Jingming Hot Spring Resort

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Jingming Hot Spring Resort is the largest resort in China. It is located in Jingxi Garden Town, Jiexi County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. It is built by Shenzhen Anyuan Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Introduction of scenic spots

In January 2004, Beijing Ming Hot Spring Resort, which was put into trial operation, was based on the development idea and function orientation of "upholding the heaven and earth, enjoying life and leisure". According to the requirements of "National Agricultural Demonstration Point Inspection Standard" and "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Point Acceptance Standard" of the National Tourism Administration, it started from the aspects of Tourism implementation, operation and management, and in accordance with the six elements of "tourism, travel, accommodation, food, entertainment and purchase We should support all kinds of tourism facilities, focus on agricultural tourism, create national demonstration sites, and achieve conceptualization of themes, zoning of functions, high-end market, characteristics of connotation and specialization of services. And guide agricultural tourism from the initial sightseeing, picking and other simple forms gradually to sightseeing, leisure, vacation and other high-level promotion and development. The rise of agricultural tourism has injected new vitality into tourism industry, and Jingming Resort has become a new highlight and growth point of tourism industry in the whole city. Jiexi Jingming Hot Spring Resort has been recommended by county, city and provincial tourism bureaus, accepted by the National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site Assessment Committee and approved by the National Tourism Administration. It has been awarded the title of "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site", and has become the first enterprise to win this honor in Jieyang City.

Jiexi Jingming Hot Spring Resort is the first batch of national agricultural tourism demonstration sites. It is the largest resort in China, which integrates tourism, leisure and vacation. Jiexi County, where Jingming is located, is a major tourism County in the province. It has a unique natural environment and rich tourism resources. The surrounding ancient customs are rich, the culture is full of vigor, and the Chaozhou culture blends.

geographical environment

The resort is 25 kilometers away from Hepo County, 35 kilometers away from Jieyang City and 280 kilometers away from Shenzhen City. It is a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating ecological tea garden, tourist sightseeing and leisure vacation. Jingming Hot Spring Resort covers an area of 11172 mu. The 2200 Mu ecological high-quality tea garden is neatly located among the mountains, which is a bright green landscape, modern tea processing plant, elegant tea house, amazing natural scenery, quiet environment, fresh air, Qihongbi Lake, like a string of pearls around the mountains.

Jingming Tea Garden is located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, with the Lotus Mountains in the north and the South China Sea in the south. The Tropic of Cancer runs through it. It is one of the rare Tropic of Cancer oases in the world. There are four seasons like spring, abundant rainfall, high mountains and clouds, springs and clear water. Tea garden covers more than 2,000 Mu and belongs to suitable tea zone. A large tea plantation, exposed by frost, bears space-time, glows with vitality, exudes refreshing fragrance, dances in the wind, and is graceful and graceful.

Natural climate

The resort is located in Jiexi County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with mild climate, abundant rainfall and abundant light and heat. The annual average temperature is 21.1 degree C, 12.7 degree C in January, 28.1 degree C in July, 37.3 degree C in July 28, 1982 and - 2.4 degree C in January 17, 1976. The average annual sunshine time was 1884 hours, the maximum was 2262 hours in 1971, and the minimum was 1576 hours in 1975. Frost-free period more than 300 days. Frost days mostly occur between December and February. The average annual rainfall is 2105 mm, and the average annual rainfall of Lianhua Mountain on Pingshang is 2612 mm.

Main attractions


Among the green mountains and waters, the built scenic spots are the aquatic world, bird paradise, zoo, fishing area, rubber garden, orchard, Panguo Xianshi Temple, Guanyin Temple, Shengquan Water, KTV entertainment city, children's entertainment area, video game city, Chashan Gallery, tea house, hot spring, club (fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court).

Longling Jingming Great Wall

Jingming Great Wall is located in the middle of Jingming Hot Spring Resort. It is 3.2 miles long. It imitates the well-known "Badaling" Great Wall. It integrates Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, and integrates Chinese and Western cultures into one garden. During browsing, you can appreciate the essence of Chinese culture and cultivate your feelings. "Jingming the Great Wall scenic area is lined with trees and shady trees. Along the way, Tang Monk carries Sun Wukong's allusions to the west of heaven, and the eighteen steles are carved with eighteen different statue of Han Dynasty. The surrounding scenery is picturesque and the scenery is pleasant. It's a good place for people to travel and visit. Extension: Rubber Garden, Panguo Xianshi Temple, Guanyin Temple, Shengquan Pavilion and Yishou Pavilion.

Jingming tea garden

Located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, the Lotus Mountains in the north and the South China Sea in the south, the Tropic of Cancer runs through it. It is one of the rare Tropic of Cancer oases in the world. There are four seasons like spring, abundant rainfall, mountains and clouds, springs and clear water. Tea garden covers more than 2,000 Mu and belongs to suitable tea zone. A large tea plantation, exposed by frost, bears space-time, glows with vitality, exudes refreshing fragrance, dances in the wind, and is graceful and graceful. The tea garden has been designated as the production base of organic tea by the Organic Tea and Development Center of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Guangdong Provincial Government as the demonstration area of agricultural standardization in Guangdong Province, and the tea Department of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences as the production base of high-quality oolong tea.

Panguo Xianshi Temple

Located on the Longling Mountain of Jingming Tea Garden with beautiful scenery and fragrant tea art, it is said that the immortal master has practiced for 200 million years. He has been sitting in Longling Town, shining with the god, and the temple has been incensed continuously since ancient times and has a long history. Panguo immortal teacher is a god worshipped by Chaoshan and Hakka. Since the founding of the world, the legends of "Panzhishan Peak to bless the whole world, wish the sun shines all over the world, the state controls the whole world, and hope that the Taiwanese are not separated from the Central Plains" are deeply reflected in thousands of households, as well as the overseas Chinese and Taiwanese in Southeast Asia. The number of returnees is endless, which can not be called the Eastern Guangdong Province. The Holy Land of Blessings.

Animal Ornamental Garden

There are monkey gardens, tiger gardens, panda gardens, peacock gardens and small panda gardens, which are distributed in layers and scattered in different places. Amur tigers, Indonesian tigers, pandas, monkeys and green peacocks play among them. They are the base of popular science education and the place where rare wildlife are domesticated and bred.

Aquatic world

Located at the Yuhu Lake in the resort park, the long lake is facing the fresh wind. You can enjoy all kinds of water sports, such as Italian gondola cruise boat, animal cartoon boat, Mandarin electric boat, water bicycle and so on. Water world has water walking ball recreation project, with sports, environmental protection, beautiful, ornamental characteristics, is a set of recreation, fitness, athletics in one of the elegant sports. "Water walking" allows you to experience water walking exercise from zero distance, greatly improving your balance and coordination ability. Therefore, the water walking activity is formulated as a special competition activity by five sets of "between cities" column of CCTV. The ball is made of imported PTU material. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating to human skin, strong tensile force and never damaged.

bird paradise

There are more than 80 species of rare birds belonging to the first and second class protected wildlife of the country. Enjoy the colorful world and listen to the wonderful music is your best place to go.

Tea garden scenic spot

National Organic Tea Production Base, Yunxiangting, Yunxiangting Pool, Tea House, Tea Saint Luyu, etc.

Yunling Scenic Area

Zhixiang Tower, Yaxiang Tower, Moon Pavilion, Deyue Pavilion, Qingxiang Tower, Yunxiang Tower, Music Fountain, Jingming Culture, Children's Amusement Park, etc.

Other attractions

Cuiling, Jingming Pagoda, Jingming Citrus Ornamental Garden, etc.

supporting facilities

The resort provides perfect service facilities for guests. Chao Guest Restaurant, Shanzhen Building, Western Restaurant and Cafe can let visitors taste the unique Chinese and Western food culture. There are seven luxury European-style buildings with 242 customers of various types. There are more than 400 multi-functional conference halls, five small and medium conference halls. Kyoto Building has a large hall and 19 luxury halls which can accommodate more than 400 people at the same time. All buildings are equipped with central air-conditioning and hot and cold water supply systems. Satellite TV receives more than 30 channels of programs.

Local specialities

Zou Tang preserved pear

Zoutang, Didu Town, Jiedong County, is rich in green pear, which is one of the best fruit in Lingnan. Zou Tang Qingpi pear skin is thin and fleshy, crisp and fragrant, with a lot of delicate juice, fresh, sweet and delicious, full of various nutrients, such as carbohydrates, sugar, vitamins, etc. It can not only be used for fruit and medicine, but also for preserved pears and canned pears. Drinking preserved pear slices with water can cure rheumatism, heat poisoning, sore throat, night labor and lung dryness. Especially in Southeast Asia, where the temperature is hot, the curative effect is more remarkable. Overseas Chinese call it "Tangshan native antelope".


Areca taro is abundant in Dongliao Village, Yuhu Town, Jiedong County. Dongliao taro is a large, high-yielding, fleshy and fragrant taro. Can be cooked taro paste, stir-fried taro and red-roasted taro. Every year around the Mid-Autumn Festival, listed in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other places. Many overseas Chinese returned home to look for the taro in Dongliao. After eating, they said that it was indeed the best taro.


Since its opening in November 2003, the resort has received tens of thousands of guests from all over the world. It has won high praise from the guests and has also achieved remarkable results.

In 2003, "Tieguanyin Tea" was awarded the Golden Award of "Yongchun Sukeng" cup of Oolong Tea by the Organizing Committee of Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival and China Famous Tea Exposition.

In 2004, it was named "Youth Civilization" by the Committee of Jieyang City of the Communist Youth League.

In 2005, the women's Federation of Jieyang City was awarded the "Towel of Civilization". It successfully hosted the "First Ecotourism Culture Festival of Jiexi County in Jieyang City", and was awarded the third-class credit by the county committee and the county government. Tieguanyin tea of "Jingming" brand was awarded the designated drinkable product in the Great Hall of the People by the "China Private Economy Summit".

In 2006, he successfully hosted the "2006 China Economic Annual Forum and the Annual Conference of Asian Business Leaders (Jieyang)", and was appraised as the "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site" unit by the National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site Evaluation Committee.

In 2007, it successfully hosted the Second Jiexi Ecotourism Culture Festival in Jieyang City, which was awarded by the county committee and the county government once; was awarded the "Jieyang Cultural Industry (Creative) Demonstration Base" by the Jieyang Cultural Radio and Television Press and Publishing Bureau; was awarded the "Quality-oriented and Credit-abiding" advanced unit by the Jieyang Tourism Bureau; and was awarded the "Jingming" brand tribute Tieguanyin King and organic green tea points. He won the second "five-star famous tea" of the Strait Love Tea Culture Evaluation, and the Golden Prize of "Fujian (Xiamen) International Tea Culture Festival" of Tieguanyin, Jingming Red Heart, was appraised by the Expert Review Committee.

Traffic information

Jingming Hot Spring Resort is 35 kilometers away from Jieyang City. There are many buses to Jieyang Hot Spring Resort in Xijingming at the gate of Jieyang Bus Station. Guanghui Expressway Shenshan Expressway Xiahu Exit of Lufeng City, along Provincial Highway 335

Traffic Map of Jingming Hot Spring

The route runs directly to Jiexi, with a journey of about 4.5 hours.

Self-driving tour route:

Starting from Guangzhou, Guanghui Expressway - Shenshan Expressway - Jiemei Expressway, under the exit of "Chigang" in Puning, we can see the signage sign for Jingming Forest Tourism Resort, which is more than 400 kilometers, about 4.5 hours.

D1: Guangzhou - Huilai Shirenyuan - Jingming Hot Spring Resort

D2: Jingming Hot Spring Resort - Huangmandang Waterfalls Group - Jingming Resort, Dabeishan National Forest Park.