Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground

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Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground

Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground is located in Jilin Beidahu Development Zone, 53 kilometers away from Jilin urban area. Entering the ski resort, facing the Asian Games Village Hotel. The temperature and snow condition of Beidahu ski resort are good. In winter, the average temperature is below 10 C. The whole region is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Winter wind is weak, and in many cases it is similar to quiet wind. Now we have hosted many large-scale competitions.

Brief introduction of snow field

Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground is located in Jilin Sports Tourism Economic Development Zone, 53 kilometers from Jilin City, 126 kilometers from Changchun Longjia International Airport. The resort has Beidahu skiing resort, Qiaoshan Beidahu Resort Hotel (5-star standard), Beidahu Asian Games Village Hotel (4-star standard), North American Time Holiday Apartment (under construction), etc. It is an international ski resort integrating tourism, leisure and vacation, competition training and conference services.

Jilin Beidahu ski resort has unique natural advantages. The hillside is gentle with few steep cliffs. The main peak is 1408.8 meters above sea level. There are 9 peaks with an elevation of more than 1200 meters. The average temperature in winter is 10.2 degrees below zero Celsius. The first snowfall day in the first year is in late October. The last snowfall day is in late April. The snowpack day is about 160 days. The snow cover is about 0.5 metres below the mountain, about 1 metre in the middle, and up to 1.5 metres above 1000 metres above sea level. Because the whole area is surrounded by mountains on three sides, the winter wind is small, sometimes approximate to quiet wind, and the climate is more suitable, the Beidahu Skiing Ground can completely meet the construction requirements of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, platform skiing, freestyle skiing, modern binomial and skiing, sled and other snowboarding sports venues, and reach the level of the international Snowboarding competition ground.

Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground has successfully hosted many major international and domestic sports events, including the International Snow Federation Freestyle Skiing World Cup, the 6th Asian Winter Games, the 8th, 9th and 12th National Winter Games, and the National Outdoor Development Competition.

Beidahu, formerly known as Beidahu, was approved by the relevant departments of Jilin Municipal Government on September 18, 2011, according to CCTV Sports Channel's report on January 3, 2011. The original "lake" of "three-point water" has no real meaning. It is only a slip of the tongue made by members of the geological and archaeological survey team in the 1960s. There is no lake in Beidahu. The change to this "pot" is mainly to prove a grand historical memory chain. Another reason is that it is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and a narrow landscape in the north looks like a kettle.

Pi Fusheng, a researcher of literature and history of Jilin Municipal Association, said that according to historical records, there used to be a place named "Teahouse" near the skiing place of Peidahu, and a place named "Teapot Mouth" not far from it. These two places have a history of about 200 years. The reason why they are called "Peidahu" should be from this origin. "Beidahu" is named for its mountainous topography and hydrological situation. Beidahu is a mountain rather than a lake. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a protruding peak in the middle. The northern part of the lake is as long and narrow as a water-filling pot. The local people call it "Beidahu" because of its shape.

Cities in the North call themselves home to snow and ice. Ice and snow alone is not good, but also must have good site conditions suitable for ice and snow sports. Beidahu ski resort has such conditions. Its remarkable feature is that it is close to the urban area, and ski resorts such as Beidahu (Lake) are rare in the world. Beidahu (lake) has a long snowfall period, usually in late October, the last snowfall in late April, the snowfall period is about 160 days; the depth of snow is about 0.5 meters below the mountain, about 0.8 meters on the mountainside, and more than 1 meter above the elevation of kilometers. Snow is granular in shape and loose in texture. According to the experts'investigation and demonstration, if the snowfall is small due to special circumstances, the main peak is the center of the radioactive water system in the mountain area, and there are six springs running all year round, with an average annual precipitation of 670 mm, which can meet the needs of artificial snowmaking water in the snow farm.

Development history

Through expert investigation and demonstration, if the ski resort of Beidahu in Jilin is fully and long-term developed, its area can reach 100 square kilometers, and the comprehensive development area in the medium term can reach 57 square kilometers. At the same time, we should explore tourism resources, add ski tracks and ropeways, set up ski clubs, swimming pools, fishing pools, tennis courts, golf courses, horse-racing courses, hunting grounds, forest parks and so on, so as to make them a comprehensive sports and tourism center.

In January 1993, the Jilin Provincial Government and Jilin Municipal Government decided to develop and construct the Beidahu Skiing Ground in order to host the Eighth National Winter Games in 1995 and the Snow Events in the Third Asian Winter Games in 1996. The overall layout and advance project plan were formed in May of this year, and the first phase of the project was fully started on June 27 and ended in December 1994.

Other landscapes

Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground has not many scenic spots to travel except skiing, but the fog of Jilin City is praised as the four natural wonders of China with its poetic and picturesque beauty of "spring in winter", together with Guilin Landscape, Yunnan Stone Forest and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. So you can not only ski in Jilin, but also enjoy the beautiful "fog". The fog appears every year from late November to March and April of the Li year, about seventy or eighty times.

Traffic hints

Jilin Beidahu ski resort has convenient transportation, only 53 kilometers away from Jilin urban area. There are many kinds of transportation modes, such as train, plane, self-driving, etc. There are also bus pick-up and pick-up services for the ski resort.

1, aircraft

Beijing-Longjia Airport Southern Airlines 15:50 CZ6150

Shanghai-Longjia Airport Eastern Airlines 14:25 MU5629

Guangzhou-Longjia Airport Shenzhen Airlines 14:50 ZH9665

Shenzhen-Longjia Airport Southern Airlines 11:45 CZ6487

Longjia Airport-Beidahu Skiing Ground: Chartered cars and minibuses are generally selected, 4-seat car chartered 600 yuan, Ruifeng 7-seat business car chartered 800 yuan, 17 Jinshun passenger car chartered 1200 yuan, and partner carpooling is optional.

2, train

1) The preferred route:

Beijing-Jilin T271 19:40-7:04 11 hours 54 minutes

Beijing-Jilin D71 14:28-21:52 7 hours 24 minutes

Tianjin-Jilin K1054 05:05-19:38 14 hours 33 minutes Shanghai South-Jilin K76 21:34-7:12 333 hours 38 minutes

Harbin-Changchun West Railway Station: Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway, 1 hour and 5 minutes

2) Alternative routes:

Beijing-Changchun Z61 22:35-06:30, Changchun-Jilin D5009 06:52-07:39

Beijing-Changchun T59 20:52-06:10, Changchun-Jilin D5011 07:12-07:54

Jilin Railway Station - Beidahu Skiing Ground: You can take a snowfield bus or a chartered car. Snowfield buses are available from Monday to Sunday at 30 yuan per person and 60 yuan for round trip. Chartered cars generally choose 19 coaches with a chartered price of 800 yuan.

3. Self driving

Self-driving can take the expressway to Shenyang, at this time, there are two options: first, take Shen-Ha Expressway and turn Jilin Expressway to Jilin, then from Jilin to Kouqian to Wuli River (that is, a town where the snow is located at the mountain crossing), second, take Shen-Ji Expressway (372.714 kilometers in length, about four and a half hours by self-driving) to Meihe Estuary, then to Huadian and then to Wuli River, both from Jilin to Kouqian. Time is similar, the latter is shorter, but the ordinary highway is longer, although there are more high-grade highways, but some local road conditions are relatively complex, the advantage is less traffic.

Get accommodation

Beidahu Asian Games Village Hotel is an Asian Winter Games athletes village built according to the international four-star standard. It is the nearest hotel to the snow track. It can reach the cable station when it goes out. The hotel has more than 150 rooms and more than 300 beds. The hotel has a press release center with 150 people and various conference rooms. It has entertainment centers, massage rooms and other leisure and recreational items. The whole environment is warm and comfortable, romantic and elegant. It is your ideal place for sports, leisure, vacation and sightseeing.

Qiaoshan Beidahu Resort is located in the core area of National AAAAAA Scenic Area-Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground. The Beidahu Skiing Ground is designed by BHA, a famous design company, in accordance with the North American style (representative works: Whistler Four Seasons Hotel, Canada, etc.). It is invested by Beijing Qiaoshan Group for hundreds of millions of dollars and is built with the functions of tourism, vacation, business, entertainment and catering. International Five-Star Resort Hotel. The hotel has 189 luxury standard business suites, family suites, presidential suites and other rooms. Each room has been carefully designed and decorated. The color is harmonious and beautiful. The room is comfortable, spacious, noble and elegant, and has a broad vision. At the same time, the hotel is equipped with gymnasium and SPA club and other leisure and recreational facilities, and you are more keen on skiing to provide special services such as snow storage and maintenance.

Internal facilities

Beidahu uses a six-person high-speed crane in Doppelmayr, Austria, which is a world-famous cableway transport equipment. The speed is 5 meters per second. High safety and stability, let you use the least time in Beidahu to reach the highest peak and ski the best natural snow. Ensure that customers enjoy the shortest hanging box time and ski more smoothly on the ski track. Nevertheless, don't miss the beautiful scenery in skiing. Remember to overlook the snowfield panorama on the suspension box while skiing smoothly. Let you not have a taste in mind!

Skiing cycle

Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground is the longest skiing ground in China. It snows from late October to early April of next year. The effective skiing period is about 140 days from mid-November.

Ski cost

2013-2014 Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground and Rental Price System.

hot tip

Eat: Here to supplement more VC, like fruit people can also bring more fruit.

Skiing: Because of the low temperature in Beidahu Skiing Ground, Jilin Province, 10:00-14:00 is recommended as the best skiing time. The temperature here is too low before and after this time because the sun can not shine on the ski track, rather than suitable for skiing.