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Jinshan City Beach is located in Jinshan District of Shanghai, located in the southwest of Shanghai and the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is adjacent to Pinghu and Jiashan City in Zhejiang Province in the west, Fengxian District in the east, Hangzhou Bay in the south, Qingpu District and Songjiang District in the north.

"Urban beach" is the most important part of coastline development and construction. It is the most Shanghai-style urban coastal landscape in the Yangtze River Delta. The enclosure area is 1.5 square kilometers. Jinshan City Beach is a national 4A class tourist attraction, and also the first coastal 4A scenic spot in Shanghai.


Jinshan City Beach is located on the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay and the southern end of Jinshan District. It is about 2 kilometers long. It extends slowly from northeast to southwest. It is named for its close proximity to the urban area. The total length of the City Beach is 3529 meters, and the enclosure area of Baotan Dam is 1.5 square kilometers. The high-water hidden dike is adopted to isolate the turbidity of the East China Sea and create a clear blue sea water. The Jinshan City Beach is a city landscape coastline with seascape, sea interest, sea music and sea charm, and is also a beautiful scenery line full of romance, fantasy and reverie. The waters of Jinshan urban beach are treated by physical precipitation, biodegradation, artificial wave-making and natural circulation, supplemented by land rainwater collection system and water animal and plant chains. The beach is scientifically reformed and the urban landscape coastline of Jinsha green water is created.

Jinshan City Beach is located at the petrochemical seashore where Jinshan City is located. It is 72 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai and only 40 kilometers away from Hongqiao and Pudong Airport. There are Xinfengjin (A4) Highway, which connects the inner and outer ring lines of the urban area; Tongsan (A30) Highway, which connects Shanghai-Hangzhou (A8) Highway and Shanghai-Qingping (A9) Highway; Tingfeng (A7) Highway. Hejiajin (A5) Highway, a half-hour traffic circle in Shanghai, will greatly shorten the operation time with the urban area and other sister provinces and cities, and promote the economic development of the region after the completion of the cross-sea bridge between Shanghai and Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province.

Major Tour Events

Jinshan City Beach is composed of beach protection project, artificial beach, coastal landscape corridor, coastal commercial street, beach volleyball stadium, marine motorcycle, marine swimming pool, water walking ball, water bicycle, sightseeing bottle car, marine yacht, skyscraper, hydrophilic platform, vertical landing, sea fishing, ferris, rocking ball, beach playground, sailing boat, sailboard and other water recreation projects. Form. Artificially laid 20,000 square meters of golden beach and sea water are interesting, barefoot walking on it, foot bottom sand rubbing, foot surface light waves caressing, it is delightful; under the sun umbrella, the calendar tea, comfortable narrative, look at the vast sea sky, listen to the singing of the waves, make people happy; the international first-class Beach Volleyball Hall has successfully held the world beach volleyball tournament and the first-class Beach Volleyball Hall for three consecutive years. A National Beach Football Championship; ELITE World Elite Model Competition, Wind and Summer Music Season, Happy Weekend Parade and other large-scale literary and artistic activities, make the vibrant golden beach more colorful; 1 600 meters of coastal landscape corridor, winding long, exquisite penetrating the atmosphere, attracted countless visitors to slow down the happy pace; Bibo-crowded Jinshan three islands, with its beautiful legends, beautiful weekends and beautiful atmosphere. Unique resources add endless charm to the Jinshan coastline; modern fashionable coastal leisure shopping street, a collection of dazzling featured goods and snacks, is a good place for people to shop and recreation.

Jinshan City Beach also has the world's only floating swimming pool, the floating swimming pool is the first natural diving point in Shanghai. Here you can experience the pleasure of swimming with a flock of small fish. The sea swimming pool is located in the waters opposite the city beach to the beach volleyball hall. It is a floating pool built by buoys in the middle of the sea. It is 50 meters long, 25 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. It is surrounded by water on all sides. The swimming pool is the world's newest concept of water entertainment project, where the water quality is clear. On one side of the pool are children's pools for children.

Artificially paved fine golden sand is interesting to the clear water. Nestling to the beach is the built landscape corridor. The top of the corridor is a white wavy ceiling. When the lights on both sides of the corridor turn on at night, the whole corridor is like a long rolling Pearl belt. The waves undulate, which is very beautiful. The sea breeze is coming. A series of grand events such as "World Beach Volleyball Competition" and "Wind Summer Music Season" have been held here. They have become the resounding business cards of Jinshan coastline.

Admission ticket

Preferential target:

1. Full-time school students

2. Old people aged 60-64 in this city and those aged 60-69 in other provinces and cities

3. Children 1.3-1.5 metres in height

Ticket-free object:

1. Chinese servicemen and disabled servicemen

2. disabled persons

3. Old people over 65 years old in this city and those over 70 years old in other provinces and cities

4. Children under 1.3 meters in height

Opening Hours


Traffic information

External traffic

Self-driving tour route

On Xinzhuang A4 (Xinfengjin Expressway), at the exit of "Tingwei Highway", turn left, take Tingwei Highway, Jinshan Avenue, then take New Town Road, Weizhong Road, turn east (big turn) to the Cultural Palace, turn south (small turn) to the traffic lights, which is the 3rd entrance of the city beach. Xincheng Road is the No. 4 entrance of the city beach, Dadi Road to the west is the No. 5 entrance, Fuchuan Road to the end of Jinshan Road and Jinshan Road 3 is the No. 2 entrance, the East has a large parking lot and a tourist service center is the No. 1 entrance.

Internal traffic

Bus route

Route 1: Shanghai Southwest Bus Station (next to Jinjiang Paradise Metro Station) Shimei Line Petrochemical Station (lasted about 60 minutes);

Route 2: Shanghai South Railway Station Petrochemical Bus Station on Shangshi Line (it takes about 90 minutes to get to the bus station, the fare is 10 yuan per person);

Route 3: Lotus Metro Bus Station (Lotus Metro Station Passage Tunnel or Southern Mall)Lotus Stone Special Line 70 minutes;

Route 4: Lotus Metro Bus Station (Lotus Metro Station Passage Tunnel or Southern Mall)Lianwei Special Line 90 minutes;

Route 5: Take Line 1 to Jinjiang Paradise Station and take Shimei Line or Weimei Line at the nearby Southwest Bus Station. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Jinshan Petrochemical Company. The fare is 9 yuan.

Route 6: Shanghai South Railway Station takes Jinshan Railway (Line 22 of the original track) to Jinshan Satellite Station (Jinshan Railway adopts CRH EMU train, and the whole journey is about 30 minutes. The fare is 10 yuan per person).