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Guangzhou Jiulong Lake Resort is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction with an area of 25,000 mu. The resort takes natural landscape as its broad carrier and family vacation as its leading function. It integrates natural landscape, outdoor sports, ecological leisure, health-preserving experience, fashionable entertainment and fine performing arts. It upholds the concept of "quiet recuperation, light sport and exquisite vacation", and strives to create a "holidays holy place, hiking paradise".

Jiulonghu Resort is located in Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City. It is 15 minutes'drive from the new Baiyun International Airport and 35 minutes' drive from the downtown area of Guangzhou City. The four major transportation modes, namely, airport, railway, high-speed and urban rail, are criss-crossed, accessing all directions and connecting the world.

Jiulong Lake Resort was built in 1993. After more than 20 years of careful construction, the project management in the area includes 27-hole membership golf course, European town, European manor, hilltop square, Hotel community, large luxury villa group, Jiulong Lake Art Gallery, Luya Fishing Base, SPA, Water Paradise, Lake Park and other project blocks, with extremely natural and ecological environment. Superior, elegant and unique cultural landscape, is a large-scale leisure, entertainment, business, meetings, banquets, tourism and holiday paradise.

ecological environment

Guangzhou Jiulong Lake Resort has more than 20,000 mu of rolling mountains and 4500 mu of water. It has a mild climate and abundant sunshine. The average temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than that in Guangzhou. The annual rainfall is abundant, which is conducive to plant growth. It provides excellent conditions for the natural environment of evergreen and floral clusters in all seasons. There are thousands of plant species and 210 kinds of wildlife in the winding green mountains. 4500 mu of water is neither smokeless nor polluted. The lake is one of the backup water sources in Guangzhou. There are hundreds of springs, streams and pools in the mountains and forests. Running streams from dozens, hundreds of meters of cliff between the lagoon, splashing waves, hazy smoke. Crowds of white cranes and flagged cranes pass over the lake from time to time, forming a beautiful scenery.


The new project is planned to be constructed in 2016-2030. It lasts 15 years and is constructed wholeheartedly in three phases. At that time, the whole Kowloon Lake resort area, in addition to the existing projects - Asian Games golf course, Princess Hotel, King Hotel, European town, lakeside park, etc., the newly developed Kowloon Lake Eco-Resort Phase I project will take the European town, Princess Hotel, King Hotel, Royal Garden as the center, radiate to the celebration square, mountain plant maze, theme flower sea, European farm. A total of 996,000 hectares (about 1495 mu) are located in lakeside parks, RV camps and Children's Happy Valley.

The second phase of the project includes water park, jungle road exploration, large music plaza, camping base, tree house recreation base, outdoor development training base, mountain theme project 1.59 million feet (about 2,385 mu). At the same time, 60,000_ (about 90 mu) of tourism service facilities scattered in the park area and forest posts and other supporting facilities will be built and improved.

The third phase of the project will open a new entrance Park of the East Ring Road and a large tourism business complex covering 40,000 M2 (about 60 mu) with a floor area of 60,000 M2 (volume ratio: 1.5). Flower Street Town, centered on Hot Spring Resort Hotel, is equipped with facilities and roads with holidays as its theme. By then, the whole park will form a large-scale holidays scenic area with 3,000 standard rooms and different living experiences.

Project introduction

Colorful European Towns

In the exotic European architecture complex, there are crazy parties every day: small town Carnival plaza, magnificent tour, European Princess Experience Hall, lighting show, mountain maze base camp, Kowloon Lake clay animation studio, art gallery, German beer bar, lakeside cafe, multimedia banquet hall, large indoor children's Park and many other projects in European towns, rich and colorful. The program blossoms brilliantly!

European Style Street

Authentic German style buildings converge into European street scenes. Every visitor here can enjoy the strongest and purest European style.

Food Plaza

Food Square brings together the world's delicacies, the stimulation of color, the seduction of fragrance and the temptation of taste, which makes people move their forefinger and forget to return.

Town Carnival

In the town carnival on the open-air square, the light show and vigorous songs make people turn over the whole scene; the bell tower show should be active and quiet, walk show, gather, let people feel the charm of the night in the charming night; tour performances, merry-go-round, booth games, DIY, etc., must let every visitor Carnival to the end!

European Princess Experience Hall

Near the town square, a dream-like scene looms. In the elaborately designed European Princess Experience Hall: gorgeous Princess dress, crystal shoes, exquisite accessories, luxury sticks and so on, you can shake your body and realize the princess's dream.

DIY Self-portrait Museum of My Show

Playing is not lonely: wearing the most beautiful princess clothes, leaving the best memories; or with family and friends, putting on the highest shape, shooting a group of self-made, self-directed, self-acting, self-portrait films.

Lighting Projection Show

Night light shows set in European fairy tales are performed in small European towns. Using the combination of art and science and technology, light and shadow can be combined with human beings. The transformation between reality and reality is also true and illusory. It makes European towns more colorful and beautiful, bringing both visual and auditory enjoyment to the audience.

Mountain Labyrinth Base Camp

Here will sound the prelude of our large mountain plant maze project, all kinds of maze-related books, toys, pictures, scientific and technological images, etc., to take you on a fantastic journey into the maze.

Kowloon Lake Clay Animation Studio

The studio takes the Kowloon Lake Resort as the background, designs and produces a variety of colorful clay works to meet the needs of tourists for tourist souvenirs. It will also carry out irregular research courses, parent-child courses, on-site DIY, industry exchanges, salon activities and so on.

European Crafts Shop

A collection of souvenirs with various European characteristics, in a dazzling array of works of art to buy a souvenir of the desired characteristics, this beautiful journey to take home as a souvenir.

Lakeshore Cafe

Providing coffee, Jane's Western food, red wine and so on, tasting a cup of pure coffee, viewing the river scenery like a dream, listening to a saxophone performance, is a corner to relax your mind and body.

Multifunctional Banquet Hall

It is a multi-functional new media exhibition space with interactive experience, theme banquet, business activities, art exhibition and other modes. Through the equipment and effect of sound, light, electricity and stage lamp, a single space can satisfy the experience of different scene space atmosphere and meet the different functional needs of consumers.

Indoor Children's Paradise

Trampoline, indoor cross-country climbing, high-altitude walking, rock climbing and other projects, there are all kinds of, want to challenge courage, endurance, or exercise, develop team cooperation ability, come here is right.

art galleries

Quiet in the bustle, many Russian Masters'fine oil paintings are exhibited in the gallery of small towns in Europe, so that you can experience a rare art journey through the edification of art.

Dragon bar

The bar will reproduce the classic German elements: the introduction of German imported equipment, brewed beer, and the Germanic pig elbow, so that every guest can experience the taste of Bavaria. There will also be street beer festivals in small towns and beer carnival parties in Germany from time to time.

Longquan SPA Pavilion

Provide perfect spa equipment and treatment course, invite internationally renowned SPA experts to take charge, combine Chinese and Western therapies and traditional essence, bring you healthy and healthy SPA experience, let you restore physical and mental harmony, release the soul.

Moving Green Valley Landscape

Lakeside Park

Including comprehensive service areas (catering, cruise boat, swimming), lake-side trestle, sand valley paradise and other projects, is a good place for hydrophilic people near water.

Integrated service area of lakeside park: including yacht wharf, floating swimming pool and catering facilities.

Lake Rim Trestle Road: A lakeside trestle road about 40 kilometers long along the shoreline of Kowloon Lake, where you can enjoy the pleasure of walking and cycling wholeheartedly, while relaxing while exercising, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Kowloon Lake.

Green Valley

Green Valley includes plant maze, camping base, celebration square, hiking paradise (cherry blossom path, tree-lined avenue, etc.) and forest sports camp (jungle crossing, mountain cross-country, grass sliding, etc.) in Changkeng area, Shelby Farm, Children's Paradise and other projects.

Plant labyrinth

China's first large-scale mountain plant maze, covering an area of about 13,000 square meters, intellectualized experience, treasure-seeking, time competition, leisure viewing, parent-child entertainment in one, is China's largest and most durable characteristic mountain maze landscape. The maze terrain design is based on the original mountain forest terrain, leveling the original micro-terrain, making use of the natural slope of the mountain, creating a mountain maze with an overall height difference of 15 meters, providing tourists with a unique experience of the mountain maze. The experience maze area is a small flower maze with low plant height, and the main plant is Cuiluli.

Paradise on foot

Cherry Blossom Path, Palace Pink Bauhinia Avenue, Shade Runway, Bamboo Forest Close Road... Romantic, comfortable, aesthetic, comfortable, music with different walkways together, for different age levels, different levels of hikers, length of free collocation, easy to choose, N roads N kinds of play, forming a different Jiulong Lake hiking paradise.

Camping base

Deep in the forest, camphor trees, a special piece of land for camping, far from the mountains, near the water, national standards, comfortable and safe.

Celebration Square

Outdoor wedding, outdoor party preferred place, elaborate design of the Red Cliff Theatre amphitheater stage, various activities, wonderful performances will be presented here for you.

Jinxiu Kangyang Manor

European farm

The resort utilizes the natural landscape ecological resources of Jiulong Lake to build European farms, and develops planting areas, pastoral areas, grassland camping areas, and recreational manor. It is a pure natural ecological health resort.

The Huahai planting area - "cutting land" zoning, planting in accordance with local conditions, planting cherry blossoms, rhododendron, Bauhinia palace, crape myrtle, red leaf forest and so on, so that the four seasons of Kowloon Lake flowers are invincible, colorful, red, dazzling; yellow, dazzling; blue, mysterious; pink, fresh; white, fresh... Form a sea of colourful flowers. Lavender flowers are vast, without going to Provence, you can embrace the most beautiful purple romance.

Grassland Camping Area - Provides a vast space for outdoor enthusiasts, whether for outdoor dinners or family fun, watching the stars and the moon, and listening to the wind, unlimited pleasure.

- Pastoral areas - there are many kinds of lovely animals, precious horses, simple cattle, lovely sheep, sprouting rabbits in this area... Provide you with a space for close contact with animals.

Peak Galleria

The Peak Square includes Royal Garden, Square Commercial Street, Wedding Theme Hall, Children's Castle, Golf Museum & Golf Mini Push Green and other projects.

Imperial Garden

By the colorful flower slope, Swan Lake-Swan Bridge, kite lawn, glass vine flower house, Monet Garden, wedding lawn, constitute a delicate European-style garden, beautiful flowers, green grass, beautiful architecture, lush trees, blue lake like mirror... It's amazing.

Colorful Flower Slopes - This is a colorful world, the ocean of flowers, different colors, different varieties, different shapes of flowers, are planted in a row, along a road, all over the mountains, colorful, as if to put on a colorful skirt yarn for this hilly land.

Swan Lake - Under the waterfall, deep in the woods, a clear lake is quiet and witty, like a girl next door. The quiet lake surface is as quiet as a mirror, graceful swans or swans swimming in groups, or two or two piles of rest, waiting for people who want to come to the lake for a walk.

Swan Bridge, a landscape stone bridge built across a lake, connecting hotels and imperial gardens, is profound and solemn. Its simple and elegant shape gives people the illusion that when they cross the bridge, they will fall into a medieval European principality.

Kite lawn - The open lawn makes people's heart very open, whether it's riding on the greenway or flying kites... In addition to freedom, happiness, courage, hope and endless dreams bring you and your family.

The glass vine garden is a greenhouse garden where all kinds of vine plants, either on one side or on the other, twist and twist to form a fluffy, clusters of different scenery. In the space filled with the fragrance of flowers, the garden restaurant also emits a romantic atmosphere.

Monet Garden --- Like the "sister" of Monet Garden in the East in the town of Givineville, Paris, France, rose combines hedgerows and flower galleries with vines. The gardener designs the garden according to the growth pattern of flowers and trees. The gardener pays great attention to the harmony of colors. Red, brown, orange, blue and other colors are scattered among them, showing a natural visual dynamic feeling. 。 Various kinds of flowers, from the most common to the most rare mixed planting, because of their different seasons, so that the entire Monet Garden flowers in all seasons.

Under-the-forest Flower Mirror-Big Cinnamomum camphor forest, quiet and far-reaching, patches of perennial flowers, silently waiting under the thick stems to form a magnificent landscape on the axis.

Drunken Butterfly Garden, a colorful sparse forest space, attracts and maintains thousands of different species of butterflies, forming a butterfly habitat.

* Wedding lawn - a vast green lawn on the top of a hill, beside the sea of flowers, waiting quietly for the arrival of new people. Whether it's wedding photography, outdoor weddings, or wedding banquets... It will add luster to your wonderful life.

Square Commercial Street

The bustling street scenery echoes the European style architecture. Here, tourists will enjoy shopping.

Wedding Theme Pavilion

Provide a variety of wedding services for new couples, including wedding dress rental, wedding photography, wedding planning, wedding banquet, etc., to provide one-stop wedding service.

Children's Castle

Half way up to King's Castle, a low-key children's castle overlooks the Asian Games golf course "Half Lake Half Mountain View". The Castle also contains the cultural origin of golf and the introduction of the history of the Kowloon Lake Asian Games golf course, so that you can stay away from the noise and immerse yourself in the long history of golf.

Golf Museum

The Golf Museum is located on the first floor of the King's Hotel, where you can learn about the origin, development and historical figures of golf.

Hotel community

The Hotel community of Kowloon Lake Resort includes five-star Princess Hotel, King Hotel, Tent Hotel, RV Hotel, and camping base for outdoor hobbies, all of which have different personalized experiences.

Princess Hotel - Asia's top five-star resort hotel with European flavor

The Princess Hotel of Kowloon Lake, with 331 luxury rooms, is a designated reception hotel for the 16th Asian Games and a sub-village for athletes of the Asian Games. The hotel also has a number of Chinese and Western style restaurants, 15 multi-functional meeting rooms of different sizes, sports and leisure facilities and a large health spa covering 12,000 square meters. It integrates guest rooms, catering, meetings, entertainment, sports and leisure. It is an ideal place for tourism, business and banquet.

King Hotel - Asia's First Golf Museum Theme Hotel

The 7th Royal Cup Players Reception Hotel. The Museum has thousands of golf antiques collected from overseas, showing the origin, development and evolution of golf. The hotel has 61 rooms, each floor is decorated with golf famous events as the theme, and has a strong golf history and cultural atmosphere.

RV Hotel - A boutique hotel that combines RV culture with hotel concept perfectly

There are 18 seats in the first phase. Sitting in the mountains and looking at the lake, we have a broad view, and we can get a full view of the beautiful natural scenery of Jiulong Lake.

Tent Hotel-an independent tent hotel with exotic atmosphere and perfect integration with nature

In the first phase, there are only 9 seats for human experience, and they are fully integrated into nature.

Camping base

Specially developed camps, in the natural mountains and forests, patches of grassland, can camp, national standards, comfortable and safe.

Traffic guide

Internal traffic


Take Metro Line 3 to Renhe Station, take Bus No. 71 at Renhe Ruins Station to Datang Middle School, walk across the road and take No. 85 (note: there is only No. 28 on the stop sign opposite the road, but No. 71 and No. 85 are all parked there). Take No. 85 to Jiulonghu Station and get off.

Take Metro Line 3 to Airport South Station, then take a taxi to Kowloon Lake Resort

External traffic

Airport Progress Holiday Area

Airport North Exit - Airport Expressway North Extension Line (Beixing Direction) - Kowloon Lake Resort (15 minutes)

Guangzhou District (Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center) enters the community via South China Trunk Line

Guangzhou-South China Express Trunk Line-Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway-Mountain Tourist Avenue-Kowloon Lake Resort (35 minutes)

Tianhe Pearl River New Town in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Tianhe Pearl River New Town - Huangpu Avenue - South China Expressway - Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway - Mountain Tourist Avenue - Kowloon Lake Resort (35 minutes)

Guangzhou City - Airport Expressway - North Extension of Airport Expressway - Kowloon Lake Resort (35 minutes)