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The "Yolong Song" of Kirgiz is a kind of folk etiquette song spread in the Kirgiz inhabited area living in Pamir area. As a cross-ethnic, cross-cultural and cross-regional phenomenon of folk literature, Yuelongge has an internal relationship with the folk literature of Kazakh, Uygur, Altai, Tuva, Hakas and other northern nationalities.

Brief introduction of June

The Kevchak tribe is one of the important Kirgiz tribes. The "Yolong" is a part of the traditional folk oral literature of the Kevchak tribe, which is widely spread among the people. The oral literature part of Yolong, which has been circulating for thousands of years, only talks and sings during the wedding feast. The content is attractive and attractive, and plays an important role in the wedding. Generally, four people cover the bride's whole body with an embroidered cloth embroidered with a Kevchak pattern, and hold on to the responsibility of blocking, so as not to be found out by the outsiders. At this time, the rider with a sweet "Yolon" Qi begins to rap and excite people.


The "Yolong Song" of Kirgiz is a kind of folk ritual song spread in the Kirgiz inhabited areas living in the Pamir region. There are many kinds of "Yolong Song", such as persuading Yolong to marry, welcoming Yolong, and riddle Yolong. "Yolong Song" can be sung in solo or accompanied by Kumzi. There are more than 10 kinds and more than 800 Yolong songs collected in the Pamir region.