Kunlun Mountains

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Kunlun Mountains

Kunlun Mountain, formerly known as Kunlunqiu, also known as Kunlunxu, is the god mountain in ancient Chinese legend, the ancestor of Wanshan Mountain, the birthplace of Chinese civilization, and the king capital of Fuxi, the ancestor of humanity.

In ancient books, Kunlun Mountain is also called Kunlun Hill because of its bowl-shaped shape and Wanqiu; because it stands proudly in the mountains, like a pillar leading to the sky, it is also called Tianzhu; because it corresponds to the Big Dipper, it is also called Xuan Jiyuheng; because it is passed down as Emperor of Heaven and is rich in jade, it is also called Yujingshan.

topographic features

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Kunlun Mountain is the earliest god mountain in China, which is recorded in classical works such as Shanhai Jing and Huainanzi. Geographically, Kunlun Mountains generally refer to the Kunlun Mountains, which are located at the border between Tibet and Xinjiang.

Tianzhu, Kunlun

(Han) Anonymous Dragon Fish River Map said: "Kunlun Mountain, the pillar in the sky."

(Han) Dongfangshuo's The Book of Imagination says, "Kunlun has a copper pillar Yan, which is high into the sky, so-called Tianzhu. Around 3,000 miles, Zhou Ruchi, a member of the staff, has a house under the copper pillar and a hundred square feet in the wall.

(Han) Dongfangshuo's Records of Ten Continents in China: "Kunlun, Shangtong Xuanju (Beidou star)... Tai Shang famous mountain, tripod in the five sides, town geography is also. No. Tianzhu.

Kunlun Wan Qiu

(Han) Dongfangshuo's Records of Ten Continents in China: "Kunlun... Fang Guang Wanli, similar to Yan basin, narrow and wide.

Kunlun dragon vein

(Han) Anonymous "River Map Including Ground Elephants": "Longchi Mountain, four sides and high, the central pool, seven hundred miles, the inhabitation of dragons. Five-flowered trees (according to Five-flowered grass) are eaten by dragons. Four thousand miles to the auditorium."

(Han) Dongfangshuo's "Records of Ten Continents in Hainan": "Kunlun, equal to each other, each face five thousand miles, the upper stratum is a group of dragons gathered together", "there are many phoenixes on the continent."

Kunlunqiu is the ancestor of Chinese dragon vein and the prototype of dragon. Saint Wang Ping is the leading part of Kunlun Hill, with Yao Chi in the center, and its trunk is composed of the ridge of Mount E (sharp and high mountain) called Daluoling. Xuanyuantai is located in the Dragon Tail, where the Yellow Emperor worshipped Heaven and realized Taoism.