Jiulong Mountain Rural Tourism Scenic Area

Home Scenery 2018-12-22

Mianzhu Jiulongshan Rural Tourism Scenic Area is located in the northwest of Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province. It is a characteristic rural tourism area which integrates agricultural sightseeing, popular science education, fitness and entertainment, religious tourism, leisure and vacation functions.

Introduction of scenic spots

Jiulongshan rural tourism scenic spot is about 46 kilometers away from Deyang city. Chengmian Expressway to Deyang Mao Expressway to Mianzhu, there are buses in the urban area.

Maolin is like the sea, flowers and fruits are fragrant, the four seasons are distinct, the rainfall is abundant, the species of animals and plants are rich and diverse, the ecological environment is good, Chengdu Plain and Longmen Mountains are integrated naturally, and the human and natural landscape are intertwined. The main scenic spots are ecological tea garden, Yuanyang Lake, Lotus Lake, Woniuhu Lake, Sanxi Temple, auspicious temple, Yanxianguan, Yunwu Temple, New Year Picture Corridor, etc. Every year from March to April, August to September, Mianzhu Pear Flower Festival and Fruit Festival are held in Sichuan. The tourist areas enjoy flowers in spring, cool in summer, autumn fruits and winter scenery.


Qingquan Village, Jiulong Town, Mianzhu City, Deyang, Sichuan Province