Jianchuan Opera

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Jianchuan Opera

Jianchuan Baiqu is an ancient music variety with a long history and wide spread in Bai nationality area. It is mainly popular in Jianchuan, Eryuan and Tongdian, Jinding and Jiuhe of Lanping County, Nujiang Prefecture, which borders Jianchuan.

Jianchuan Baiqu is a kind of traditional music which was approved by the State Council and listed in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list in 2014.

Baiqu's performance form is unique. One Person sings by himself with three strings in his arms, or one person can accompany him or her; one person can accompany him or her, and men and women can sing in pairs. Baiqu can be divided into two categories: short tune and long song. The Lyric structure of Baiqu is "Seven-seventy-five" type, that is, the first, second and third sentences are seven words, and the fourth sentence is five words, commonly known as "Shanhua Style". Four sentences are one paragraph and several paragraphs are one. The most common shorts are eight sentences and one song. Often improvised in national festivals such as mountain festivals, lakeside festivals, farm festivals, terraces, Shibao Mountain Song Festival and Torch Festival.