Lake Yanxi

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Lake Yanxi

Yanqi Lake: located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain 8 kilometers north of Huairou City, a suburb of Beijing, is a land and water area centered on the lake surface, with beautiful scenery and clear lake water. Every spring and autumn, swarms of geese often come to the lake to inhabit, hence the name.

Since 1986, Huairou District Government has continuously increased its investment in Yanqi Lake and built some scenic spots one after another. Now it has become a good place for Beijing citizens to take vacations and travel. In 2000, Huairou District Government was awarded the National AAAA Scenic Area by the National Tourism Administration. In November 5, 2014, the APEC summit was opened in Yan Qi lake, Beijing, and the international summit was held in early May 2017. The summit brought the name of Yanqi Lake to the fore.

The scenic spot is mainly divided into several parts: the core area is Yanqi Island (Yanqi Peninsula) conference center and supporting facilities (Summer Garden, Yanqi Island Hotel and Villas), the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center and the supporting Beijing Sunrise Oriental Kempinski Hotel (one of the Yanqi Lake International Conference Capital Areas), the natural landscape belt on the lake, and the four tourist areas. It's Lake District Style Street and a nearby town.

natural environment

The vegetation coverage in the whole scenic area is 90%. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, there is no wind and sand in the lake area. The air is humid all the year round. The annual average temperature is 11.7 degrees Celsius, the annual rainfall is 666.4 mm, the annual average relative humidity is 55%, 75-77% in July-August, and the air quality is the first level.

Since 1986, the Beijing government has invested 3 million yuan in large-scale landscaping and beautification of the park. Gate area and Beimen area built garden sketches with Jiangnan style: 10,000 square meters of garden-style green space was opened up by the lake, and more than 100,000 precious flowers and trees, such as maple, ginkgo, acacia, emerald bamboo and fatong, were planted, so that there were flowers in three seasons and evergreen in four seasons. After many years of construction, Yanqi Lake's humanistic landscape and natural landscape are integrated, shaded in spring and summer; golden autumn, a fiery red, the Great Wall hidden between mountains and peaks, thousands of hectares of lake, green waves rippling, hundred boats competing, providing a good place for artists to create sketches. There are more than 100 kinds of plants on the mountain, which create favorable conditions for young people to collect plant specimens and produce various plant art works. Yanqi Lake has become an ideal place for sightseeing and sightseeing.

Scenic spot activities

Yanqihu Lake has been carrying out large-scale tourism activities all year round. Since 1996, it has held annual "Yanqichun" Garden Fair and "Mid-Autumn National Day Garden Fair". The National Professional Literary and Art Group Central National Opera and Dance Troupe, Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre, Chinese Railway Literary Troupe, Beijing Quyi Troupe and famous performers have performed many wonderful literary and art performances. There are also various forms of folk Flower Fairs and lion dance performances at the garden fair. Among them, Yanqihu "98 National Day Park Fair" was listed as the theme of Beijing International Tourism and Culture Festival in 1998. Since 1996, every year from July to August, a series of activities of two months'summer cultural square are held in conjunction with watching water curtain movies in summer. The activities include: Yanqihu Art Troupe's songs and dances with local characteristics, performances of professional literary and artistic groups at the national and provincial levels, mass participation in social dance performances, karaoke singing competitions, etc. In addition, the Capital Journalists Cup Catamaran Sailing Competition, Yanqihu Cup Journalists Artificial Climbing Invitational Competition, Foreign Opera Countryside Performance in September 2001, and 6 Asian Countries International Climbing Competition were also held. In the past 15 years, the amusement park has held 26 large-scale tourism activities, attracting more than 600,000 visitors.

Catering accommodation

Yanqi Lake amusement park has been developed and constructed for 15 years, and various service facilities have been improved day by day. The amusement park gate was built in 1992. It is 45, 6 meters long and 12, 3 meters wide. It has a magnificent momentum. The two ends of the gate are shaped by geese and arched together, like a long rainbow flying frame. It is called "the first gate in the north of the Yangtze River". In 1993, he was awarded the Top Ten Tourism Architecture Awards in China. On the square inside the park stands the stone tablet "Yanqi Lake" inscribed by President Jiang Zemin, which is 3 meters wide and 6 meters high. There are 3,000 square meters of Cuizhu forest and 10,000 square meters of garden sketches with Jiangnan style in the gate area. There are more than 1 million ornamental trees and Cuizhu trees in total. There are more than 100 stone tables, stone chairs and wooden road chairs inside and outside the park. All kinds of guides and instructions are complete. There are three dragon cars for tourists in the gate area. From the gate area to the Park pier 1, 5 kilometers, visitors can not only take the dragon car but also enjoy the scenery along the Huanhu Road. There are 7 high standard public toilets built inside and outside the park. There are 3 large parking lots with 2000 parking spaces. There are four restaurants, which can accommodate 1000 people at the same time. There are over 200 kinds of baked snacks, such as fast food and roasted whole sheep. There are 40 high-grade holiday wooden houses built near the lake. The wooden houses are equipped with showers, independent bathrooms, air conditioning, and can accommodate 150 people at the same time. There are six commodity departments in the park. They sell tourist products and new products of Huairoutu. There are more than 30 middle and low-grade hotels and hotels around the lake area, such as Yunxiu Villa, Qihu Hotel, Dayan House Hotel, Hongda Building, Yanqiqiqiqiqiao Hotel and Yanqishan Villa. There are more than 8,000 beds and more than 200 large, medium and small conference rooms. The hotel has complete facilities, and equipped with sauna, bowling, indoor swimming, gym, chess and card room, karaoke dance hall and other fitness and recreational equipment. There are more than a dozen rainbow trout fishing and baking gardens around the lake area.

Ticket Price

Tickets: Adults: 34 yuan per student: 17 yuan per person

Joint Ticket: (A Joint Ticket 12 Entertainment Items 6, B Joint Ticket 8 Entertainment Items 4)

Adult joint ticket A-130 yuan (25 yuan), 30 yuan for bicycle climbing, 40 yuan for hourly climbing, 18 yuan for water sports car (two laps), 16 yuan for torrential driving, 30 yuan for manned mining car, 8 yuan for manned mountain pulley, 30 yuan for manned cable car (one way), 15 yuan for manned super spacecraft, 15 yuan for manned collision car, 8 yuan for manned archery, 15 yuan for manned dragon boats, 15 yuan for manned dragon boats.

Adult joint ticket B-70 yuan (25 yuan), Dragon boat 15 yuan/Man cable car 15 yuan/Man mine car 10 yuan/Man torrent 16 yuan/Man supership 15 yuan/Man collision car 8 yuan/Man archery 15 yuan/15 rocket climbing 40 yuan/Man

Student ticket 48 yuan/person ticket (12.5 yuan), speedboat 20 yuan/person elevated train 6 yuan/person mine car 10 yuan/person collision car 8 yuan/person

Water projects

Project Name, Amount, Project Name, Amount, Project Name, Amount

Luxury passenger ship 20 yuan per person, painting workshop ship 15 yuan per person, speedboat 20 yuan per person

Ordinary large passenger ship, 15 yuan per person, dragon boat, 15 yuan per person, self-driving speedboat, 20 yuan per minute

10 yuan / minute.

Dual-driving speedboat 5 yuan per minute, hand-rowing 25 yuan per hour, collision 4 yuan per minute

Water self-driving motorcycle 20 yuan per minute, pedal boat 30 yuan per hour, flying saucer boat 5 yuan per minute

Surfing motorcycle 30 yuan/10 minutes floating swimming pool 20 yuan/person mini-drifting 15 yuan/person

Thrilling stimulus program

Project Name, Amount, Project Name, Amount, Project Name, Amount

Rock climbing 40 yuan per person, aerial flying 80 yuan per person, aerial bouncing 30 yuan per person

Mine truck 10 yuan per person, super spaceship 15 yuan per person, traveling in space 25 yuan per person

Water skydiving 80 yuan per person (including shipping fee), water landing 30 yuan per person, pirate ship 10 yuan per person

Alpine pulley 30 yuan per person rocket bungee 120 yuan per person

Torrential Brave Forward 16 per person 15 per person cable car one way

Land project

Project Name, Amount, Project Name, Amount, Project Name, Amount

Entertainment car 5 yuan per minute Mountain sports car 5 yuan per minute Water sports car 6 yuan per minute

Collision car 8 yuan/person, elevated train 6 yuan/person, baseball park 15 yuan/20 balls

Archery 15/15 arrows 15/10 bullets Sculpture Park 6/person

Magic Castle 10 / Man Dragon Car 3 / Man Garden Villa

(2-4 persons/room) 200 yuan/room

Scenic spot traffic


Yanqi Lake is 60 kilometers away from Beijing and 45 kilometers away from the Capital Airport.

It is adjacent to 111 National Highway and Shatong Railway. The road is flat and open. Xuanwumen, East 40, Qianmen, Beikou Peace Street, Princess Tomb and Space Bridge are directly travelled by special line bus.

Self-driving method

Method 1: Drive along Beijing-Chengdu Expressway to Yangsong Exit Lower Expressway, and go straight along Yangyan Road to T-junction of Yongle Street with patience. Turn left and turn right at the first traffic light for 4 kilometers.

Method 2: Drive along Beijing-Chengdu Expressway to Huairou Expressway. Enter Jingmi Expressway. Beijing California Road exits (then method 1)

Method 3: (No high-speed), from Beijing Dongzhimen Shunjingmi Road (101,111 National Highway) to Huairou Bridge of Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, drive into Beijing-Mi Expressway. Beijing-California Road exit (with road signs) continues to move forward 20 kilometers to Yanqi Lake .

Bus method

Route 1: Take 916 Express at Dongzhimen Junction Station, get off at Yangjiayuan Station (ticket price 12 yuan, ordinary card 6 yuan, student card 3 yuan), cross the street and transfer to Yanqihu Station 864 Road (ticket price 2 yuan, ordinary card 1 yuan, student card 0.5 yuan). Note: No. 864 departure workshop is 25-30 minutes apart. (Recommendation, this route is the fastest.)

Route 2: Take 916 Express at Dongzhimen Junction Station and get off at Mingzhu Square Station (the fastest station, no need to ring the city for more than 30 minutes to Huairou Bus Station) (fare 11 yuan,

Ordinary card 5.5 yuan, student card 2.75 yuan, in situ transfer H58 Road to Yanqihu (fare 3 yuan, ordinary card 1.5 yuan, student card 0.75 yuan). It can also transfer to H58 at Huairou bus station. Note: H58 departure workshop is 40-60 minutes apart.

Route 3: Metro Wangjing West Railway Station C, take Wangjing West-Fengning Bus (40 minutes a trip), get off at Huairou Bus Station (fare 10 yuan, ordinary card 5 yuan, student card 2.5 yuan), wait for H58 Road to Yanqihu (fare 3 yuan, ordinary card 1.5 yuan, student card 0.75 yuan). Note: H58 departure workshop is 40-60 minutes apart.

Route 4: Take the 970 express train or 987 express train at Wangjing West Station C (only in the morning and evening rush), get off at Miaocheng East (ticket price 9 yuan, ordinary card 4.5 yuan, student card 2.25 yuan), cross the road to the west, and wait for H58 to Yanqihu (ticket price 4 yuan, ordinary card 2 yuan, student card 1 yuan) at the gate of the "Fifth Engineering Agency". Note: H58 departure workshop is 40-60 minutes apart.

Route 5: Take the 970 Express or 987 Express at Wangjing West Station C (only at morning and evening peak), get off at Miaocheng East (ticket price 9 yuan, ordinary card 4.5 yuan, student card 2.25 yuan), change to 916 Express in situ, the same route 1.

Passenger Notes

1. Consciously abide by the order of visiting and visiting, purchase tickets in order to enter the library, not crowded, not blocking the roads and entrances and exits.

2. Protect the environment from spitting, drowning and littering.

3. Protect cultural relics and public facilities. Do not smear, depict or lie on street chairs on trees, historical sites and public facilities.

4. Take care of every plant, do not trample on the lawn, do not climb and break flowers and fruits.

5. Protect wild and exhibited animals, do not hunt, do not intimidate, do not feed and shoot, do not fish in non-fishing areas.

6. Rent and return cruise ships according to regulations, and do not swim or skate in open waters.

Seventh, do not sell goods, do not distribute any form of advertising and other promotional materials.

8. No fights, no riots, no feudal superstitions, no gambling in any form and other illegal activities.

9. Do not bring dangerous goods or animals into the tourist area, and do not use open fire in the fire prevention area.

10. After the Quiet Garden of the Museum, it will not continue to stay, expose the house, overturn, destroy the fence and fence.