Jiuxiang Scenic Spot

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Yiliang Jiuxiang Scenic Spot is located in a mountainous area with a cool climate, continuous peaks and valleys with a relative height difference of about 200 meters. The surface elevation is between 1750 and 1900 meters, and the terrain is not undulating. It shows that the topography of the karst cave distribution area rises and the river downcutting erodes the young river landscape.

Jiuxiang has dense forests with a coverage rate of 62.3%. It is rich in precious animal and plant resources. Zhangkoudong Ancient Human Residence Site represents a unique Paleolithic culture in southern China, which is called "Jiuxiangyijue".

geographical environment

Jiuxiang Scenic Spot: It is a member of the International Cave Association and a national key scenic spot. Located in Jiuxiang Yi Hui Township, Yiliang County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, 90 kilometers from Kunming, according to the famous Stone Forest Scenic Area 30 kilometers. It is a newly developed comprehensive scenic spot with karst cave landscape as the main body, natural scenery outside the cave, humanistic landscape and national customs as one.

Main attractions

Nine country cave

Developed in the Sinian Period 600 million years ago, it has hundreds of large and small caves. It is the largest cave community system in China, with the largest number and the most peculiar cave landscape. It is known as the "cave museum" by experts. There are many kinds of ancient marine microbial fossils known as "prehistoric wonders" - - stromatolites, inverted stone teeth, biological karst (also known as bio-reef wonder), margin lakes, underground Plaza halls, dark canyons, fishback rocks, curly rocks, eddies and other hydrogeological wonders, as well as typical sections and scenic spots such as three-dimensional layer caves and multi-layer cave landscape. Some are rare scenic spots in China, and some are unprecedented examples in the textbooks of world geology, so they are highly praised by famous experts at home and abroad.

Yincui Gorge

It's quiet and charming. The gorge is 600 meters long and can be rowed. The ancient cliffs on both sides are green and shady. The water is clear and charming. The scenery like poems in paintings makes people linger and forget to return. Many poets and writers left many beautiful and moving poems in Yincui Gorge, also known as Valentine's Valley.

Fright Gorge

Thrilling. The length of the gorge is 700 meters, which is the most spectacular underground Canyon found in China. The knives and axes on both sides of the gorge are generally chopped. The bottom of the gorge is nearly 100 meters to the top of the cave. The narrowest part of the gorge is only three or four meters wide, and visitors are thrilled to walk through it.

Lion Hall

Underground Plaza. The lion hall covers a total area of 15,000 square meters. It is the largest underground square hall in the world. It can accommodate tens of thousands of people to get together here. What is more amazing is that there is a complete plate on the top of the hall. There are several nest-shaped whirlpools embedded on the plate. The whole top plate is seamless.

Goddess Palace

It's exquisite and exquisite. The typical karst underground scenery is represented by the exquisite stalactites, which either cling to or sit or lie down, just like a group of fairies singing and dancing here, gathering in the palace, fighting for odds and beauties, giving a sense of immortality.

Female and male waterfall

Earth-shaking. For the underground double waterfalls, the two waterfalls crawl down from a cliff more than 30 meters high, and the pool is more than 10 meters deep. The waterfall falls down directly, deafening. The maximum flow rate of the waterfall is 320 cubic meters per second. The magnificent momentum, like two romantic couples, is the only wonder in the caves in China.


Natural wonders. Shentian is a large group of stone lakes with an area of more than 100 square meters and a depth of more than 10 meters. The landscape is magnificent and magnificent. It is a rare wonder in the world and is praised by international cave experts as the most in the world.

Lin Yin Zhai

Strong amorous feelings. In the underground world up to 100 meters deep, there are unique scenery of Yi family customs, dense branches forest, Tusi castle and so on, reflecting the honest national customs of ancient Yi ancestors.

Goa Lawah

Underground stone forest. Bat cave is characterized by stalactites hanging upside down, like stone forests hanging upside down, these stalactites also have a distinctive feature, that is, the large slope of the stone forest, irregular, carefully studied, because the air flow is different and caused, so in Jiuxiang added a magical scene of windblown stone bend.

Jiuxiang Travel Cableway

Crossing mountains and valleys. The ropeway spans nearly 1000 meters, such as a flying rainbow. Visitors across Qingshan and Cuiling Mountains can enjoy the different scenery of Jiuxiang in four seasons. They can visit Zhangkou Cave, an ancient human site, spanning tens of thousands of years.

Tourism information

Ticket: 90 yuan per person

It only takes 40 minutes from Kunming to Yiliang. There is a bus to Yiliang at the east bus station of Kunming.

There are many hotels and hotels in Yiliang County.