Legend of Mencius Mother and Godson

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Legend of Mencius Mother and Godson

Legend of Meng Mu and Godson, Zoucheng local traditional folk literature, Shandong Province, one of the national intangible cultural heritage.

The Legend of Mencius Mother and His Son took place in Guju State about 2370 years ago. Its contents mainly include "Three Movements to Choose Neighbours, Interpretation of Interpretation, Dolphin Killing and No Bullying" and so on. It is a collective name of folklore and stories derived from the allusion of Mencius Mother and Gen's words and personal teachings and constantly improving Mencius'personality. It is the creative interpretation of Mencius Mother and His Son by the people, and has become a convention with specific meaning. A proper noun for meaning and content.

On December 03, 2014, the legend of Meng Mu and Godson was approved by the State Council to be included in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

historical origin

The stories of Mencius'mother and Godson first appeared in Liu Xiang's Biography of Martyrs and Han Ying's Biography of Han Poetry. Later, the Records of Three Movements were recorded. The renewal of Mencius' Genealogy briefly contained the sacred traces of Mencius'mother and godson. Since the May 4th Movement and the founding of the People's Republic of China, it has been scattered in various folk literature works. It was collected and compiled in Qufu Folk Literature in 1987 and Mencius Research in 2006.

Cultural characteristics

One of the ways Mencius teaches his children is strict. The story of Mencius'mother's three migrations is that in order to make Mencius grow up and become a talent, Mencius' mother relocated several times to her residence, which shows her strict requirement of Mencius. The second is "letter". In the story of killing a dolphin without deception, "killing a dolphin without deception, and teaching with knowledge" has an important influence on Mencius'growth and the formation of his thoughts. Thirdly, the story of "guidance" tells the story of Mencius'clever metaphor, which compares weaving to the progress of his studies. He guides Mencius actively, guides Mencius according to his principles and feelings, and finally awakens Mencius and makes a painful determination to study hard. Fourth, teaching. Personal education is more important than word-telling. Many legends show that role models play a great role in the process of education.

Inheritance value

The legend of Mencius Mother and Godson vividly embodies the unity of maternal love and education. It has been circulated orally among the people for a long time, enlightening the hearts of generations. This great mother has become a model of enlightenment and self-cultivation education in people's hearts.

social influence

In 2007, the Legend of Meng Mu and Godfather Zi declared the second batch of state-level intangible cultural heritage projects on behalf of Jining City. Seven years later, it finally ranked among the state-level intangible cultural heritage.

Creation by the non-heritage preservation Department of Jining: Quyi program "Teacher-son of Broken Machine" won the Star Award in 2004, the TV drama "Mother Mencius and Godson of Mencius" was broadcasted on Shandong TV in 1995, and the collection of paintings "Stories of Mother Mencius and Godmother Mencius" and "Pictures of Mencius Sacred Traces" were created and published. Since 2006, a Confucian Hall has been set up in "Mencius House", and eight consecutive "Chinese Mother Culture