Junlian karst

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Junlian karst

Junlian karst scenic area. Located in Junlian County, Yibin City. The scenic area covers 130 square kilometers. The main scenic spots include karst peak cluster, box cave, Yuanyang cave, Xianren cave, Mujing hot spring, intermittent spring, etc.

geographical position

Junlian karst is located in the southern edge of Sichuan Basin, adjacent to Yunnan Province. Among the natural landscapes, jinjinba xunsei hot spring, haiyingchao spring and Xianrendong underground terraces are known as "Junlian three wonders". They are located in Junlian County, 96km from Yibin to Junlian. From Yibin Ximen bus station, there are intermediate buses to Junlian county from 5:30 to 19:30 every day, and then transfer to the local transportation to reach the scenic spot. There is a daily bus service from Chengdu to Junlian, which takes about 5 hours.

Main attractions

Karst peak cluster is mainly distributed in gulouba and Xunsi, with an area of more than 50 square kilometers. In the upper reaches of Xunsi River, there are peaks, peak forests, valleys and other landscapes, with low peaks and deep valleys in the shape of "V". In the middle reaches of Xunshi River, there are peaks, peak forests, depressions and other landscapes. The peak cluster height ranges from 10 meters to hundreds meters. The depression scale is large. Gulouba depression is about 4 square kilometers, which is one of the most typical karst depressions in southern Sichuan. There are box cave and Yuanyang cave in the southwest of gulouba.

Xianren cave is in Tengda township. The water is gurgling all the year round. In the high water period, there is a stream on the top of the cave, which falls in the cave day and forms a water curtain. Mujing hot spring is located on the West Bank of Xunsi River in huangjingba, 12 kilometers away from the county. The hot spring overflows in the form of gushing water, the water temperature is 52 ℃ ~ 56oc, and the daily water yield is 3456 cubic meters. The spring water is of sodium chloride type, which is the hot spring with the highest water temperature and the largest flow in Sichuan Basin.

Intermittent tidal spring is in Chenjiagou, Haiyuan township. For underground river, because of the siphon effect of karst cave, the phenomenon of tidal bore is named. The box hole is 25 meters high, 185 meters long and more than 10 meters wide. There is no water flow in the cave, and the landscape in the cave is well preserved. Yuanyang cave is close to the box cave and is 125 meters deep in the shape of a bag.

The lotus cave, the main scenic spot, has been basically opened. Lotus cave can be summarized by the word "strange danger". Say it strange, odd in the diameter of more than 10 meters, up to 93 meters of a straight hole, hole two stalagmites juxtaposed. On the first day, the "Lotus column" was 28 meters high and 3 meters in diameter. It was located on a lotus flower with a lifelike shape, and its surrounding was inlaid with petals. On the second day, the "crystal column" is crystal clear and transparent, 5 meters high. There are many small holes on the wall half waist of lotus cave. There are "iceberg promenade, Crystal Palace, crystal column and magma similar to waterfall" in the small cave on the left wall.