Jiuhuangshan Ape King Cave Scenic Area

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Jiuhuangshan Ape King Cave Scenic Area, located in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County of Mianyang, Sichuan Province, is the largest karst cave in southwest China and a famous tourist cave in Western China. The Ape King Cave Scenic Area is composed of karst caves in high mountains, golden trestle Road on the cliff, tea pavilion in dangerous mountains, primitive forest and ancient Qiang cultural resorts. The famous Ape King Cave is a rare group of Alpine caves in southwest China. There are 23 caves with different characteristics in the area of 4 square kilometers around the Ape King Cave. They are Yanyun Cave, Ganlong Cave and Silver Carp Cave. There are hundreds of magical landscapes with different styles in Ape King Cave, such as "beaded jade", "pearl white jade pagoda", "beautiful stone forest", "Yao Chi Dongtian", "cliff stone Qin". The landscapes are also real and fantastic. They are called the beautiful scenery of Huanglong in the dreamlike palace cave by tourists. The Ape King Cave has become a scenic spot integrating scientific research, ancient science, sightseeing, summer resort, conference, mountainside sport tourism and Qiang style tourism.

geographical environment

In the scenic area of tens of square kilometers, there are 23 unique alpine caves, which are rare in the world. Ape King Cave is one of them. Located on a high mountain of 1250 meters above sea level, the cave has a unique landscape that integrates wonder, beauty and danger. The second and third platforms in the scenic spot have complex terrain, diverse climate and pleasant scenery. Here are lush trees, twining vines, growing a variety of rare tree species and living a variety of rare animals. In Qiangzhai Style Garden Villa Area, you can also see the magnificent temple of heaven, the first towering Xiqiang Block, exciting animal performances and so on. Because of the high concentration of negative oxygen ions, in this natural oxygen bar, you can breathe fresh and clean air and exhaust your body and mind.

Xiqiang Jiuhuangshan Ape King Cave Scenic Area is located in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. It is 170 kilometers south of Chengdu and 230 kilometers north of Jiuzhai. The Chengdu-Jiuzhai tourist ring passes through the gate of the scenic spot. It is a gateway to Jiuzhai with convenient transportation. The scenic spot has the Xiqiang International Hotel of Ape King Cave, Ape King Cave Dangerous Mountain Hotel, Songshan Villa Resort, the only Qiang Villa group with original Qiang ethnic characteristics in the country, covering an area of more than 1.8 million square meters of hunting grounds, China's largest two-level jumping high-altitude slideway, the Jiuhuangshan tourist ropeway of more than 1,000 meters long and the hunting ground tourist ropeway of more than 3,000 meters long. Natural mineral hot spring health center and other tourism facilities and equipment .

The geographic coordinates of Xiqiang Jiuhuangshan Ape King Cave Scenic Area are 104 degrees 43', 31 degrees 89', and 2095 meters above sea level, which is the largest karst cave in the southwest of China and a famous tourist cave in the west of China. The scenic spot covers an area of 30 square kilometers and belongs to the provincial scenic spot and the provincial key cultural relics protection unit .

Main attractions

High mountain karst cave

Most of the karst caves in the scenic area are typical Alpine caves developed in Devonian thick limestone. There are 23 karst caves with different characteristics in less than 5 square kilometers, which are rare in China and even in the world. For example, the Yanyun Cave is deep and extensive, with abundant fossils; the silver carp cave is connected with underground river, and has two outlets, water and land; the waterfalls and shafts in the cave of Linfeng Cave have their own characteristics, giving people a strange, dangerous and quiet aesthetic enjoyment. The Ape King Cave, which has been developed, is hanging on the absolute wall of hundreds of meters, facing mountains and deep canyons. It has a magnificent momentum. It has a world-wide rare calcified multicoloured pool, known as "Underground Yellow Dragon". Among the caves that have been developed for tourism at home and abroad, few have their own right and irreplaceable ornamental value.

Lover Bridge

According to folklore, a long time ago, there lived a group of ape monkeys in Ape King Cave. Ape King led them to forage wild fruits and resist wild animals. At night, they rested in the cave and lived a comfortable life. Legend has it that Fairies in the sky also admire the beautiful scenery here and often play here. The ape king loved fairies, climbed vines, swam across the deep stream, and waited for them. Later, the ape king and the fairy finally became lovers and formed a lasting union. The pure love between the ape king and the fairy finally touched the Jade Emperor, and turned the ape king into a fairy, so that he and the fairy could live in heaven forever. Later, people built the Feixian Pavilion in the place where the ape king went to heaven. In order to commemorate the love between the ape king and the fairy, it was also called the Phoenix Pavilion. In the place where the ape King climbed the rattan, a "lover bridge" was built. Some poems praised that "the ancient rattan cares about the jade lady obliquely, the flying stream crosses the Xuanape crossing the cross hook".

Qiangshan Cloud Sea, Sunrise

Climate resources are magical. Sunrise and cloud sea are one of the dominant elements of climate resources in Ape King Cave of Huangshan Mountain in Xiqiang. Because of the mountainous area, the climatic stereoscopic difference is great, especially the diurnal climate change, so in summer, in the Yunbaoding area, sometimes the sun is shining, sometimes the clouds are covered by mist, just now the blue sky is gloomy, blink of an eye and dark clouds are pressing on the top, instantaneous rotation, dynamic rhythm is distinct.

Devonian Geological Profile

The characteristics of tourism resources in Xiqiang-Jiuhuangshan ape-wangdong mountain canyon are generally reflected as peculiar, beautiful, male, dangerous and unique. The standard geological profile of the Devonian system in Longmen Mountain, China, which reflects the changes of the earth in 350-400 million years, is located in the 12 kilometer Canyon range from Shawozi to Guixi countryside entrance. Here we can see the sediments of the earth for 300 million years. The Devonian section here is complete, no missing, thick and rich in fossils. It is called the rare geological museum by geologists in the world. It is the historical witness of the shallow sea rising to land, and through the joint shaping of internal and external pressures, it has formed the present morphology. Its landscape resources include gentle and multi-level slopes on the west side of Ape King Cave, rigid cliffs on the East side, top of three-level platforms, magnificent cliffs up to more than ten kilometers, and better-shaped stalagmites, aerodynamic stones and mushroom stones.

Recreation & Entertainment


Western Qiang evening party

Qiangzhai Blockhouse-style architecture brings you back to the ancient land of Xiqiang. When you stand outside the performing hall, you can feel the hunting and nomadic life of "shooting for things", "belonging to impermanence, following the water and grass". In the hall, the magnificent and simple Qiang people's style, like the ancient echoes of sheepskin drums, sounded faintly in the ear, wearing animal skirts, aprons, white stones and sticks, the ancient Qiang people, walking on sheepskin drum points are coming to you! A "Xiqiang amorous feelings" literary and artistic evening party, let you in the soft night sigh the primitive Qiang national amorous feelings of grandeur and primitiveness! uuuuuuuuuuu It shows Qiang culture and folk customs in the form of Qiang singing and dancing, playing musical instruments and interactive games with tourists. In the "Xiqiang First Castle Performing Arts Center", tourists gather around the burning bonfire, dance the Qiang's "Sharon" and roast the whole sheep to integrate into the Qiang family's life with the unique music rhythm of the Qiang people. Each program lasts about 2 hours.

High altitude slide

Skiway: Originated in Europe and the United States, known as "Dryland sledge", is the most popular new type of sports entertainment in the world in recent years. It is driven by tourists themselves, easy to operate, free to control speed, fast, safe and free to slide on the track, bringing you a thrilling and exciting life. Dangerous mountain slideway is designed with a total length of more than 1500 meters according to the features of steep terrain and strange danger in the scenic area. It is like Panlong, and is considered magnificent according to the situation of the mountain. Experts have confirmed that the facility meets the national standard and operates safely and reliably. It's a beautiful and eye-catching scenic spot. It's also a vehicle for walking. Playing a thrilling, high-speed and exciting slide will make you more energetic and energetic. Let's experience the fast rhythm of life!! uuuuuuuuuuuuu


The Yunbaoding Grass Skiing (Snow) Field in the Ape King Cave Scenic Area of Jiuhuangshan is like a straw mat floating in the sky, with an elevation of 2840 meters. The total area of the grassland is about 20,000 square meters. The grass in spring and summer is green, the air is fresh, and the lawn in autumn is golden, showing warm feeling. The grass skiing in summer, skiing in winter, passionate flying and relaxing are returning to nature and experiencing excitement. The perfect place for love.

Tourism information

I. Self-driving routes

1. Chengdu-Jiuhuangshan Ape King Cave Self-driving Route

From Chengdu, through Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway, under Mianyang North Toll Station, through Jiangyou to Pingwu direction, to Jiuhuangshan Scenic Area, the whole journey is about 170 kilometers, about 2.5 hours, the road is in good condition.

2. Self-driving route from Chongqing to Jiuhuangshan Ape King Cave

Starting from Chongqing, through Suiyu Expressway, under Huima Expressway, through 205 Provincial Highway, Suining, Shehong, Santai, Mianyang, to Jiangyou to Pingwu direction, to Jiuhuangshan Scenic Spot, the whole journey is about 350 kilometers, which takes about 5 hours, and the road condition is very good.

3. Self-driving route from Xi'an to Jiuhuangshan Ape King Cave

Starting from Xi'an, along the West Han Expressway, passing through Hanzhong and Guangyuan, under Jiangyou North Toll Station, the expressway passes through Jiangyou to Pingwu and reaches Jiuhuangshan Scenic Spot. The whole journey is about 600 kilometers, which takes about 7.5 hours. The road condition is very good. (About 5 hours in Hanzhong and 2.5 hours in Guangyuan) Line 4: From Jiuzhaigou to Jiuzhaigou County, take 205 Provincial Highway, through Pingwu County, to Jiuhuangshan Scenic Spot, the whole journey is about 240 kilometers, which takes about 5 hours.

2. Urban Traffic Routes

Mianyang Airport South Suburb Airport 75 take a taxi to Pingzheng Bus Station, then take a bus to Pingwu, get off at the ticket office under the scenic spot. Mianyang Railway Station Railway Station 70 takes a taxi or bus No. 60 across the railway station to Pingzheng Bus Station, then takes a bus to Pingwu and gets off at the ticket office under the scenic spot. Pingzheng Bus Station 68 takes a bus to Pingwu and gets off at the ticket office under the scenic spot. Jiangyou Bus Station takes a bus to Beichuan and Pingwu and gets off at the ticket office under the scenic spot.