Jiushi Scenic Area

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Jiushi Scenic Area

Jiushi scenic area is located in Anning Township, Longmatan District, 8 km away from Luzhou city. It is named after the nine peaks in the scenic area, which are shaped like lions.


Coming down from the parking lot, you can see the ancient and magnificent gate of imitating the Han Dynasty palace. On the four pillars inlaid with blue stone, green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and Xuanwu are engraved respectively. On the forehead of the gate, the relief of the orchestra "nine lions welcoming guests" is engraved. The composition is unique and the carving is exquisite and thought-provoking. More than 100 meters into the gate, you will arrive at Xingshi lake. On the broad lake, the cable bridge and Yingxian bridge are like two long rainbow lying on the blue waves, which reflect the boat boat of "Luzhou Laojiao water entertainment city". It is said that the nine lions went to the Guanyin meeting and went back to the mountain to roll into the lake when they were drunk. The cable bridge is 148 meters long, flying across Xingshi lake, like a giant dragon rising out of the water. Step on the cable bridge, dangling dangling, trance, floating in the clouds, it is imaginative. On the left of the lower cable bridge, a stone dragon gallops from Yingpan mountain. The dragon is more than 200 meters long, 3.5 meters high and 4 meters wide. There are more than 100 stone reliefs on two walls, including "Nezha making trouble in the sea", "Monkey King making trouble in Dragon Palace", "biography of Liu Yi" and so on. They are displayed in front of visitors like comic strips. The dragon head is 13 meters high. It holds a jewel with a diameter of 2 meters. Visitors enter the Dragon belly from the dragon mouth, just like entering the underground palace and leaving the tail of the dragon. The designer shows originality!

Jiushi mountain imitates the Great Wall, with a total length of 1000 meters and an internal width of 2.5 meters to 3 meters. Starting from the pass of Yingpanshan mountain in the East and the Guanyin Hall of wolian in the west, Jiushi mountain is majestic and majestic. It is like a green blanket lying on the sea by a Canglong. On the "Qinguan pass", overlooking the mountains, lush forest, beautiful, let visitors appreciate the "hero to the Great Wall" joy.

Become an independent school of stone lions, with its of great momentum and unique shape, it is the essence of artificial landscape.

The thousand lion altar, which is 28? 8 meters high, is composed of three parts: a hundred step ladder, a hundred lions holding eight trigrams, and a hundred lion totem pole

Composition reflects the saying of "round sky and place". There are 10 ladders for one hundred step ladder. There is a stone carving in the middle of each ladder, namely, "ten lions playing ball", "ten lions coming out of the mountain", "ten lions playing", "ten lions springboard", "ten lions watching the moon". While climbing the mountain and watching it, visitors unknowingly come to the bottom of the thousand lion altar, but around the altar are the four heavenly gates of rosefinch, Xuanwu, Qinglong and white tiger. There are twelve zodiac round carvings on the edge of the altar, and four stone totem pillars at the four corners. On the top of the pillars are respectively carved with the images of Sun God, moon god, Fuxi and Nuwa. The pillars are carved with myths and legends such as twenty eight nights, twenty-four solar terms and human reproduction. According to the principle of "nine to one" in the book of changes, the painting theory, music theory are integrated into the diagram, which makes the audience dazzled. The stone totem column is 18.8 meters high and 4 meters in diameter, with a statue of "goddess of lion taming" on the top. The composition of the relief sculpture on the outer wall is ingenious and lifelike. There are five floors inside the totem pole, in which there is a spiral ladder to go up. The outer column of each floor is the viewing place. On the fifth floor, you can see from afar: Jiushi mountain in the East, Zhongshan Mountain in the south, dinosaur museum in the west, and four gardens in the north. It's a boundless landscape of rivers and mountains. The poetry is all in the picture.

Local cuisine

Lunjiao cake: it is said that Jiaogao was created by London missionaries in modern England when they preached in Luzhou. Later, it was inherited by Maoist disciples. Its main raw material is rice flour. London cake is tender, fragrant, sweet and refreshing. It is a famous snack for banquet guests.

Huangba: Luzhou huangba is golden in color, rich in aroma and sweet in taste. The unique feature is that the wrapping material is good ginger leaves, and the fragrance of huangba comes from the aromatic oil contained in the leaves of Alpinia officinarum. The freshly steamed huangba has a strong aroma. After cooling, it can be sliced and fried, or boiled in the water of Jiao trough. It has a special flavor.

Local accommodation

Luzhou Lutianhua Hotel

It is located on the banks of Yongning River and Yangtze River in Naxi, Luzhou, Sichuan Province. It is close to the White Pagoda and the famous Buddhist mountain "Fangshan" in the south of Sichuan Province. It is adjacent to the famous national tourist resort of Shunan Bamboo Sea, Xingwen hanging hall and Youdong. Lutianhua hotel is one of the first batch of "key foreign-related tourism hotels" in Sichuan Province

Luzhou City, Sichuan Province

Address: No.200 Youyi Road, Naxi District, Luzhou City

Luzhou Jiucheng Hotel

Luzhou Jiucheng hotel was established in 1983. It was originally a public institution owned by the whole people with independent accounting, self financing and enterprise management under the jurisdiction of Luzhou municipal government office. In 1994, it was rated as a two-star hotel. Since 2000, it was awarded the national three-star standard hotel for foreign tourists

Luzhou City, Sichuan Province

Address: No.71 shangpingyuan Road, Luzhou City

Special reminder

Best travel time: mild climate, prosperous five industries. The northern part of Luzhou is a sub subtropical monsoon humid climate. The climate in the southern mountainous area is divided into middle subtropical, north subtropical, south temperate and north temperate climate, which has the characteristics of three-dimensional mountain climate. Due to the less severe weather in Luzhou, the weather is mostly cloudy and sunny, and the tourism traffic is smooth all the year round. The main weather phenomena affecting tourism traffic in Luzhou are heavy rain, heavy fog and continuous rain. June to September is the main period of rainstorm weather in Luzhou, especially in August, when the rainstorm is relatively concentrated and the rainfall area is wide, it will cause the river silt to collapse the roadbed, the landslide will block the road surface and affect the traffic. Special reminder: there are 9 ethnic townships and 174 ethnic villages in the municipal area. Shiping Township in Gulin County, where the Yi people live together, enjoys national treatment. When you go to Luzhou, you must respect the local ethnic customs.

Local shopping

Luzhou not only has unique mountains, waters, caves, wine, scenery, but also many strange commodities. For example, Luzhou longan (longan) is thick and tender, sweet and juicy,

The color is crystal clear and delicious. In particular, the dried longans made by Zhangba people with ancestral secret recipe, namely Gongyuan, Paoyuan, Dingyuan and Yuexian, have become the "famous" special products of Luzhou and are favored by tourists from all over the world. Hejiang litchi, whose tree shape is like an umbrella like a cover, is evergreen all the year round, and has the value of greening and tourism; its fruit is known as "king of fruits" or "Queen of fruits". Hejiang has become the base of late ripening litchi in China, with an annual output of about 2 million jin. Xuyong peach slices, Gulin beef jerky, spicy chicken, Gulin and Xuyong plum dried bamboo shoots, especially the king of bamboo shoots bitter bamboo shoots, clear away heat and appetizer, benefit spleen and prevent cancer. The paper umbrella of Jiangyang district is made of leather paper, tung oil and bamboo wood by traditional handicraft. It is famous for its large size (World Guinness record) and small and exquisite. It is loved by international tourists. Yashi of the Yangtze River -- Luzhou strange stone, with many varieties and high grade, has been sold all over the country and at home and abroad. Luzhou stone Museum has been established and is preparing to build Luzhou stone market, so that tourists can buy their favorite stones. In addition, there are national cellar wine, Lang wine, basket spring wine, Miao wax dye, Luzhou root carving, ancient sea jade carving, etc., which are also popular with tourists.