Jinjiang Amusement Park

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Jinjiang Amusement Park

Jinjiang Paradise is the first large-scale modern amusement park in Shanghai, China. It covers an area of 170 Mu and has 40 amusement projects. It is suitable for tourists of all ages. It receives about 1 million tourists every year.

In 1998, a total of more than 9 million yuan was invested to build two national original projects of "Happy World" and "Canyon Drifting", which greatly changed the appearance of Jinjiang Paradise and enhanced its attraction.

Paradise introduction

Jinjiang amusement park is a modern large-scale amusement park with 32 kinds of large-scale amusement facilities. Such as roller coasters, luxury flying in the air, double-decker trojans, Jinle New Trunk Line, Shanghai Big Turntable, etc. Located at No. 201 Hongmei Road, it is the first large-scale amusement park built by Shanghai after the reform and opening-up. It was built in early 1985 and belongs to Jinjiang International Group. The park has complete functions and pleasant environment. Jinjiang Paradise is divided into "land world" and "water world" two major parts, a total of 40 recreational projects, suitable for tourists of all ages to play, each year receives about 1 million visitors. Jinjiang Paradise classic recreational projects and pleasant park environment are favored by tourists. Such as the Huanyuan train (formerly known as Jinle New Trunk Line), double-decker Trojan Horse, Hurricane Chair, Monorail Bicycle, Collision Car, Roller Coaster, Wave Rolling, Ghost House, etc. Visitors can choose their favorite projects to participate in, in a thrilling atmosphere to get joy, exercise courage and wisdom.

"China's First Giant Ferris Wheel"

"Happy World" is a fairy tale world. Through modern technology such as sound, light and electricity, it shows well-known fairy tales at all times and in all over the world, and teaches them with joy.

"Canyon drifting" is the transplantation of natural canyon rapids, which can make tourists feel the excitement of drifting down in the rapids.

Jinjiang Paradise is located at No. 201 Hongmei Road in southwestern Shanghai. Shanghai Metro Line 1, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Yong Expressway Line and Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway Line directly reach the Paradise. In addition, more than 20 bus routes in the city are located around the park.

Jinjiang Paradise covers an area of 110,000 square meters, and now has more than 30 large and medium-sized recreational projects. Modern amusement projects amazingly integrate entertainment, interest, artistic shape and natural scenery, bringing leisure pleasure to tourists. Most of them are imported from abroad. In order to meet the growing demand for cultural entertainment and fitness of Chinese and foreign tourists, Jinjiang Paradise has continuously added new projects, successively introduced the leading large-scale entertainment projects at home and abroad, "Happy World", "Canyon Drifting", and improved the overhead sightseeing train "Jinle New Trunk Line". In May 2002, China's first 108-meter Ferris Wheel, the "Shanghai Big Turntable" project, was built. In May 2003, a large double-decker Trojan Horse project was built, which won the favor of Chinese and foreign tourists.

The supporting services of Jinjiang Paradise include: leisure room, restaurant, shopping mall, guest room, travel agency and tourist passenger transport services.

The park has successively introduced many large-scale amusement items such as international advanced and domestic first-class "motorcycle roller coaster", "Happy World", "Canyon Drifting", "Sounding Shuttle" (dismantled in 2013), "Shanghai Turntable", "Double-deck Trojan Horse", "Karst Cave Flying Vehicle" (built in 2005), "Motorchard High" (built in 2008), "4D Circle Cinema" and so on. Aim: The karst cave, the antique camera building, the volcanic theatre and the old station in Shanghai have been built successively. Classic recreation projects and pleasant park environment are favored by tourists. There are all kinds of supporting services such as catering and shopping in the park. The park has Jinlun Restaurant, Ledao Restaurant and other Chinese and Western restaurants, as well as milk tea house, coffee shop and other fresh delicatessen kiosks, cake shop, all provide fresh, hygienic delicious food and fast and convenient services. There are many theme stores in the park. They sell various thematic souvenirs, exquisite gifts, fashionable goods, amusement toys and various conveniences, so that you can have fun and bring joy and good memories home.

corporate culture

Since its opening, the park has been repeatedly rated as an advanced unit in the national amusement industry, a civilized unit at the municipal level in Shanghai, a civilized unit of the municipal garden unit, a civilized unit of the Municipal Tourism Committee and Jinjiang Group. The first batch of "Shanghai Advanced Unit of Credit Service" was awarded.

Jinjiang Paradise is the first large-scale professional amusement park founded in Shanghai after the reform and opening up, which was officially opened on February 1, 1985. The Park covers an area of 103,000 square meters. More than 30 recreational projects and more than 10 restaurants, tea rooms, cafes, gift houses, small supermarkets and retail stores are located among them. Paradise has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Rail Transit Line 1 goes directly, and more than 30 bus stops are located around the park to facilitate the gathering and distribution of tourists.

The Park mainly manages large and medium-sized participatory amusement projects. In order to meet the increasing demand of cultural entertainment and leisure for tourists from home and abroad, the park has successively introduced international advanced and domestic first-class "Happy World", "Canyon Drifting", "Sounding Shuttle", "Giant Ferris Wheel", "Super-large Double-decker Luxury Horse Turn", "Cave Flying", "Motorcycle Disco", "4D Circle Cinema" and other large-scale recreational projects. "Karst Cave", "Antique Camera Building", "Volcano Theatre" and other special landscapes. Classic recreation projects and pleasant park environment are favored by tourists. Every year, more and more millions of visitors come to the park. Up to now, more than 23 million visitors have been received from home and abroad.

In line with the vigorous development of the main business, the business of Paradise, automobile passenger transport and other business projects have also achieved good business performance. The development of supporting service industry has promoted the market competitiveness of the main industry, and has become an indispensable business project of Paradise.

Jinjiang Paradise has always advocated the construction of enterprise culture. Over the past 20 years, the park has been built with the service aim of "safety first, tourists first". It has always adhered to the quality policy of "higher vocational skills, let tourists rest assured; high-standard service, make tourists satisfied". It has taken ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system as a long-term management mechanism, through continuous improvement, to ensure the safe operation of enterprises. At the same time, the park people pay attention to the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, and take this as a driving force, constantly improve the management level and service quality. During this period, he has been successively or repeatedly awarded the honorary titles of "Advanced Unit of National Recreation Industry", "Shanghai Civilization Unit", "City Garden Unit" and "Civilization Unit of Municipal Tourism Committee" and "Advanced Unit of Shanghai Service Credit".

As the earliest modern paradise of games in Shanghai, its convenient transportation, beautiful environment and entertaining, thrilling and stimulating amusement projects are welcomed by tourists.

Spiritual civilization

"Quality Policy" - "Higher vocational skills, so that tourists can rest assured; High-standard service, so that customers are satisfied".

"Enterprise Spirit" - "Strive for first-class service to the world".

Service Purpose - "Safety First, Guest First".

Corporate honor

Honorary Book - "National Advanced Unit of Recreation Industry", "Shanghai Civilization Unit", "Shanghai Garden Unit", "Shanghai Tourism System Civilization Unit", "Jinjiang Group Civilization Unit", "Shanghai Credible Unit of Credible Service".

"Industry Certificate" - Member of International Amusement Association (IAAPA), Deputy Secretary-General of China Amusement Park Association, Director Unit of Shanghai Tourism Association Scenic Spots Branch, Member Unit of Shanghai Road and Road Transport Association, Member Unit of Shanghai Taxi Association and Director Unit of Shanghai Minhang District Tourism Association.

Classic amusement

Stimulating amusement articles

Summit 1

From the Netherlands, the two giant towers "giant suspended reciprocating roller coaster" allows you to experience the high excitement of overturning the river and overturning the sea. Extraordinary experience, marvelous.

Magic Windmill (New)

The magic windmill from Italy is a 360-degree graceful and wild dance at high altitude. It can roll, twist, turn and swing freely. It takes you to explore the colorful trajectory of life.

Motorbike Launch Coaster

From Italy, the kingdom of motorcycles in the world. It is the world's leading and the most popular project rarely seen in China. It takes only 2 seconds to launch from 0 KM to 68 KM per hour, which is comparable to the MOTO GP competition.

Happy World

Deluxe double-decker horse-changing

Riding on classical carriages and royal horses with different shapes and vivid images, they are fascinated, such as entering fairyland.

Train cinema

Watching movies in the carriage of "Antique Steam Engine Train" is a rare opportunity and enjoyment.

Practical information

Ticket information

Tickets, full ballots, notes

Except for six joint tickets of 100 yuan per sheet (Shanghai Grand Turntable, 4D Cinema, Volcano Cinema)

Two tickets 60 yuan per ticket

Tourist ticket: 10 yuan per ticket for elderly people over 70 years old and children under 1.3 meters in height


1. The above price is subject to the park announcement.

2. "Full ticket" target: children and adults over 1.3 meters;

3. The definition of "sightseeing ticket" is as follows: old people over 70 years old (who enter the park by ID card) and children under 1.3 meters in height;

Group Ticket Purchase:

All tickets with more than 20 tickets can apply for group ticket concessions. The application must include the following contents: date of travel; number of people; contact information, including fax number; stamped with the official seal of the unit, and no reply will be given without the official seal.

40 yuan plus two games (excluding cooperative projects)

Coupons: 10 yuan (limited to the elderly, disabled, children under 1.2 meters) excludes play items. Group purchase of 20 tickets, no need to queue up to buy tickets, and price concessions, valid on the same day, unified admission. (Group coupons must be booked by telephone at least one day in advance. No booking is accepted on that day. Please purchase the original ticket directly.

If the price is lower than 20 tickets, please go to the ticket window of Jinjiang Paradise to buy them directly. After entering the park, it is more expensive to buy only tickets for the project. It is suggested that more tickets can be purchased at one time to enter the park.


1. The voucher can choose some high-priced items to play first, which is helpful to improve the value of play.

2. This voucher does not include cooperative items. If you want to play cooperative items, please purchase tickets separately.

3. This voucher is a team project. Teams enter at the same time, not in batches.

4. Each person will issue a recreation ticket, including the corresponding recreation items.

5. If you need to continue to play, please buy tickets separately.

6. In case of weather and natural disasters, mechanical maintenance and maintenance of recreational projects, individual projects are suspended, please understand.

Motorized roller coaster RMB30 $30

Roller coaster 25 yuan RMB25

Peak No. 1 RMB40

Motorcycle Disco Moto Disco 20 yuan RMB20

Joy land 20 yuan RMB20

Luxury Air Dance Awesome Space Travelers 20 yuan RMB20

Canyon raft ride 20 yuan RMB20

Flume ride 20 yuan RMB20

Pirate ship RMB15 15 yuan

Spinning coaster 20 yuan RMB20

Global Airship Around the World 15 yuan RMB15

Karst cave coaster 20 yuan RMB20

Super swing RMB15 $15

Bumper car 10 yuan RMB10

Bumper boat 10 yuan RMB10

Royal scene raft RMB10

Bicycle monorail 30 yuan RMB30

Bumper car without net 10 yuan RMB10

Horror house 10 yuan RMB10

Hurricane chair swinger 10 yuan RMB10

Double Trojan Horse Layered Merry-go-around 10 yuan RMB10

Thunderbolt Rapid-firing gun 10 yuan RMB10

Wave roll RMB30 $30

Magic Windmill RMB25 $25

Shanghai Ferris wheel 30 yuan RMB30

ROK 4Dmoive 25 yuan RMB25

Volcano Theatre RMB40

Rome Holiday Theme Area

Kite Aircraft 15 Yuan Zambata 15 Yuan Jumping Star 10 Yuan Rotating Cup 10 Yuan Italian Off-road Vehicle

Opening Hours

Business hours of Jinjiang Paradise

Except for special weather conditions such as rain, snow and typhoon, Jinjiang Paradise is open 365 days a year, with business hours of 08:45-17:00 and 08:45-22:00 in summer. 5:00 p.m. in summer is equipment overhaul time

Best tourist season:

Summer is the best. The opening time in summer is prolonged, and abundant water recreation activities can be carried out.

Best season

April-October is the best, open for a long time, and there are many water recreational activities.

Play item

Summit 1

The giant suspended reciprocating roller coaster, named Peak I, is manufactured by Wickma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. in the Netherlands. There are only four sets in the world (three in the United States and one in Spain). The introduction is the fifth set produced by the company. The two giant towers are beautifully shaped. Most of the suspended roller coasters at home and abroad are not more than 40 meters in height, 80 kilometers per hour or so, and run in one direction. The advanced design concept and high-tech manufacturing technology raise the track height to 60 meters and the speed to 105 kilometers per hour. What's more amazing is that the facility also skillfully combines the "vertical fall" of the "sounding shuttle" with the "high-speed rollover" action of the "roller coaster", and completes on the track with a reciprocating journey of 734 meters. It allows tourists to enjoy the excitement of the overturning of the river and the sea by the suspended roller coaster, while enjoying the "self" that they could only experience by the "sounding shuttle" and the "jumping machine" in the past. The unique pleasure of falling bodies. Extraordinary experience, marvelous.

Roller coaster

"Roller Coaster" is a forward and backward reciprocating super-large roller coaster introduced from Japan by Jinjiang Paradise. It can carry 24 tourists at a time. Its head and tail are up and down, and the middle plate is connected with each other. It is like a giant dragon in the water. It rides in the car, upside down and upside down, and is addicted to the scream of heaven and earth, and upside down. What a thrill!!

Advance through the rapids

It's a very exciting and fun game. Tourists can't help shaking when they ride down the waterfall in a wide wooden boat. When the wooden boat rushes down sharply, the water splashes, the high movement sounds, and the mood soars.

Shanghai Turntable

The Shanghai Turntable, built by Shanghai Amusement Machinery Company, is the first giant Ferris wheel with a height of over 100 meters in China, which was put into operation on May 1, 2002. The "Shanghai Big Turntable" has a total height of 108 meters, a diameter of 98 meters, a total weight of 580 tons, a strong wind resistance of 12 grades, carrying 42 cabins, a maximum passenger capacity of 1260 persons per hour, and running for about 25 minutes a week. The disc is also equipped with a computer programmed high-power color lamp, which looks like a bright moon hanging high in the sky at night.


The "Canyon Drifting" project is a super-large water recreation project in Jinjiang Paradise. Sitting on a raft and going down the river is like walking in the green hills of the Dong people in Western Hunan. The water flows slowly and orderly, the canyon waterfalls, the "stone gate welcome", "canyon falling rocks", "a line of holes in the sky", "canyon ape cry", "shallow beach Taole". The beautiful scenery is beyond praise. Canyon landscape, the difference between height and height is up to 6 meters, in which you can really feel the excitement and fun of the rapids.

Traffic information

122 Road, 166 Road, 703 Road, 704 Road, 704B, 712 Road, 747 Road, 803 Road, 816 Road, Xumin Line, Hongqiao Junction 1 Road, Shangshi Line, Husong Line and other Humin Road Hongmei South Road Station,

Jinjiang Paradise Station on Metro Line 1,

50, 131, 218, 731, 725, 755, Humin Road Hongcao South Road Station

865, Minhang 22 Hongmei South Road Meilong Road Station

50 Road Section Guijiang Road Humin Road Station

Nanmei Line, Zhuangmei Line, Songmei Line, Fengmei Line, Shimei Line until Meilong Terminal

Humin Road Elevated Hongmei Road Exit, Central Line Gudai Road Exit