Jiang Cudan Canton style pig leg

Home Food 2018-11-02

Except for those with internal fever, dry stool and weak spleen and stomach function, breast enlargement products can be used as a warm-up tonic in winter.

Which people are best suited to eat pig's feet ginger?

1, lack of movement, cold hands and feet of men and women;

2, the palace cold dysmenorrhea, the desire to have a rosy complexion beauty is more suitable for eating;

3, parturients;

4, weak and cold.

Beautiful Chest and Beauty: Pig's hooves contain abundant collagen, which is a gelatinous substance consisting of biological macromolecules. It is the most important protein component in tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. After being absorbed by human body, the protoprotein in pig's hooves can promote skin cells to absorb and store water, thus creating beautiful breast and beauty works. Prevent wrinkle and dry skin, make facial skin appear full and glossy.

Pig feet will be fat: and vinegar can be prepared and reduce the formation of oxides in the aging process of human body, can soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipids, reduce cholesterol. So vinegar and pig hands together, can degrade the fat content in pig hands, can remove the greasy taste, do not worry about eating pig hands fat.

Making method

1. Ginger is washed and sliced, some peeled, others peeled, cut ginger slices soak in water for about 10 minutes, then wash the eggs.

2., combine ginger with water and cook eggs until boiling. This step is to make ginger spicy and easy to eat and accept.

3. Pour ginger into the pot, do not put oil, stir-fry until dry water, this step is to keep ginger refreshing secret!

4. stir fry ginger into casserole, pour two bottles of sweet vinegar, and then boil.

5. pour the eggs into the pot and cook them for one to two hours.

6. Some of my eggs are shelled, some are not, because it takes a long time to eat, so slowly peel, eat already shelled, eat new, eggs can also be slowly added to the back of some cookers.

7. Swine feet scalding water, supercooled water once, then remove excess hairs, and then chop, scalding water again, once again supercooled water.

8. Cook ginger and eggs until more than an hour. Add pork feet and cook for about 40 minutes. You can eat brown sugar that suits your taste.

9. the pig hoof can be picked up, and the ginger and egg can be continued. Such separately preserved ginger eggs can be kept for one year without deterioration, and pork feet will not become soft and tasty because of the long cooking time!