Jiulushan Waterfalls Scenic Spot

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JiuRushan Waterfall Group Scenic Area - National AAAA Class Scenic Area and National Forest Park, located in Xiying Town, Jinan City, Shandong Province, is the source of Jinxiuchuan Reservoir, one of the seventy-two springs in Quancheng City. JiuRuListen Waterfall, one of the eight new scenic spots in Quancheng City, is also among them. The scenic area covers 36 square kilometers, creating the core landscape of "mountains, waterfalls, stacks, streams and pools", forming a rare and unique large-scale natural ecological landscape in northern China.

Main scenic spots

Nine as beautiful scenery


Nine mountains are continuous, hills are stacked, rocky and colorful. They fall into deep valleys and rise to high cliffs. Among them, there are 36 peaks over 800 meters above sea level. They are delicate and delicate. They run up and down, and the forest is full of oxygen. Pure primitive ecology breeds valleys, strange peaks, jungles, springs, streams, waterfalls, deep pools, clouds, beautiful natural landscape, but also created the world-famous 72 springs in Quancheng.

Falls Silver beads falling down uuuuuuuuuuu

When we reach Jiurushan, we appreciate the waterfalls. High-hanging waterfalls pass through the canyon, cascading in nine layers, from Tianchi to Xiushutan, hanging dozens of places, displaying thousands of forms. Tianhe flying, snow pouring, water vapor transpiration, between the mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery breeding. Or with momentum, shouting and shouting, or beautiful, graceful flattery. Hydraulic wind, send out the voiceless outside the string; Spring waterfall, splashing pearls and jade in the fog. Known as the Nine Falls, the well-known person shows his agility and gives out a pleasant and refreshing waterfall scenery.

Plank road

The solid wooden trestle Road 10 kilometers long is unparalleled in the world. These pavements: some are built along cliffs, like ladders; some are across streams and waterfalls, like rainbows; some are winding in rattan forests, like flying jade belts. This method overturns the traditional tourism mode aiming at sightseeing, and completely breaks the traditional custom of setting up the stack road, which corresponds to and separates the people and the landscape subject and object. It not only narrows the distance between people and landscape, but also enables people to truly be in the beautiful scenery, blending in nature, perceiving nature and perceiving nature. At the same time, it avoids excessive interference to the ecological environment, and solves the contradiction between ecotourism and the protection of the ecological environment to the greatest extent.


Nine such as mountains and clouds, canyons, many springs spray out thin, converge into streams, free and unrestrained, clear and clear, streams of water, continuous flow, how high the peaks, how long the running water, springs in unison, four seasons flowing. Even though Wang Wangquan's eyes, trickling rivers, still jump in the gap between the mountain body, jets scatter jade, like a thread. Streams follow the mountain, ripple down the canyon, and the Qiongye is gargling and chirping. Sometimes it falls down sharply and forms a waterfall. Sometimes it stops flowing and becomes a flat pool. The streams here embrace Batan, Jiuwaterfall and twenty-four springs. They are separated and stored together to form a crystal clear water world.

Deep pool

Jiuru Mountain is famous for its natural mountains and rivers. The mountains depend on the water potential and the water captures the heavenly work. It holds up a world-wide Austrian region. Looking from afar, we can see that springs surge into streams, streams into waterfalls, waterfalls into pools, pools and pools are connected, merging into eight pools mirror. The so-called: the canyon flow, gathered in Pinghu, mountain springs trickle down, merged into high pools. Layers of mountains, layers of water storage, throughout the year, regardless of Tiangong drought or flood, regardless of the climate, cold or summer, the pool water of JiuRushan is always as clear and clear, moistening the mountain body. Visitors can boat in the pool, play by the pool, enjoy Tiankai paintings, touch the changing waterscape, and absorb the infinite inspiration of nature.

Nine as the four seasons


Spring is like the beginning of tender grass, all things are flourishing, hundreds of trees are blooming new green, dozens of flowers are competing to blossom buds, bringing a generation of vitality. At the beginning of early spring, there were greetings, Forsythia suspensa and camellia, competing with each other, only to see hills and fields, flowers and branches trembling, a piece of golden yellow, the Nine-Rushan dress is particularly charming, known as the "Nine-Rushan Mountain Flowers Roaming Nine-Rushan". After the deep spring, the canyon became greener, the vines were dense, the mountains were green, the Chu Cui was covered with green, and the natural vegetation Chuchuyi people were gentle everywhere. This is also known as "Spring is full of nine mountains". Tourists come here to explore the spring, feel the natural ecology, the most relaxed and happy.


Nine mountains in summer, green coverage, such as emerald, the most dense vegetation, known as "Nine mountains of green onions". At this time, the hot sun was blocked by the high trees, which made the mountain cool and penetrated. A cool air came out from the dense forest vines and sent a chill. There are also groups of waterfall spray, foaming in the stream, wind in the gully, and isolation of external heat waves, creating a low temperature climate far away from summer heat. So here is the reputation of "Happy Summer Resort, Cool Nine Like Mountains".


After autumn, all kinds of plants have the strongest charm in this season, so they are called "colorful nine like mountains". At the same time, all over the mountains, fruit ripening, chestnut hard shell, persimmon golden yellow, autumn pear hanging branches, Hawthorn crowded brocade, fruitful, fruitful.


When the cold winter comes, the snow begins to drift. Nine mountains are covered with silver, which is particularly striking. The world calls them "Nine mountains of ice and snow". Nearby pine and cypress all frost hanging snow, wearing jade and silver, far away peaks and mountains see snow waves, sculpture wax statues. Ice-sealed snow pressure, change face, deep mountains have been covered by white, ice waterfalls, ice hanging, fog and snow accompany each other, everywhere can be seen, constituting a unique natural wonder in winter. At a glance, snow glaciers often make people dazzled. There are poems chanting: Nine as beautiful as the winter scenery, the most vivid fog; you see the ice falls, there are still snowmen.

Sightseeing area

Deep Pond Falls Tourist Area

Mountains surround mountains

Deep pool with green water

Mountains and rivers are spiritual, while mountains and rivers are divine. The lakes and lakes are scattered among the mountains, far from the noise, close to nature, like a forgotten fairyland. In the near view, the jade beads are flowing water, in the far view, the green mountains are peaks, the green pools are horizontally laid in front of us, and the transpiring clouds surround us.

Enter the "Deep Pond Falls Tourist Area", wear green forest flowers, foot on wooden bridge winding road, can visit eight famous pools, such as Zhifutan, Yingshitan, Liuhetan, Taiyin Lake, Baihutan, Xuanwutan, Jiuditan, Jiuditan, Jiuditan, and Jiuditan. At the same time, watch three waterfalls, taste Bailu, rainwater, spring equinox, Lixia, Xiaoshu, Shushu, Liqiu, Liqiu, Jiudan and so on. Lidong and other springs.

Jiulu Canyon Tourist Area

Winding of Canyon deep vine forest

Mountains, springs, surges and waterfalls are flying in unison

It was a scarcely-visited enclosed canyon, an unpolluted Peach Source after the Qin Dynasty. High cliffs and cliffs, half the sky, you can still see the clouds and sunshadows of the gorge; the flying speed of the trestle, winding paths, only feel people in the painting. Here, only by hiking can we experience the essence of ecotourism, and only by walking into the canyon can we feel the pleasure of birdsong mountain. Stepping on the mossy stones, looking at the green mountains and waters, close to the misty cloud peaks, all in the Jiuru Canyon.

Jiuru Canyon is the core area of Jiurushan Waterfalls Group. It gathers many rare landscapes in the north. Dozens of waterfalls fall into the sky, which is very spectacular. Guteng intertwined in the air, streams gushing from the mountain streams, straight up to the heavenly pool, enjoy the emotional Jiuru mountain peak scenery. There are also two alpine springs, Xiaoxuequan and Daxuequan. They are very sweet. There are no pavilions at an altitude of 868 meters. They stand at the top of the mountain. They can overlook the peaks from a distance by the railings, overlook the continuous peaks, watch the falling of Songtao, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Tianpeng Waterfall Tourist Area

Trestle road steep stream gurgling

The Jungle Covers the Sun and the Mountain Path is Secret

Coming to the Tianpeng Waterfall landscape area, you can feel the natural kiss of JiuRushan is so pure and precious. Watching butterflies dancing lightly, listening to birds singing and holding vines, the feeling of returning to nature will arise spontaneously. Here, you can touch the primitive skin of nature, feel the normal body temperature of the original ecology, and appreciate the natural harmony and perfect harmony between man and nature.

There are nine steepest cliff walkways in Jiurushan, which can make people stand on the railings to admire; there are the highest drop of Tianpeng Waterfall, which can make people bathe in the mood; there are the highest Valley rain springs, which can wash the body and mind; there are more negative oxygen ions as high as 70,000/cm3 black pine forest oxygen bar, so as to breathe oxygen-rich and fresh air. Up and down echoes, there are big cold, small cold, winter solstice springs gushing out, flying rocks dangerously hanging cliffs, Mengqiu Pavilion relaxed vision. Tianpeng Waterfall Scenic Area opens up a quiet world, waiting for the integration of bosom friends.

Great Wall Ancient Road Tourist Area

The vicissitudes of the remnants of the Great Wall

Song whistling in the wind

There are two thousand years ago the site of the Great Wall of Qi. There are ancient stone roads shuttling between the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They have crossed the boundaries of time and space, and can still touch the ancient time. Walking through the forest along the stone road, looking for the remnants of the Great Wall, recalling the years of the ancient road, raising your eyes is a relic, closing your eyes is thinking. From the past to the present, we can feel the vicissitudes of nature and history, and the green mood of the green mountains and jungles.

The Great Wall of Qi was built by King Qihuangong of Qi. It was built by the State of Qi to defend against the military invasion of Lu, Chu and Central Plains countries. It is also the demarcation line between the State of Qi and the State of Lu. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. The Great Wall of Qi starts from Changqing and extends eastward to the seashore of Huangdao District, Qingdao City. It runs through 18 counties and cities (districts) and through 1518 peaks. Its total length is 1237.8 miles. It is historically known as the Great Wall of Qianli. The Great Wall of Qi Dynasty is more than 400 years earlier than the Great Wall of Qin Dynasty. It can be called "the father of the Great Wall of China".

No wood house

The high-end residential brand built by JiuRushan is located in the national AAAA scenic spot, the National Forest Park - JiuRushan Falls Scenic Spot, with an elevation of more than 500 meters. A hundred meters away is one of the eight new scenic spots in Quancheng, "JiuRuyi Falls". Buermuju officially opened to the public in October 2016. It has a unique style of solid wood in residential accommodation. In December 2017, Buermuju was rated as a five-star boutique residential house.

Mobai Theme Residence

In August 2017, the country's first Mobai theme residential accommodation officially settled in Jiushan. The cooperation between Jiulushan and Mobai bicycles is a new attempt of cross-border cooperation and another innovative form of cooperation between scenic spots and shared bicycles. Mobai theme boarding house has released two rooms in advance, both of which are located in the high-end wooden house of Jiulushan.

The completion of the first mobiker theme residence in China indicates that nearly ten million mobikers have a mobiker theme residence. From now on, Mobiker will be given a special gift package (until the gift is finished) and can enjoy the super-value concessions.

Featured activities

Lifetime free ticket for a tour of the park

Since August 2014, Jiulushan Scenic Spot has creatively put forward the activity of "a lifetime ticket-free tour of the park". All visitors who buy tickets to Jiulushan Scenic Spot can share the photos of the ecological landscape or the content of this activity according to the requirements. They can become the owners of Jiulushan Lifelong Honorary Park and receive the "Lifelong Honorary Garden Owner" card, and enjoy the privilege of lifelong ticket-free tour. (National statutory holidays such as Qingming, Labor, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other national holidays are prohibited from using the privileges of garden owners during the period of closure).

Little White Shoes Music Camping Festival

From August 12 to September 9, 2017, every Saturday night, Jiulushan successfully held five small white shoes music camping festivals. Runhua Automobile Jiulushan Small White Shoe Music Camping Festival is a collection of popular fashion elements, and also a part of the 5th Jinan Spring Festival.

Music is the strongest language. The Little White Shoes Music Camping Festival invites Jinan Sanbao Band, Ideal Holiday Band, Gear Band and so on, each band, each song, gathered into a sound audio-visual feast.

Brand merchants'full participation is also an important pillar of the success of the Little White Shoe Music Camping Festival. Runhua Automobile, Vanke V League, Sofitel Ginza Hotel in Jinan, Cat's Eye Film and many other brands have brought prizes worth hundreds of thousands of yuan to the audience.

The whole nation is about nine years old.

On September 8, 2016, on the ninth anniversary of the formal opening of the Jiulushan Falls Scenic Area, a grand garden celebration was held in Jiulushan. Tens of thousands of tourists witnessed the carnival!

Jinan TV's male god anchor group, Prince, Enlightenment and Liu Zhe, joined hands with Vigorous Girls "Orange Girls Team" to give a vigorous song and dance. Hey turn the show over. Taishan original beer is exciting, bikini model is hot and hot, foreign male muscles are strong, wet body temptation appears under the beer!

Jiuru Goat Festival

Go with you to pick the brightest stars in the world and accompany you to the nearest creative market. Converge Jinan's most tonal merchants, "young, will not be on!" This is the first Jiuru Goat Festival!

Red Maple Festival in Jiushan

When the red maple falls in love with the waterfall, the spring is soaking with the red maple, the second red maple festival of JiuRushan is coming! From October 10, 2017 to November 20, 2017, the original price of a double ticket of 240 yuan was only 180 yuan for cash purchase, with a reduction of 60 yuan. Both of them can apply for the park master card with their ID cards, and enjoy a lifetime ticket-free tour of JiuRushan!

JiuRushan Rose Festival

May 6, 2017 - May 26, the first "Rose Festival" in Jiulushan is a romantic attack. During the activity, Jiu Rushan made elaborate decorations around the theme of roses in the garden to create a world of roses. This "Rose Festival" uses a new method of play, combining more than 20 specialty shops in the scenic area, launching the Rose Festival delicious map, visitors can get a free ticket, enjoy all kinds of surprise concessions with vouchers! uuuuuuuuuuu At the same time, Jiulushan also presents rosette wreaths free of charge to individual visitors, so that visitors can further feel the romantic and warm festival atmosphere of Rose Festival.

Practical information

Ticket Price

Adults: 120 yuan per person

Children with age certificate, student certificate, officer certificate, soldier certificate and height above 1.4 meters: 80 yuan per person

Children with disability certificate and height of 1.2m-1.4m: 40 yuan per person

Children under 1.2 meters in height, military disability certificate, journalist certificate at or above the municipal level and senior citizen certificate above 70 years old: ticket-free

Traffic information

Self driving route

First: Self-driving routes from other places:

(1) Ji-Qing Expressway South Line and Ji-Lai Expressway: From the exit of Jinan Port Valley, go straight along Gang-Jiu Road to Jiuqu, turn left and go eastward to 327 Provincial Road to Xiying Town, and eastward to Jiu-Rushan.

(2) Beijing-Fujian Expressway, Jihe Expressway and Jiliao Expressway: from the south entrance of Jinan Circumcity Expressway, go straight along 103 National Highway to Zhonggong Bridge, turn left and go straight along 327 Provincial Highway to Jiulushan.

2. Self-driving routes in urban areas

(1) Line 1: Heroic Hill Road (southbound) Zhonggong Bridge (left turn) 327 Provincial Road (straight line) Xiying Town (eastbound) Jiurushan

(2) Route 2: Tourist Road (eastbound) Hong Kong Kowloon Road (left turn) 327 Provincial Road (straight line) Xiying Town (eastbound) Jiulushan

(3) Route 3: via Shidong Road (eastbound) Hong Kong West Interchange Hong Kong West Road (southbound) Xiying Town (eastbound) Jiulushan

bus line

One: Bus lines:

(1) 312 Road: Yanshan Overpass North Station takes 312 Bus to the terminal, every day (including weekends, holidays) to the scenic spot, get off immediately.

(2) Road 65: Take Bus No. 65 to Xiying Town, take Bus No. 312 and Bus No. 329 on East Second Ring Road, and go straight to Jiulushan.

(3) 326 Road: Yanshan Overpass North Station takes bus No. 326 to Xiying Town, takes a taxi or transfers bus No. 312 and No. 329 to Jiulushan.

Second: Bus Line Bus: You 709 Road

1. Location and time of departure:

(1) Jiefangqiaobei (Carrefour supermarket gate): bus stop

Departure time: 8:00

(2) Quancheng Square (100m northwest of Luyuan Street and Luwen intersection): Bus stop

Departure time: 8:15

(3) Provincial Sports Center (Shandong Electric Power Central Hospital 50 meters west north): [Provincial Sports Center] Bus Station

Departure time: 8:30

2. Place and time of return: 15:30 of JiuRushan Falls Group (same as the return site)