lanes as early as Ouyang Xiu. Since then, because of the prevailing style of speaking in Song and Yuan Dynasty, the stories of Yang Jiajiang naturally became the best subject for storytellers.

The Legend of Yang Jia Jiang is a kind of literature expressed by folk rap. He spread to the north of Shanxi Province, where the Yang family will fight and live. In order to record and inherit the spirit of the Yangjia generals, the folk people have been talking and singing from generation to generation, and they have often been carefully moulded for more than a thousand years. The Yangjia culture has been inherited in this special way.

In the inheritance of anthropological culture, myth is usually the first, then epic, and finally legend. That is to say, as long as there are legends, it will go through an epic stage. In other ancient civilizations of the world, there are epics handed down. Chinese minorities, such as Tibetans, Mongolians, Yi and Wuhu, also have epics handed down. Only the Han nationality with 5000 years of civilization has no folk epic (or long narrative poem) left.

It was Yao Baoxuan, a professor in the College of Literature of Shanxi University, and Wang Lijun, director of the Media Department, who discovered the legend of the Yangjia generals. According to Jiao Zhongdong, a doctor from Guangling University, the three of them came to Guangling County, where they found Guo Shuhuai, a rapper, and Gao Xiucai, his teacher. It took two years to record and produce the classical materials of rap and singing. They are very low-key, but also shocked Hebei, Beijing, Shaanxi and other places, they strive to seriously discuss the legendary territory of Yang Jiajun, but Mr. Yao took the first step, to maintain the culture of Yang Jiajun in Shanxi Province to do the most solid positioning.

The rap version of The Legend of Yang Jia Jiang, about 300,000 lines, can be rapped for 600 hours. Its discovery fills in the gap of Chinese Han epic poems, and is also a long epic precipitated by the common national culture of Han, Qidan and Xixia. Their singing style is different from drum books, with the northern Yangko tune of Shanxi. From the song poems, we found many new continents of Shanxi Yangjiajiang culture, which is also the main content of our research on Shanxi Yangjiajiang culture.

Inheritance value

The long Han heroic epic "General Yang Jia", sung by the people, has greatly shocked and surprised the academic circles. Its excavation, arrangement and publication will rewrite the history of Chinese Han people without folk epics, and provide rich and vivid materials for the legends of Yang Jiajiang and related dramas, folk arts and stories. The publication of the epic of "Yang Jia Jiang" will be enough to make it comparable with the famous heroic epic of other nations in the world and become a major contribution in the history of human culture in the world. Epic is mainly composed of the Han nationality. It integrates the wisdom of the folk artists of the Qidan and Mongolian nationalities in the history. It reflects the common national memory and collective cultural accumulation. It is a huge cultural wealth left to us by our predecessors. Yangjia Jiang is a long epic which collects the precipitation of Han, Qidan and Xixia national cultures, and fills in the blank of Han epic. In the end, it is mentioned that she Taijun led the whole family to move west to Xining, which is a "new continent" in history.

It is understood that from the founding of the Khitan Dynasty to the founding of the Yuan Dynasty in 1271, in this short period of more than 300 years, it is a very special period in Chinese history. Because the rulers of the regime belong to different nationalities, the change of dynasties has led to the transformation of the status of the whole ethnic group and related cultures, because the Khitan Dynasty perished. After that, the whole Khitan culture died out.

At this time, the emergence of The Legend of Yang Jia Jiang played a very important role for historians to study the history of Qidan culture. It can reveal the life and production of the Qidan people at that time from a certain angle, and provide an important theoretical basis for historians to study national changes.

Current situation of inheritance

The legend of Yang Jia Jiang, which is on the verge of being lost and sings in Chinese dialect, has been listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists. Wang Lijun, director of the Media Laboratory of the College of Literature, Shanxi University, one of the organizers of its discoveries, said that the next step would be to study and publish the text of the legend of Yang Jiajiang and to establish classified archives. After all the audio-visual finishing, we should carry out a long work of protection and inheritance.

He believes that although the application is successful, the most important thing at present is to publish those texts in the form of books within a suitable period of time, because the image data is the carrier of Yang Jia's cultural research, which requires the special study of some historians.

Jiao Zhongdong expressed the hope that in the future, the country would pass on these artists'unique works in various ways as soon as possible, such as the state's money to encourage them to train disciples.

Yao Baobao and others said that as the old artists grew older, their body, memory and other aspects would decline. These are the problems they are worried about. After all, there are only a few artists left in the way of rap and singing in The Legend of Yang Jia Jiang.