Jiajiang Tianfu Tourist Tea Garden

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Jiajiang Tianfu Tourist Tea Garden

Jiajiang Tianfu Tourist Tea Garden is an important base invested by Tianfu Group in Western China. It is located in Jiajiang Tianfu Service Zone of Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu-Leshan and Emeishan Chengdu-Leshan Expressway. It covers an area of 380 Mu and is the first stop for tourism to Leshan and Emeishan. It is a leading tea enterprise that integrates tea grading packaging, production, scientific research, tourism and culture. It has won the honors of "National 4A Tourist Scenic Spot", "First National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Sites", "National Youth Civilization", "Sichuan Cultural Industry Demonstration Unit", "Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization in Leshan City".

Historical culture

The "Tianfu" service area built in 2002 was initially just an ordinary refueling road. In the first year, the development of the service area was not good. "Only five or six cars enter the service area every day". Since 2003, Tianfu has taken the lead in building a multi-functional and garden-style service station combining the local tourism culture and tea culture characteristics. Nowadays, tourist groups regard this place as a fixed place to visit. "In 2008, it was rated as a national 4A-level scenic spot and a national agricultural tourism demonstration site. As a "post station" for providing rest, catering and refueling, "good facilities, good service, good environment, unique and cultural" has become the development direction of expressway service area.

geographical environment

Jiajiang Tianfu Tourist Tea Garden is located in Jiajiang Tianfu Service Zone, 24 kilometers away from Chengdu-Leshan Expressway. It is the first stop for tourism to Leshan and Emei Mountain.

Main attractions

Tianfu Sightseeing Tea Garden in Jiajiang, Leshan is a nearly 400 mu Park invested by Taiwanese businessmen. It has been built as a comprehensive agricultural tourism base integrating tea planting, tea scientific research, tea museum, tea ceremony performance, tea processing, tea food processing, sales, catering, parking, refueling and tourism. It is adjacent to the expressway entering the "First Mountain of China" international tourism zone. It has become the "first scenic spot" of Bashu tourism; the Wutongqiao Flower and Tree Science Park, with a total investment of 607 million yuan, is mainly planted and sold flowers, fruits and flowers, and has also led to the vigorous development of rural tourism in the park. The per capita income of 15,000 farmers is higher than the average increase of more than 30% in the whole area; Gong Zuishui, located in the Shawan District, the hometown of Guo Moruo, a world cultural celebrity. The hydropower station has now formed five scenic spots, including dam sightseeing spot, underground powerhouse visiting spot, ground powerhouse visiting spot, watershed terrace dispatching center visiting spot, factory history exhibition hall and so on. Since its opening, more than 15,000 visitors have been received one after another.

Tianfu Tea Garden is a comprehensive tea industry park, with garden-style planning and construction, pavilions, flowing springs and waterfalls, green grass, tea fragrance overflowing, beautiful human landscape and modern functional facilities perfectly deduce the unique charm of Tianfu Tea Garden, making it a bright pearl on Chengle Expressway.

Tianfu Tea Garden mainly includes three parts: expressway service area, Tea Museum and Sichuan tea production and marketing hub. Now it is the first national agricultural tourism demonstration site of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Scenic climate

Leshan belongs to the middle subtropical climate zone. It has four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, the same season of water and heat, long frost-free period, annual average temperature between 16.5-18.0 degrees, and the best travel time is in spring and autumn.

Tourist guide

Jiajiang Tianfu Tourist Tea Garden is located in Jiajiang Tianfu Service Zone of Chengdu Chengdu-Leshan and Emeishan Chengdu-Leshan Expressway. It is one kilometer away from toll station and covers a total area of 380 mu. This service area is a warm post station on Chengle Expressway, with tea cafes, rest cabins and tourist spots such as "Tea Expo Garden". With the continuous improvement of service functions, service areas gradually attract "returnees". "Four years after opening, we began to make profits. At present, the annual tourist volume reaches 500,000 people, and the annual sales volume is about 60 million yuan."