Kizil Gaha Peak Sui

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Located on the east side of Saltwater Valley in the northwest of Kuqa County Town, Kizil Mahabi is a towering ancient military building with the meaning of "old red mouth" or "red sentry card" in Uygur. After more than 2000 years of storms and storms, it is still the oldest and most well-preserved site on the Silk Road. It was declared by the State Council as a national key cultural relic protection in 2001. Company.

On June 22, 2014, at the 38th session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in Doha, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan jointly applied for the "Silk Road: Road Network of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor" as one of the sites successfully listed in the World Heritage List.

historical significance

After more than 2000 years of storms and hardships, this magnificent ancient military building is still the oldest and most well-preserved site on the Silk Road. It was declared by the State Council as a key cultural relic protection unit in 2001.

protective measures

The administration of cultural relics in Xinjiang has recently begun to implement a protection project for the oldest military alarm facility on the Silk Road, Kizilgar Hafeng Sui, Kuqa County, Xinjiang. The protection project is mainly to establish workstations at the site of Fengzhao, including 200 meters of wall, guard room, 1000 square meters of ground hardening, surrounding greening and water supply system, with a total investment of 450,000 yuan.

In recent years, with the increasingly humid climate in southern Xinjiang and the increase of tourists, more and more fallen objects around Kizil Ga Ha Song Sui have formed a small terrace more than one meter high in the western part of Song Sui.

Smoke from the beacon and fire from the flames. Wolf smoke and beacon are closely linked. The flag on the beacon is not necessarily the national flag, but the signal is the same. As long as the fireworks are lit, the curtain of a war opens.

Historical beacon

This beacon was built in the Han Dynasty and maintained the best ancient beacon in Xinjiang. The beacon is about 16 meters high and wide. At the top of the beacon, some wood is exposed outside. Structurally, there are branches, wedges and sandy soil. Two thousand years ago, we can still see that people who worked with their hands at that time were so skilled.

It stands here majestically, without saying a word or giving anything to anyone. It's old enough to let you just look at it for a few seconds. It's so good. No one wants to master it any more. Stand on it. Its time has passed.

The beacon is not far from the county town of Kuqa. At the Bank of the Kuqa River, 12 kilometers north of the city, it is surrounded by a relatively flat yellow land. The beacon, about 16 meters high, is particularly prominent. The bottom of the beacon is a rectangle, 6 meters long in East and west, 4 meters wide in North and south. It gradually shrinks from bottom to top. The main body of the beacon is rammed by loess. The thickness of each layer of loess is about 15 meters. The upper part is framed by wooden columns such as Populus euphratica, and the gap between loess and wooden columns is 1 meter. The top is built with adobe. Because the beacon is located in a wind outlet, the south of the beacon has been blown out of the groove by the wind. From a distance, Kizil Maha beacon looks like two sentries standing side by side.

Standing alone in the blue loess sky

Facing Kuqa Oasis and deep in saltwater valley, Fengxiong was almost buried by yellow and red ravines, but it was not until he crossed the Gobi Yellow Sand to reach a small flat near it that he could see the ancient military fortress for thousands of years.

Related Legends

In Uygur, "Kizil" means "girl" and "Gaha" means "residence". Kizil Gaha is where the girl lives. The tour guide told me the popular Uygur folklore: in ancient times, when a princess in the kingdom of Turtles was 16 years old, she fell in love with a poor man. However, the heads of aristocrats are different from those of poor families. (In order to classify the kingdom, Guqiuzi had to shackle the heads of the newborns of noble families from an early age.) The concept of hierarchy prevented them from marrying. So the young man disguised himself as a wizard and told the king that his precious daughter would be poisoned by scorpions and had to live in the highest place. The king sent his daughter to the beacon. So the young man often climbed the beacon to meet his beloved. Later, he was found by the king and killed the young man alive under the beacon with random stones. The princess was distressed and finally in the beacon. A hunger strike on the top of a monument.

What are the complaints of Hu Chi, the calm moon and the years still telling us?