Korean Springboard and Swing

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Korean Springboard and Swing

Springboards and swings are the most popular traditional folk sports for Korean women, and they have a broad mass character.

In 2006, it has been listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list.

Essential information

Time: 2006

Category: Acrobatics and Competition

Area: Jilin

Number: VI-14

Declaration area or unit: Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province

Korean nationality is a sports-loving nation, springboard and swing are Korean women's favorite traditional folk sports, with a broad mass.

Korean Springboard

brief introduction

Springboards, as a kind of sports and competitive games, are popular in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province and other places where Korean people live in the country. Springboard is one of the most popular games among Korean women. It has a long history. It is usually held on Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Tracing to the source

Springboards have a long history. There is a Korean folk saying: "If a girl does not springboard, she will have a difficult birth after marriage." Therefore, springboard sport is highly valued and loved.

There is also a romantic legend about the origin of Korean springboards. It is said that ancient Korean women were bound by feudal ethics and morality. They were not allowed to go out of their courtyards all day long. In order to see the outside world, they had to set up springboards at the roots of the courtyard walls to leap into the air and peep at the scenery outside the courtyard. Another theory is that in ancient times, there were two innocent men in prison. In order to see their husbands in high-wall prisons, their wives thought of using springboards to throw people into the air to see their husbands. This kind of legend shows people's good wishes of fighting against feudalism and freedom.

Movement characteristics

Springboards are 5.5 meters long, 35-40 centimeters wide, 5-6 centimeters thick, and are mostly made of wood-hard and highly elastic Fraxinus mandshurica boards. A "board mat" is placed under the center of the springboard, so that both ends of the board can move up and down. "Plate mat" is usually made of straw bales, which can be filled with straw bags, and the height should be 30 centimeters. There is a fulcrum in the middle of the springboard. When jumping, two people stand at both ends, take off in turn, and use the rebound force of the springboard to bounce themselves and the other side into the air. In this way, they keep up with each other, increase the altitude of the air and make various kinds of movements. The springboard depends on the coordination and cooperation of two people, sometimes singing while jumping, singing by one person, and by one person.

The springboard jumping methods are also varied and colorful. There are straight jumps, i.e. legs stretching after kicking off the board; leg bending jumps, i.e. body flying back bending thigh jumps; scissors jumps; i.e. legs stretching forward and backward separately after jumping; flip jumps, i.e. forward or backward flip one week after jumping.

Competition method

A springboard is similar to a seesaw, with a wooden frame supporting the center of a long board. Two people stand at each end of the board, jumping up and down alternately. By means of the gravity of one jumping and falling, the other jumps into the air. There are two kinds of competition methods: drawing line and performing. "Drawing line" is a line group at each end of the seesaw. The end of the line is tied to the competitor's ankle. Within a specified time, the winning or losing is judged by measuring the length of the line drawn when the competitor bounces and the height of the line bounced. "Performing" has optional and prescribed movements, which are scored according to the difficulty and posture of the jumping movements of the competitors. The prescribed items are to perform the prescribed actions together. The optional actions can be performed with fans, wreaths and wreaths. The judges will evaluate the scores according to the difficulty of the actions, the quality of the accomplishments and the Gracefulness of the postures. Its evaluation depends on altitude, aerial movements, postures and skills. So those who can make breathtaking, difficult and graceful movements such as flip-flop, rattan-hopping, wreath-dancing and ribbon-waving can often be appreciated by the public and win the competition. So participating in springboard activities requires not only courage, but also wisdom and skills. Watching springboarding activities can be pleasing and exciting. Usually two to four referees delete the highest and lowest points and take the median average.

Inheritance significance

Springboard is a healthy traditional sport, which has always been loved by the Korean people. It requires not only courage but also wisdom and skills to participate in springboard activities. Watching springboarding activities can be pleasing and exciting.

Korean Swing

brief introduction

The swing is easy to make, easy to entertain, and a little thrilling and exciting, so it is loved by people, especially Korean women.

The scenes of Korean women swinging are often amazing. At the top, the rope of the swing was almost parallel to the ground, thrilling, and the girls standing on the pedal were fluttering in skirts like fairies. Swing not only makes their clothes fully displayed, but also makes their inner joy fully released. Therefore, the Korean swing is considered to be one of the sports events that can best show the beauty of Korean women.

Tracing to the source

Swing is one of Korean women's favorite activities with a long history. According to the literature, the swing of Korean originated in the 13th century at the latest, and was popular in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and other large rural areas where Korean people live together.

The swing of the Korean nationality is also known as the "Half Immortal Play". The equipment is relatively simple. In the past, swing ropes were usually tied to the horizontal branches of tall trees. Now, wood or iron pipes are mostly used as special swing frames. Two ropes are tied to the beams and wooden boards are tied to pedal. There are two kinds of swings of Korean nationality: single swing and double swing.

Sports characteristics

Swing is a traditional game favored by Korean young women. The height of the swing is 12 to 13 meters. A crossbar is erected at the top of the two poles. Two swing ropes of about 8 to 9 meters are tied to the crossbar. The footplate of about 30 centimeters is tied to the bottom of the sagging two ropes. When swinging, safety belts are also fastened. Korean women wear colorful skirts, step on the swing board, swing forward and backward with the strength of waist and arm, the higher the swing, such as purple swallow overhead, free; such as fairies, elegant and elegant. Swing activities have the characteristics of high, floating, leisurely, skillful, soft, beautiful and happy. Swing ropes are usually tied to the strong horizontal branches of tall trees. Colored ribbons or bells hang over the swing. The swing boards need to touch this sign to win acclaim and praise. Often it's one person, people are watching, cheering on the sidelines. The gorgeous dress is like the wings of the colorful phoenix, which drives the breeze. From a distance, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the Korean girls with heavy makeup are like flying colorful butterflies, floating around in the sky, forming a flowing magnificent painting.

Now, swinging is not only a recreational event for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and agricultural leisure festival, but also a sporting event. Korean women will wear festive costumes to participate in the competition. There are three ways to compete: one is to spend more than the high-altitude flowers; the other is to kick the bell higher than the high-altitude bells; and the third is to compare the length of the micro-line higher than the swing. In order to verify who can swing high, two high poles are erected in front of the swing in advance. A rope is tied between the poles. A branch, flower branch or copper bell is hung in the middle of the rope. The winner is the one who can kick the branch with his foot, or hold flowers in his mouth, or kick the copper bell more times. They can generally swing more than 5 meters high, the sound of tinkling bells constantly floating in the air, their skirts and skirts flying with the wind, they use the flying body to draw a colorful arc, dazzling, vigorous. The onlookers and other contestants cheered for the continuous ringing of the steel bell, laughed and laughed in their ears. Sometimes they could not restrain their excitement and danced, and the scene was very lively.

Inheritance significance

Swing requires physical strength, skill and courage. It fully embodies the elegant and brave character of Korean women.

Swing not only shows Korean women's courageous and upward spiritual outlook, but also shows their healthy physique and love and pursuit of life. It also adds joy and happiness to life. Swing has been officially included in the national games. Swing stunts in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture have become a blooming flower in traditional minority sports parks.

After the founding of New China, the Korean swing was also included in the minority sports events. In 1975, the athletes of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province performed the swing for the first time in a large-scale national sports meeting. Swing skills in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture have become a wonderful flower in the traditional sports park of ethnic minorities.

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