Jinan International Park Expo

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Jinan International Park Expo

Jinan International Park Expo Park covers an area of 5176 Mu and is located in Jinan University Science Park. The Lake area is 1440 mu. It is the largest land park in China. The total number of exhibition parks is 108, including 17 provincial cities, 45 other cities, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and 21 foreign cities, plus 9 designer parks and 13 special parks. On June 10, 2011, the Shandong Pavilion of the World Expo began to be rebuilt in Jinan Garden Expo Park. From April 28, 2018, Jinan International Park Expo Park was officially opened to the outside world free of charge.

Essential information

Jinan International Garden Flower Exposition Park (Jinan Garden Exposition Park) is the site of the 7th China (Jinan) International Garden Flower Exposition. Construction of Jinan Garden Expo Park started on October 19, 2008 and opened on September 22, 2009. Located in the University Science Park of Changqing District, Jinan City, about 25 kilometers away, the park is surrounded by beautiful scenery, both mountains and rivers. It is connected with the historical and cultural ancient urban area of Changqing, adjacent to the Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Agricultural High-tech Development Zone and the Wufeng Mountain Tourism Resort Area. The transit roads include 104 National Highway, 220 National Highway and Jihe Expressway, with convenient transportation and favorable environment.

Jinan Garden Expo Park covers an area of 5176 mu, of which 1440 Mu is water surface and 3736 Mu is land area. The Park mainly includes public exhibition area, Central Lake area, domestic garden exhibition area, international future Garden Exhibition area, special garden exhibition area, leisure and entertainment area, indoor exhibition area and other landscape areas. It is the largest land park Expo Park in China. The total number of exhibition parks is 108, including 17 provincial cities and 45 of them. Other cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as 21 foreign cities, together with 9 designer exhibition gardens and 13 special gardens, are splendid and beautiful. Water Gate, Huabo Avenue, Harmony Square, Main Exhibition Hall, Science and Technology Exhibition Hall and other thematic buildings are magnificent and have their own characteristics.

Jinan Garden Expo Park is a large-scale comprehensive International Expo Park which integrates garden landscape, ecological tourism, plant science popularization, cultural exposition, leisure vacation and water tourism. It will be another new representative tourist attraction in Shandong Province after "one mountain, one water and one saint".

On June 10, 2011, according to the previous planning, the reconstruction plan of the Shandong Pavilion of the World Expo reached 240 million yuan.

The ticket price of Jinan International Park Expo Park is 60 yuan per person. The price of sightseeing tickets is respectively 25 yuan per person for the whole journey from Shuizhimen Economic South Park, Recreation Area Wharf, Shijia Manor to Shuizhimen. The gate of water is 10 yuan per person from Luoxia Garden to Jinan Garden, the gate of water is 10 yuan per person from Shuquan Square to Shijia Manor, and the gate of Shijia Manor from Fuzhou Garden to Shuizhimen Manor. The gate of Jinan Garden is 5 yuan per person from wharf of leisure area to Shijia Manor. The price of cruise tickets is 10 yuan per person per stop and 30 yuan per person for the whole journey. Three groups of people can enter the park free of charge: children under 1.2 meters in height; tour guides (including qualification certificates), military disability certificates, disability certificates, journalist certificates holders; and Chinese servicemen can also visit the park with active service military certificates. In addition, the normal fare is 60 yuan, and the student team fare is half price. Open at 8:00 and stop selling tickets at 17:00.

Garden Fair

The theme of this exposition is "cultural inheritance, scientific development", and the concept of "inheritance and innovation, people-oriented, ecological harmony and sustainable development" is the theme of the exposition. According to Wang Liang, deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the 7th Expo and executive vice mayor of Jinan, the overall layout of Jinan International Expo Park is "one central axis, two landscape ornamental axes, eight functional zones and three thematic buildings". Yuanbo Avenue, the central axis, is composed of Quanyun Square, Huabo Avenue and Harmony Square. The two landscape ornamental axes are "characteristic exhibition garden sightseeing axle" and "natural culture experience axle".

The eight functional zones include public area, Central Lake area, domestic exhibition area, international future exhibition area, Qilu exhibition area, leisure and entertainment area, interesting garden exhibition area and nursery stock area. The three main thematic buildings are Water Gate, Main Exhibition Hall and Science and Technology Museum.

The Qilu Garden, which covers an area of 23 hectares, is one of the most attractive exhibition gardens in the garden exposition. It is located on the west side of Changqing Lake and invests about 60 million yuan. Through the special window of Qilu Garden, we can understand the broad and profound Qilu culture and become a great pioneer in the history of the Garden exposition. The overall skeleton of Qilu Garden is dominated by small hills and gentle slopes. There are three groups of historical and cultural city exhibition areas, coastal city exhibition areas and urban exhibition areas in the Yellow River Basin, which focus on exhibiting the gardens of 17 cities in our province.

Main park

The exhibition areas of historical and cultural cities include Jinan Garden, Tai'an Garden, Jining Garden, Zibo Garden, Laiwu Garden, Zao Manor and Linyi Garden. The exhibition areas of coastal cities include Qingdao Garden, Yantai Garden, Rizhao Garden, Weifang Garden and Weihai Garden. The exhibition areas of the Yellow River Basin include Dezhou Garden, Dongying Garden, Heze Garden, Binzhou Garden and Liaocheng Garden.

Ji'nan Garden

There must be couplets with doors

Jinan Garden is located on an island southeast of Qilu Garden. If you take a boat in Changqing Lake, you can see it far away. The theme of the park design is "Spring Rhyme of Ancient City", which highlights the cultural flavor and charm of the ancient city of Jinan.

From the South Gate into the "Jiquan Garden" is in sight, couplets for Mr. Ouyang's book "Foshan Huize Injection of Qingquan" and "Jishui Nanlai Crushed Jade". In addition, in Jinan Garden, there must be couplets for all doors, which is also a major feature of the garden. After the entrance, there is a pavilion, the top of which is hollow, and under which there is Shun Jing. The main building behind the pavilion is Yingquan Tower, which has two floors. The first floor is about Jinan spring culture and folk customs. The second floor is a tea club for tourists to enjoy tea scenery. Through wooden windows, the traditional exhibition garden across the lake can be enjoyed.

Through the veranda, the sound of water comes to my ears. There is a pavilion above the waterfall, named Shangting Pavilion, which is the highest point in the garden and overlooks the whole garden.

Beichuan Garden

Folklore and disaster relief are on display

Beichuan Garden is a very special garden in Yuanbo Garden. If other exhibition gardens focus on showing gardens and culture, then Beichuan Garden will make you feel shocked and warm.

With the basic design concept of "telling love stories with Qiang homesteads", the exhibition garden is divided into "Qiang folklore" scenic spot and "earthquake relief" scenic spot.

The overall layout of the Qiang Folklore Scenic Spot is designed with reference to the famous Taoping Qiang Village. Qiang Shizhai Gate, Taishan Shigangdang and Dayu Water Control Sculpture are set up on the important space nodes. The southwest part of the exhibition garden is the original Qiang people's dwelling - the Diaolou.

In the "earthquake relief" scenic spot, the reporter saw that the exhibition hall showed some objects in the earthquake relief. What impresses reporters is the cards, which contain the names and wishes of Wenchuan children. Tourists can help them realize their wishes. And the plan carved on the wall, let people feel the new hope of Wenchuan.

Beijing Garden

"Yuquan Butuo" is eye-catching

Beijing Garden gives people a feeling of atmosphere as soon as it comes up. Walk in and you can hear the sound of water. See no water, look up, "Yuquan Baotu" four big characters make people wonder, "Yuquan Baotu" What does it mean? Reporters learned that Yuquan and Baotuquan are the spring business cards of Beijing and Jinan respectively. The combination of the two skillfully links the history and context of the two places. It is reported that one of the eight sceneries in Yanjing was named "Yuquan Butuo" after "Yuquan Chuihong". Qianlong toured Jinan and was greatly appreciated after visiting Baotu Spring. After returning to Beijing, he changed "Chuihong" to "Baotuo".

The exhibition garden takes spring water as its vein and links up six sceneries: Pinyuxuan, Qianlong Stele, Yuquan Source, Bilin Pavilion, Waiting Frost Ping and Past Events Spring. Looking down from the "Jade Spring Butu", there is a long-term huge stone like lotus, engraved with the word "Jade Spring". If you are tired of shopping at this time, you can take a nap in "Bilin Pavilion". If you leave the garden from the northwest of the garden, spring water will jump out, carved on the stone Qianlong chant Jinan spring poem "Past Events Spring Chant".

Taipei Garden

Lifelike Crab Stream "Tour"

In the Garden Expo Garden Urban Modern Garden Exhibition Area, besides Hong Kong Garden and Shenzhen Garden, you can focus on Taipei Garden. Just arriving at the gate of the garden, you can see two beautiful sculptures of aborigines smiling as welcoming signs. Walking in, the clatter of water will occupy your senses, which means you come to Pingxi Ten Falls. The waterfall flows downstream along the hillside and converges into a stream and flows out of the garden. Walking along the stream, you will see some Yingge pottery art, such as big kettles, big crabs, etc., very lifelike. Quickly out of the garden gate, a lover's bridge is waiting for the lover to pass by.

Taipei Park covers an area of more than 1000 square meters. The theme of the exhibition is Taipei's diversified urban life, unique Taipei ethnic minority folk culture and beautiful natural scenery. The design elements of the exhibition are Taipei's characteristic plants and scenic spots. It introduces the fascinating natural scenery and humanistic characteristics of northern Taiwan.

Traffic information

Internal traffic


Jinan citizens can get off at K301, K22, Jichang Bus No. 2 and Jichang Bus No. 3 to Women's College Station. K302 Bus can get off at Yuanboyuan Shuimen Station, Yuanboyuan South Gate Station and Yuanboyuan Northwest Gate Station. K20 Bus can change to K22 or K301, K302 Bus at Bus Center Station, and K141 Bus can transfer to University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Station. K22 or K301 or K302 buses.

Changqing citizens can take K24 Road, K25 Road, K20 Road, K141 Road, Changqing K101 Road, Changqing K102 Road, Changqing K104 Road to the Park Expo Park.


Take a tour bus at the urban railway station and bus terminal and get off at Yuanboyuan.

External traffic

Self driving

Along Jiwei Road (104 National Road) to the West - Gushan Crossing (Fried Rice Shop) to the West 2500 meters - Yuanboyuan Main Gate; along Shixi Road (220 National Road) to the West - Changqing section of the University intersection to the East - Ziwei Road and University Road intersection - Yuanboyuan Main Gate; Beijing-Shanghai Expressway - Gushan Exit - Xixia Expressway to the West 2500 meters - Yuanboyuan Main Gate