Kazakh Tiermai

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Kazakh Tiermai

Tiermai, which means "short poem" in Kazakh language, usually implies philosophy in the poem in a narrative way to give people inspiration. This kind of poem is widely spread among Kazakh herdsmen.

Iron mare is a kind of exhortation from Kazakh proverbs, maxims, poems or other literary works. It is composed of songs of persuasion, persuasion, advocacy of harmonious life and harmonious interpersonal relationship. It is a popular form of education for the masses in self entertainment and self education.

On June 7, 2008, Kazakh Tiermai was listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council.

historical origin

In traditional Kazakh music, in addition to the well-known popular culture Akan Aytes playing and singing, there is also a popular culture "Telmer" (also known as Telmer) playing and singing, it is Kazakh proverbs, aphorisms, poetry or other literary and artistic works of brilliant passages, classical sentences, or content with philosophical wisdom, with. Dongbula's accompaniment sings to celebrate heroes, promote impartiality and selflessness, educate children, bless the elderly, and pray for well-being. It is called the "living fossil" of Kazakh oral culture. In the Kazakh language, the term "iron Mai" means "extract essence", "select" and "collect essence".

Mode of performance

In Kazakh, the influence of Tiermai is as well known as Confucius'Analects of Confucius. Tiermai's lyrics advocate the harmony between human and human, between human and nature, between human and life, and promote excellent traditional culture and sense of social responsibility are unique ways of self-education in Kazakh life.

"Tiermai" adopts singing style, which is divided into singing "Tiermai" and narrative "Tiermai". Narrative "Tiermai" is characterized by a long song, so it requires the singer to have a good memory. Especially those songs which express local customs and customs, national history or praise national heroes require the performers to have a certain understanding of Kazakh history.

Tilmer's lyrics and melodies have their own unique content and melody. Tilmer's lyrics are elegant, melodious and free in rhythm. People have a very high demand for the lyrics of Tiermai. Tiermai's lyrics are so rich in philosophy and wisdom that they are an important expression of Kazakh poetry. Kazakh people have many excellent Tiermai songs, and the authors of these excellent Tiermai songs have become the object of worship.

Inheritance significance

Tiermai has profound connotation, is the crystallization of Kazakh wisdom, and is a unique way of self-education in Kazakh life. Singers use concise poems to sing their love for a better life and knowledge, and their understanding of society will always inspire and nurture people.

Tiermai has a profound cultural foundation and enjoys a very high position among the Kazakh people. After the reform and opening up, Telmer began to show its charming demeanor. It has been listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list.

Tiermai is one of the oldest and most popular art forms in Kazakh rap and singing performances, Tierwaldi Abdulzeti said. Telmer's performance content is positive and healthy. It aims to promote a good atmosphere of impartiality, selflessness, hard work and unity, educate and warn people to stay away from bad habits. It aims at singing the praises of the great motherland, harmonious society, happy life and good wishes in people's hearts. Tilmer's lyrics are rich in philosophy and wisdom, which lead people to yearn for beauty and Sublate good from evil. It is helpful to publicize the Party's policies and policies, to promote social harmony, and to stabilize and unite the border areas.


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