Jinhua Alsophila Nature Reserve

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Jinhua Alsophila Nature Reserve

Jinhua Alsophila spinulosa nature reserve is a provincial nature reserve approved by Sichuan Provincial People's Government in 1987. In sifangjinggou, Jinhua Township, 48 kilometers southwest of Rongxian City, there is a "living fossil" Alsophila spinulosa, also known as tree fern, which appeared in the Carboniferous, about 300 million years ago, and 100 million years earlier than dinosaurs. It is one of the eight national first-class key protected plants. Some data show that Alsophila spinulosa is a precious ancient plant, which is only scattered in China in the world. Jinhua Township in Rong County, Zigong is one of the few areas where Alsophila spinulosa is concentrated in China.

brief introduction

Jinhua Alsophila Nature Reserve was officially established in October 1986 with the approval of Sichuan Provincial People's government. The reserve covers a total area of 2200 mu, of which the tourism development zone covers an area of 1200 mu, with rich water resources. The Alsophila spinulosa group, composed of more than 16000 Alsophila spinulosa trees, is located in a deep mountain canyon, with a distribution area of 4 km. The average plant size is 2-3 m, the highest is 6-7 m, and the trunk diameter is 20-30 cm.

Alsophila spinulosa has a unique and beautiful shape. The top of the trunk is radiated with leaves, like a phoenix tail. Some grow independently, and some two or three trees are combined. The branches are luxuriant and cover the sky and the sun, forming a very beautiful landscape.