Jinxiangshan Paradise

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Jinxiangshan Paradise

Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Spot in Jinan, Shandong Province, is located in the southern mountainous area of Jinan. It is endowed with unique topography, landform and rich forest resources, forming a unique microclimate of mountain forest. Looking at it, it is full of green. The average temperature in summer is only about 25 degrees. The negative oxygen ion in the air per cubic meter is 150 times of that in the urban area. It is an excellent place for urban people to rest and rest. Jinxiangshan ski resort has been leading the provincial winter fashion sports. After five years of planning and construction, Jinxiangshan has developed into a large-scale comprehensive scenic spot integrating tourism and leisure, conference and vacation, outward training and winter skiing. Jinxiang Mountain Paradise is a unique happy base camp of the provincial capital with its unique geographic environment. Golden Elephant Mountain Paradise Project: Ice Sculpture Paradise, Happy Valley, Rainbow Valley, Xiaoyao Valley, Water Paradise, CS Field Base, etc. . There are Century UFO, Universe Flying Car, Crazy Track, Luxury Horse Turn, Tornado and other unique large-scale video game projects, as well as other participatory, interactive amusement projects totaling more than 200.

brief introduction

Jinxiang Mountain is located in Zhonggong Town in the southern mountainous area of Jinan. It is a national AAAA-level scenic spot with a total area of more than 4,000 mu, surrounded by mountains, beautiful mountains and waters, high clouds, vigorous and upright trees, and lush. Snow in winter, silver-clad; green trees in summer, cool and pleasant, can be called the province's only Canyon Scenic spot. The unique landform and abundant forest resources make the vegetation flourishing and the air fresh, forming a unique mountain forest microclimate. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air per cubic centimeter is 150 times that of the urban area. It is an excellent place for recuperation. Jinxiangshan is a comprehensive scenic and amusement area which integrates eating, living, entertainment, meeting and training. It is fashionable, mysterious, quiet, happy, dynamic and leisurely. Yellow hair hanging, happy and happy, to achieve the perfect leap from tourism to vacation.

Scenic Spot Type: Leisure Holiday

Ticket price: 120 yuan pass online booking discount

Scenic Area Address: Businessmen in Zhonggong Town, Southern Mountainous Area of Jinan City

Suitable for the crowd: family, individual, couple, company, friends, children, the elderly

Best time: spring, summer and autumn (winter is the opening time of Jinxiangshan ski resort)

Under the scenic spots: Ice Sculpture Paradise , Happy Valley, Water Paradise, Rainbow Valley, Xiaoyao Valley, Dinosaur Empire, CS Field Base, Running Bar Youth

As the only large-scale comprehensive recreational scenic spot built in the valley in the provincial capital, Jinxiangshan Paradise enjoys the reputation of "Disney in the Valley". Many theme parks in the park combine static and dynamic, so that visitors can not only feel the comfort of natural oxygen bar, but also feel the collision of carnival culture between China and the West. It realizes the perfect combination of ancient natural scenery and modern recreational facilities. It is a well-known theme park in China at present.

Golden Elephant Mountain Paradise is built according to the mountain, changing scenery step by step. All kinds of recreational facilities are scattered throughout the canyon, which is interesting and interesting. Happy Valley has introduced a unique large-scale electric project in the province, more than 200 kinds of recreational projects are perfectly integrated, wandering between the mountains and rivers, taking you to experience the passion and joy brought by the "Disney" style; Rainbow Valley is romantic and mysterious, Rainbow Bridge is fantastic and beautiful, full of exotic flavor of tropical rain forest; Happy Valley is elegant and quiet, with mountains and mist as the eastern fairyland, 5D cinema is splendid on the water; Paradise is full of interesting, quiet or moving, quiet or mysterious, which can lead you to find the naivety and happiness of childhood; CS field base is full of fierce "battle", aircraft, artillery, trench, machine gun. Challenge your wisdom, sharpen your will, and bring you different passions; each theme area brings endless wonderful experiences to the tourists! uuuuuuuuuuuu Each district has restaurants, roadside food and beverage outlets and souvenir shops with various characteristics.

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Golden Elephant Mountain Project: Ice Sculpture Paradise, Rainbow Valley, Happy Valley, Xiaoyao Valley, Water Paradise, Dinosaur Empire, CS Field Base, Running Bar, Youth, Skiing Ground, Development Training, Conference and Holiday Center.

Ice carving paradise

Ice is sleeping water, water is awakening ice, dazzling ice world makes you linger and forget to return, all kinds of ice sculptures make you full of eyesight! ...

Arctic Ice House is full of different styles. A vivid and crystal-clear exhibition of ice sculpture gives you great pleasure. Colorful ice sculpture, ice corridor, ice and snow arch, ice and snow bar, ice sculpture slide, etc. Let you live in a colorful fairy tale world.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley brings together more than 200 kinds of recreational facilities. It has strong project participation and interaction. It can develop intelligence, increase physical strength, improve communication ability and challenge consciousness. Cooperating with each other in the challenges has a significant effect on enhancing family feelings and team cohesion, and it has become a characteristic amusement project for parents and children, leaders and employees to interact.

The majestic mountains and green trees around us make people linger and forget to return. Century flying saucers, pirate boats and other large-scale electric amusement facilities make people laugh in the rapid rotation and movement. The flying saucer in the sky brings you the infinite scenery of ascending the telescope and the wonderful feeling of "feathering and ascending the immortal". The disco turntable gives you the irresistible passion. The violent turning and bumping make one after another "unstable person" be thrown into the center of the turntable, and you can only turn and roll with your head. The Captain of the pirate ship orders to pull out, and the hull starts swinging left and right, up and down. Just enjoy the dizziness and pleasure of riding the wind and breaking the waves. Only through personal experience can we feel it. There are countless joys and endless wonders here! uuuuuuuuuuuu

Rainbow Valley

Flower fragrance with a moist atmosphere permeated the air, sunlight through the sky's green vegetation scattered golden light, dew lazily from the green leaves of the bushes. Under the strong light and action, every new green side spits out moist oxygen, and the defamatory drizzle in the sky forms a rainbow in the sunshine. Passing through the jungle, the splashing waterfalls and mossy stones made a pleasant crash sound. Several birds flew through the jungle, and the pavilions not far away were visible. Hold a small umbrella to appreciate the leisure and romance of walking in the tropical rain forest, the breeze and rain are deep in love, and greedily surround you, so that you can have a cool touch. Or throw aside the shade and let the clear flow of Taoism rush through your chest, through the heavy rain curtain, and suddenly look back, the dreamlike rainbow across the sky.

Carefree Valley

Following the path, the wind gusts, bamboo leaves and Taotao waves, occasionally bird chirping, cicada whispering, and the sound of the voice of heaven entering the ear, this quiet place is Xiaoyao Valley. The distant fragrance of tea comes with the wind, only the quiet fragrance of tea house is dazzling and the wind is lingering. Place yourself in the teahouse, empty yourself, enjoy scenic tea, enjoy the beautiful scenery, the breeze blowing, the bamboo forest rustle sound; at the beginning of the day, the whole valley was caged on a layer of misty. Smell the delicate fragrance of bamboo tea, be entangled by the breeze, listen to, there are melodious Guqin sound in the distance... It's so quiet and so quiet that it's not clear for a moment whether you're in a dream or somewhere else. Feel elegant and chic, let quiet full of soul; just feel carefree, floating fairy, let people not worry about.

5D cinema dynamic stimulation of the film screen will also bring you unlimited surprise, unlimited joy, so Degu, what do you want?!

Water Park

Under the long green hills and in the clear water of Wang Wang Wang, the water of a clear lake is quiet and peaceful, and the wind and waves are calm and peaceful. Driving a boat across the lake, the breeze came with water vapor, refreshing, the lake surface ripple layer upon layer, to release the quiet elegance and beauty of the years. Interesting water park boats ripple, adults and children play in the water, water challengers from time to time "narrow road encounter", bumped into a burst of laughter, circles ripple reflected a happy face... Additionally, 21 novel ways of crossing bridges are interesting: swing bridges swinging from left to right, steel wire bridges swinging from left to right... Exercise your courage and challenge your wisdom! Of course, there will not be "a mistake for thousands of years" cups and utensils, because there is a soft but solid net pocket to give you the most intimate and intimate protection! Sometimes climbing, sometimes taxiing, water sports can let a family together, hand in hand, more interesting!

CS Field Base

CS field base originated in the United States and Europe, rapidly swept the world! With explosive bags and machine guns in hand, you are well prepared for battle; with fortresses, trenches, airplanes and artillery everywhere, you can give full play to your fighting ability. Shooting, concealment and charging are the paradise of the brave; wit, agility and circuity are the world of the wise.

The charge horn has sounded, and we should quickly go to the battlefield and conceal ourselves. Shoot -- "Bang"! Hit the target - "Boom!" The fierce "war" makes you show the style of "general" and feel the spirit of "fighting".

No smoke battlefield, unparalleled experience, to CS field base, to be a real fighter!


There are highly simulated primitive tropical forests, simple and rough Tyrannosaurus rex, giant and graceful long-necked dragon, smart and sensitive Raptor a dinosaur boom rolling in! All of these will increase your adrenaline level, make your hair bristle, make you feel tachycardia while shouting addiction! ...

Machine, fantastic and dazzling video game city let you experience infinite wonderful! ...

Run, youth

Have you ever watched Running, Brothers? Are you attracted by the intense game links and the funny performances of the members? Do you feel excited to try every time you finish watching the program? ...

Traffic information

1. Driving 8 km left of Zhonggong Bridge in the city. Driving tourists from other places turn from major highways to Jinan Circumferential Highway south of Jinan and travel southward along 103 Provincial Highway.

At the south end of the Zhonggong Bridge, merchants will arrive 8 kilometers eastward (along the S327 Provincial Highway).

Bus No. 65 to Shangjiacun to get off and go directly to Jinxiangshan Paradise

Jinxiangshan Paradise, Jinan: Shangjia Village, Zhonggong Town, Jinan City

Jinxiangshan Paradise Driving Route in Jinan:

1. Driving from Shang103 Provincial Highway to Jingong Villa 8 km east (327 Provincial Highway) to Jinxiangshan Paradise.

Route: Jinan-Qinghai Expressway turns to Jinan Circle Expressway to Jinan South Exit, along S103 Provincial Highway to Jingong Villa 8 km east (S327 Provincial Highway) to Jinxiangshan Paradise.

Tourism characteristics


There are delicious snack towns and restaurants in the garden, which provide seasonal fresh wild vegetables, potato curd brewed by spring water, and delicious meat game: hares, scorpions, farm-raised Tujia chickens... No pollution, no pollution, green health, giving a quiet rustic atmosphere. The dining hall can accommodate 400 people at the same time, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of the delicious meal.

Leisure, lodging and leisure

Jinxiangshan Scenic Area has two quasi-Samsung standard business clubs, elegantly decorated, comfortable, telephone, cable television, hot water and other facilities are fully equipped, suites, standard rooms, three-bedroom, multi-bedroom fully meet the different needs of tourists. Accommodation environment is elegant, warm and quiet, so that you can stay at home.

Happy Shopping

There are all kinds of merchandise stores in the park, including clothes, snacks, drinks, backpacks, various hats, souvenirs of scenic mascots and so on. Among them, Jin Zi and Xiangxiang, the mascots of Jin Xiangshan, are exclusive products independently developed by Jin Xiangshan. Fans who like to collect them should not miss them.