Legend of Boya Period

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Legend of Boya Period

"When the evidence of the legendary place of Bo Yazi Period was found in Hanyang, I knew that it was hopeful to apply for the national level!" Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Qunyi Museum that the fourth batch of national non-heritage projects was declared over. The legend of Boya period in our province, the legend of the Three Kingdoms, the three drums jumping and the Qixi Festival in Yunxi were selected for 19 projects. Liu Shouhua, an expert on non-heritage conservation at Huazhong Normal University, said that "the search for intimate friends through mountains and rivers" has been spreading for thousands of years, and the ancient Qintai in Hanyang is also world-famous, but it was not until before this application that the evidence of the legend took place in Hanyang was found.

The legend of Boyazi Period was listed in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list in Hubei in 2006. The legend itself was first seen in the Spring and Autumn Period of Lushi, but it lacks the records of its place of occurrence. In the Ming Dynasty Feng Menglong's "Notice of the Alert to the World", the vernacular novel "Yu Boya Wrestling the Qin Xie Zhiyin" will take place in Hanyang. However, for a long time, no text other than Feng Menglong's novels has been found, especially the text of folk oral legends.

"The vernacular novel has been adapted by the author and can not be used as the geospatial evidence of legends. Although there are such local features and names as Jixian Village, Ma'anshan and Qin Fracture mentioned in the novel in Wuhan, it is difficult to confirm whether it was written by Feng Menglong in the Ming Dynasty or by the local people in accordance with the novel." Liu Shouhua said that this is one of the reasons why Bo Yazi legend has repeatedly failed to select national non-heritage projects.

In 2012, Liu Shouhua discovered the article "Gui Bian Qing" in the novel legend magazine of Ming Wanli magazine, which may be the original of Feng Menglong's "Yu Boya Xie Zhiyin". According to Wang Yuan, a graduate student of the Center for Non-Heritage Conservation of Central China Normal University, the novel Legend Collection was written in the Ming and Wanli Dynasties. It can be inferred that the legend of Boyazi Period had been widely spread in Hanyang area at that time. Feng Menglong's novel adapted the folklore of that time. Wang Yuan has been confirmed by investigation that there are still many ordinary people in Ma'an Village, Jixian Village, Zhongjiatai, Hanyang Qin Fracture and Golden Pass in Caidian District who can tell the legend of "bosom friend". This discovery provides powerful historical data for the application of the legend of Boyazi Period.

"The Guqin song Alpine Running Water was once made into a record. It was brought into space by a satellite probe launched in 1977 in order to find the"bosom friend"of human beings in alien civilization. The legend of Boyazi Period is the precious spiritual wealth of Hubei Province, as well as the spiritual wealth of the whole country and the whole world!" Liu Shouhua revealed that next step, Boyazi legend will apply for the world intangible cultural heritage.