Jiali Folk Stories

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Jiali Folk Stories

On May 23, 2011, Jiali Folk Stories were approved by the State Council to be included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Historical origin

First, legend has it that there is a god fish in Taihu Lake, who is unwilling to be restricted by the waters and wants to confide in the injustice of Buddha. One day, with clear water in his mouth, he emptied out and traveled westward all the way. When he arrived at Jiali County, he found the glow shining. He thought that he had arrived at fairyland and could not help laughing. He forgot that he was a fish after all. He needed water to survive. He sprinkled clear water from his mouth at two corners and became Zena Shenhu and Songshi Dashen Hu. The water on his body dripped down his tail fin and became Zegaer Shenhu. Fish is a mountain. Another is that there is a divine fish in Zegaer Shenhu, who often leaps out of the water and looks at the girls who often graze on the pasture in the western part of Jiali County. One day, she finally can't help telling her feelings. When approaching the girl, the girl becomes a huge sword in front of her. The fish regrets that she has not practiced enough, and two drops of tears come out from her eyes, which makes the fish become the later head of the county. The mountain is full of pines.

In Zhongyi Township, the only agricultural town 80 kilometers away from the county town, there is a unique and unknown art group. They were originally under the jurisdiction of Linzhi District. According to legend, the local farmers and herdsmen in the past, because they could not bear the pressure of high taxes and miscellaneous taxes, moved their families, tossed and turned for several years, and finally came to Zhongxiang, a paradise to settle down. Zhongyi Township, also known as Niwu, is surrounded by mountains, with a mild climate and only one way out of the mountains. The local people also call it "Hunter's Canyon". The farmers and herdsmen here have been following the characteristics of singing and dancing costumes in Linzhi area.

primary coverage

1. King Gesar's Archery

Legend has it that King Gesar led his army to fight in the devil's realm. When he passed through Jiali County, it was dark and an army appeared faintly in front of him. In addition, with the sound of war drums and flags on the hills, the devil king who was the first to attack rode a war horse and was full of stupidity. So King Gesar struck an arrow with his bow until the full moon struck and the arrow struck the devil's throat with a brilliant light. Suddenly, everything was quiet, and King Gesar ordered the army to camp on the spot. On the second day, it was discovered that there were mountains with huge stones, like thousands of horses and horses, and there were many small holes eroded by wind and snow in the stones, while there was a round hole in the eastern stones, which was as thick as logs and its walls were smooth as arrows.

2. King Gesar's Stadium

When King Gesar continued his journey, he found a stone wall surrounded by three sides and a wall of thousands of feet, such as cutting with knives and axes, which was open and flat, easy to defend and difficult to attack. Therefore, King Gesar ordered his Garrison to build a horse race on the hill and used it as a supply base for large army horses for a long time.

Inheritance status

Jiali Folk Stories has been selected as the third group of national intangible cultural heritage list recommended projects.