Kazakh Costume

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Kazakh Costume

Kazakh people are characterized by pastoral nomadic culture. Their clothes are easy to ride. Their national clothes are mostly made of sheep's skin, fox's skin, deer's skin and wolf's skin, reflecting the life characteristics of the mountain grassland people.

Historically, the vast majority of Kazakhs lived a nomadic life, which was driven by water and grass. Therefore, their clothes were characterized by a strong grassland animal husbandry life. Pastoral democracy uses the fur of livestock as raw material for clothing. Kazakh men like to wear cotton sweaters and pants, like to use plush, gabardine and other clothing. Black, coffee and other dark colors are mostly used in color. In winter, they mainly wear leather coats and pants. Selected materials are mainly sheep's skin, but also wolf's skin, fox's skin or other precious animal skins. For ease of mounting and dismounting, trousers are sewn with sheepskin to make crotch trousers, so they are broad, strong and durable. Most shirts are high collars with embroidered lace. Shirt jacket shoulder, shoulder wear short clothes, sometimes also wear "loops". Family Honorary Produce on July 10, 2015 .

On June 7, 2008, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture jointly declared "Kazakh costumes" which were approved by the State Council of China and included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Clothes & Accessories

Men's style

Men wear Pullover shirts with high collars. Young people wear embroidered colored patterns on their collars. They wear Western vest, outside.

Wear a cloth or fur coat, belt around waist, knife on top, easy to eat, wear jacket leather trousers for riding, wear caps in winter, spring, summer and autumn. In winter and spring, the cap is made of fox or lamb skin, with two ear fans on the left and right, a long tail fan on the back and four edges on the top. The cap can cover the snow and cold. In summer and autumn, the cap is made of lamb hair, white felt cap, and the flanging of the cap is made of black velvet. The cap is both rain-proof and heat-proof. Men wear shoes and boots made of leather.

Female style

Kazakh women's clothing is colorful. They like to use white, red, green, light blue satin, flower cloth, wool textiles and other raw materials to make dresses, young girls and young women generally wear sleeves embroidered, with a multi-layer lotus leaf hem dress. Wear shoulder or jacket in summer, cotton jacket in winter and cotton overcoat when going out. Women are most particular about hats and headscarves. The unmarried girl wears a beautiful triangular or square headscarf in summer, and a hard-shell dome cap with owl feathers in winter, which symbolizes bravery and firmness. When the bride wears a pointed hat with embroidery and gold and silver jewelry decoration, and a string of beads hanging in front of her face. A year later, she wears a flowery headscarf and a shawl when she has children.


Winter hat

A pointed quadrilateral cap made of fox or lamb skin

Autumn hat

White felt hat made of lamb hair

Brief Description of Kazakh Nationality

Chinese Kazakhs (Slavic: Kazakh: maple k, Arabic: Kazakh) are ethnic minorities of China with a population of about 1.4 million. The world's population of Kazakhstan is about 18 million. Kazakhs in China are mainly distributed in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The Kazakh language they use is the Arabic alphabet Kazakh, and Kazakhstan uses the Slavic alphabet Kazakh. Kazakh is the main ethnic group in Kazakhstan, and the ethnic minorities of Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkey.