Jinshuitai Hot Spring Scenic Area

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Jinshuitai Hot Spring Scenic Area

Jinshuitai Hot Spring is a hot spring resort built according to the national AAAA scenic standard. It is located in Shuitai Town, Xinxing County, Guangdong Province, which borders Heshan, Kaiping and Gaoming. Shuanghe First-Class Highway is directly connected to the exit of Fokai Expressway through the resort. It is only 120 kilometers away from Guangzhou. The transportation is very convenient. The famous scenic resort nearby has the reputation of Guoen Temple and World Cultural Heritage as the holy area of Lingnan First Zen Sect. Kaiping Diaolou, Liyuan, Tenglongxia drifting and so on, the location advantage is very obvious.

supporting facilities

There are Yaotai in the heavenly fairyland and Jinshuitai in the Fudi of Zen Buddhism. Jinshuitai Hot Spring is located at the intersection of Xinxing County, Kaiping City, Gaoming City, Heshan City and Yunfu City. Jinshuitai Hot Spring has beautiful environment and perfect recreational facilities. It also has a high-level dance hall, health center, football court, basketball court, tennis court, outdoor development training base and so on. Among them, Jinshuixuan Chinese Restaurant has more than 700 dining places, featuring farm delicacies, delicate snacks, secret prescription medicinal meals, won the "Ten Gold Medal Vegetables" of Yunfu City in 2007 - Secret Goose, won the "Ten Gold Medal Points" of Yunfu City in 2007 - taro pastry, almond juice balls, so that you can eat endlessly and enjoy endless aftertaste. When you go to Jinshuitai Hot Spring for recreation, vacation, health preservation and conference, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains here, but also wash your heart and lungs with natural negative ions and listen to birds singing. The taste of it must be obtained from your experience.

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There are 26 hot spring pools with different characteristics.

(1) Spa pool: the water temperature is 39-41 degrees Celsius. There are many massage equipments in the pool, which can promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

(2) Bubble pool: the water temperature is 42-44 degrees Celsius. There are many nozzles in the pool, which can produce numerous bubbles.

(3) Slide pool: the water temperature is 35-37 degrees Celsius, with three different types of slides, which can not only find stimulation, but also bathe in hot springs. The water depth is 1.2 meters.

(4) Surfing pool: the water temperature is 34-36 degrees, large-scale hot spring surfing, pool bottom construction is unique, there are natural pebbles built, enjoy surfing and can also carry out foot massage. The water depth is 0.8-1.4 meters.

(5) Waterfall Pool: The water temperature is 42-44 degrees Celsius, which is unique in construction and has the characteristics of "water curtain cave". There are also cold and hot waterfalls in the pool, so that you can enjoy the fun of "ice and fire", the impact of natural hot spring waterfalls, and achieve the effect of relaxing tendons and activating collaterals.

(6) Massage pool: the water temperature is 39-41 degrees Celsius, natural hot springs plus artificial massage bed, have massage effect, lie in it quietly, enjoy unique hot spring massage, achieve the effect of relieving pressure.

(7) High temperature pool: It is the highest temperature pool in the hot spring area, with a temperature of 44-46 C, featuring vase-type automatic fountain in the pool.

(8) The water temperature of the foot pool is 41-43 C, which is characterized by hydraulic foot-pressing and promotes blood circulation in the foot.

(9) Bar pool: There is a small bar in the pool, which can drink and sing.

(10) Swimming pool: the water temperature is 35-37 degrees, the water depth is 1.5 meters, the standard hot spring swimming pool, both sides of the pool are equipped with basketball racks.

(11) Fish Therapy Pool: Let the fish absorb your skin poisoning and bacteria, so that the skin can better absorb a variety of minerals in hot spring water, to achieve beauty, beauty, human metabolism.

(12) Children's pool: the water temperature is 38-40 degrees Celsius. There are many recreational facilities in the pool. Pool area has a unique flavor of the food street as if you were sitting on a beautiful island to eat, relaxing and pleasant, the main business: porridge, flour, noodles, snacks; signature snacks: golden pork feet powder, new Xiantang pills six ancestors turtle Ling ointment. There are drinks and beer in the bar pool, fish therapy in the open air, and various health massages in the health center. Guests can use the key card of the dressing room for consumption, and cash can be used in special cases.

Hot spring water quality

Jinshuitai Hot Spring is famous for its three types of pure natural underground hot springs coexisting in one area. It has been tested by Guangdong Provincial Authoritative Inspection Department. It is a rare silicate hot spring in China and a high-quality radon hot spring and hydrogen sulfide hot spring that meet the national naming standards. It is a three-material hot spring.

Jinshuitai Hot Spring is rich in 27 kinds of trace elements and minerals needed by human body. Its water quality is crystal and clear. It has a light odor of "rotten eggs". The water temperature is as high as 72 C. The spring contains more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as silicic acid, fluorine, radon, sulfur, potassium and calcium, which meet the national standards and safety factors. It has great medical and health value. It has good medical effects on obesity, motor system, nervous system, early mild cardiovascular diseases, gout, skin diseases, etc. Among them, hot spring water contains NaHCO 3, H2S iO 3 and H2S, which can remove grease and dirt, soften skin, make skin bright and lubricated. Frequently soaking in hot springs of Jinshuitai has more remarkable effect on beauty and skin.

Catering facilities

Jinshuitai Hot Spring has more than 700 dining places, managed by famous chefs, gathering a variety of dishes, rich and delicious. It is the preferred place for travelers to enjoy all the world's delicacies and chat about wine without leaving home. The Chinese restaurant designed according to the traditional palace culture is magnificent and elegant. China's five thousand years of culinary culture is the same as enjoying delicious food. European-style design, full of romantic Western restaurants, elegant and comfortable environment, provide visitors with a variety of unique Western cuisine, fragrant coffee, delicate desserts, full of exotic flavor, there is another option for passengers to relax and enjoy leisure.

The elegant and quiet "Jinshuixuan" Chinese restaurant has unique rural snacks and so on. The restaurant has 13 luxury private rooms, which can accommodate about 150 people. Hall 1 can accommodate 270 people and Hall 2 can accommodate about 80 people. Hall 3 can accommodate about 200 people.

Winning the Top Ten Gold Medal Vegetables of Yunfu City in 2007-Secret Goose

Winning the Top Ten Gold Medal Points of Yunfu City in 2007: Taro Velvet Crisp, Almond Juice Ball and Flower Dumpling

Jinshuitai International Conference Center

The International Conference Center is composed of 7 conference rooms with different specifications, and can receive 20-500 people from various conference groups at the same time. It has advanced audio-visual facilities such as multimedia projection and audio. It can undertake all kinds of large-scale conferences at home and abroad. Our more experienced service personnel can provide you with first-class and efficient services.

Tourism information

Guangzhou to Xinxing Jinshuitai Hot Spring Driving Route

A Go to Guangfo, Fokai, under Shatang intersection of Kaiyang Expressway, to Shuitai Town (this line is in good condition). B Go to Guangfo, Jiujiang Estuary of Fokai Expressway, down to Gaoming, turn to Xinxing.

(This line is near)

Xinxing Jinshuitai Hot Spring Bus Route

1. Guangzhou to Jinshuitai Hot Spring Bus Route: Guangzhou Tianhe Passenger Station - Xinxing Zhenche General Station (about 3 hours) - Zhedong Water Special Line Bus - Shuitai Town (about 40 minutes). 2. Shenzhen to Jinshuitai Hot Spring Bus Route: Longgang (Luohu) - Jinshuitai Hot Spring Gate (about 4 hours)

3. Bus route from Foshan to Jinshuitai Hot Spring: Foshan Hongyunfan Station (Guicheng Fengfan Station) - Xinxing Fen Station - Zhedong Water Special Line Bus - Shuitai Town (about 40 minutes)

4. Zhaoqing to Jinshuitai Hot Spring Train Route: Zhaoqing Fenche General Station - Xinxing Fenche Station - Zhedong Water Special Line Train - Shuitai Town (about 40 minutes)

Foshan - Gaoming Avenue - Green Hall - Hehe Avenue - Zhencun - Kaiquan Direction (Provincial Highway S274) - Shuanghe Highway - Jinshuitai (Foshan-based vehicles do not need any road and bridge fees)

Self driving line

1) Liuzhou/Wuzhou/G80/Guangwu Expressway-Slao/Antang exit-turn left into G324-S276-S113-S274-X463/Shuanghe Highway can reach Jinshuitai Hot Spring;

2) Shenzhen/Dongguan-Humen Bridge-Zhongshan-Zhongjiang Expressway-Jiangmen-Jianghe Expressway-Gonghe Exit-Shuanghe Highway-Jinshuitai Hot Spring;

3) Guangzhou/Foshan-Fokai Expressway-Jiujiang-Heshan-Gonghe Exit-Shuanghe Highway-Jinshuitai Hot Spring;

4) Zhuhai/Jiangmen-Jiangzhu Expressway-Jiangmen-Jianghe Expressway-Gonghe Exit-Shuanghe Highway-Jinshuitai Hot Spring;

5) Yangjiang/Yangchun-Kaiyang Expressway-Shadai Exit-S274-Shuanghe Highway-Jinshuitai Hot Spring;

6) Zhaoqing-S273-Xijiang Bridge-Gaoyao City-Baitu-Genglou-Shuanghe Road-Jinshuitai Hot Spring

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