International Jade City

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International Jade City

International Yucheng is located in the south of Shifosi Town, Zhenping County, Henan Province, on the south side of Yuyuan Avenue, south to Liulu Highway, east to Erlong Road, north to Longxiang Road, east to West about 130 meters long, north to south about 640 meters wide, covering a total area of about 1300 Mu Mu (of which the restored Shifosi covers 220 mu). The first phase of the plan covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters and can be built for commercial and residential purposes. More than 500 sets of gymnasium.

As the largest international comprehensive development project of jade carving and jade culture in China, the International Jade City has the largest comprehensive wholesale and retail trade market of jade carving and related crafts in the world, which integrates the sale of jade products, the promotion of Buddhism, cultural exposition, Park landscape, tourism and leisure, living and living. It has been listed as the Experimental Zone of cultural reform and development in Henan Province by the Henan Provincial Committee and the provincial government. More than 5,000 kinds of jade carvings are produced and processed in Shifosi Town International Jade City and sold to more than 50 countries and regions.

International Yucheng Scenic Area, the world's largest wholesale base of jewelry, jades and related crafts and the first-class international tourist shopping park, was awarded the national AAAA class tourist attraction by the National Tourism Administration in January 2012, with convenient transportation, 30 kilometers away from Nanyang Jiangying Airport, 15 kilometers away from Erguang Expressway and 5 kilometers away from Shanghai-Shanxi Expressway.

Introduction of Jade City

Nanyang International Jade City Scenic Area, Henan Province, is located in Shifosi Town, Zhenping County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, the township of Chinese Jade Carving. The project covers an area of more than 1,300 mu, with a total construction area of 1 million square meters, and can accommodate more than 5,000 merchant households to enter business. It is divided into fine jade ware area, temple area, square landscape area, leisure service area, riverside park area and so on. There are 12 functional areas such as Qishi Sculpture Area. The investment amounts to RMB 1 billion, which is planned and constructed by Henan Wanzheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. After the completion of the project, it will become the world's largest jade wholesale, jade culture exhibition, leisure and entertainment as one of the super-large jade carving market, a global fascinating jade city, shopping paradise, wealth peak. The first phase of Yucheng International Luxury Shop has a total construction area of 100,000 square meters and more than 500 households. It held a grand opening ceremony in 2010. She gathered all the world's high-end precious jade carvings and welcomed all the guests with a smile. It marks that Yuxiang Jade Carving Industry has entered a new stage of industrial agglomeration, large-scale and professional development.

As the largest international comprehensive development project of jade carving and jade culture in Nanyang and even in China, the International Jade City has been listed as the key construction project of Nanyang Government and the nine key projects of Zhenping County in 2007. It has attracted great attention and positive attention from provincial Party committees and provincial governments. It is the experimental area of cultural reform and development in Henan Province and is the largest jewelry, jade ware and related handicraft in the world. In January 2012, the wholesale base and the first-class international tourist and shopping park in China were rated as the national AAAA class tourist attraction with convenient transportation, 30 kilometers away from Nanyang Airport, 15 kilometers away from Erguang Expressway and 4 kilometers away from Shanghai-Shanxi Expressway.

Characteristics of Jade City

The International Jade City will collect, organize and construct the largest long outline of Chinese Jade Culture in China, as a display area of traditional Jade Culture and a platform for the publication of new chapters of contemporary Jade Culture. This area, in the form of words and pictures, part of physical copy and rubbings, concentrates on displaying the brilliant course and achievements of Chinese Jade Culture in 5000 years. There are more than 10 exhibition areas in this area. The special Jade Culture of International Jade City is a kind of innovation and development in the display field of Jade Carving Culture in the whole country and even in the world. It also reflects the open image of International Jade City and the intrinsic essence of Jade Culture Innovation.

Jade City Culture

Thousands of years old temple stone Buddhist temple "began in the Sui Dynasty, thriving in the Tang Dynasty", is well-known. However, the vicissitudes of life, after several ups and downs, today's Shifo Temple Town, but no "stone Buddha" trace, leaving only a hall decayed and withered, covered with dust, despite the wind and rain erosion... In order to revitalize the mighty spirit of the famous town of jade carving, thus creating the advantageous brand of the town of jade carving, driving the rapid development of Nanyang jade carving industry and tourism economy, promoting the long-term prosperity of the international jade city, promoting the integration of jade culture and Buddhist culture, promoting the development of county economy and Buddhist cause, building a prosperous, strong, harmonious and beautiful town, Wanzheng Group takes the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage as its responsibility. The restoration and relocation project of Shifo Temple has been implemented with high starting point, high grade and high allocation.

"Millennium Stone Buddha Temple, the bells are heard again today." Restoring and relocating the original name of Shashi Buddhist Temple is the key project of the second phase of the International Yucheng. It is located in the central section of the intersection of the east-west and North-South vertical and horizontal axis of the International Yucheng. The whole monastery is 312 meters wide in East and west, 612 meters long in North and south, with a planned total land area of more than 286 mu. It is composed of 30 buildings, such as Shanmen Square, Front Hall, Daxiong Palace, Tibetan Jingge and Disciplinary Court. She will also create the unique "Thousand Buddha Hall" and "Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda" in the whole country.

The planning and reconstruction of Shifo Zen Temple has attracted the active attention and support of Buddhist monks. The abbots of Shaolin Temple in Songshan, Baima Temple in Luoyang, Xiangguo Temple in Kaifeng and Shuilian Temple in Tongbai all over the country have come to guide the planning and construction, so as to make the reconstruction of Shifo Temple more elegant and elegant.

"Qiongjie beautiful Qianqiu painting, stone Buddha amorous people for hundreds of generations". The reconstruction of monasteries not only rejuvenates Buddhism, but also satisfies the PILGRIMS'psychology of worshipping Lingyu and praying for luck and auspiciousness. It has a positive and far-reaching impact on gathering market popularity, promoting tourism development and promoting the prosperity of Yucheng.

Architectural features

The architectural details of the International Jade City, including sculptures, landscape sketches and garden features, are full of rich jade culture. As the world's largest wholesale base for jewellery and jade and related crafts and a new base for display of Chinese jade culture, every architectural element of the International Jade City, including landscape, water system sculpture, can taste the strong atmosphere of jade culture everywhere. Being in Yucheng is like being in the sea of jewelry and jade and the annihilation of vast jade culture. Every nerve, every breath and every line of sight overflows and contains the historical cells of Chinese jade carving civilization for thousands of years.


International Yucheng pays attention to the construction of garden landscape. It scientifically lays out green space, lawn, rockery, fountain, water system and sculpture. There are more than 2000 garden sculpture sketches, accounting for 49% of the total planning of the project. The kilometer view gallery of Binhe Park is quaint and elegant. The landscape Avenue is new step by step. The Jinshui River is surrounded by a belt in Yuqian Square. The floating light leaps to gold. The landscape water system of Yushen Avenue is sprinkled with waterfalls and silver flowers. The sculptures of Jiulptures of Yubi and Yulong are vivid and vivid. The famous plants of Jiamu are gloomy and pale. The Riverside Park is situated between the International Yucheng City and the opposite bank of Zhaohe River. It is more than 1000 meters long in North and South and covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. The main scenic spots are composed of four vivid artificial lakes.

Yulong Lake Qianlong Tengyuan, Fulu Lake Fulu quiet, Lotus Lake fragrant wind and lotus, Ruyi Lake shape, full of fun. On the lakeshore hanging flower doors carving the moon, Yulu Lang ancient beauty, landscape waterwheel whirling due to the wind, Yunu bathing sculpture graceful demeanor, to ward off evil animals as a socket of the flag flying in the wind, showing the magnificent spirit of the international Yucheng embracing businessmen from all over the world. Riverside Park Linyuyuan Avenue 1000 meters long landscape corridor, with three-storey viewing pavilions. Riverside Park uses natural stone paved pavement with colorful, people appreciate the jade shopping after the walk park, according to the pavilion overlook, rural scenery panoramic view.

Social evaluation

Many abbots and monks have supported the restoration and reconstruction of the Shifo Temple in the center of the International Jade City. Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, has discussed with the chairman of Wanzheng Group the planning and design scheme of Shifo Temple in Yucheng International. In addition, the monks and abbots of Baima Temple in Luoyang, Xiangguo Temple in Kaifeng, Shuilian Temple in Tongbai and Yuanrong Temple in Jiaozuo have also discussed the planning and construction of Shifo Temple in Yucheng International.

Jade is the materialization of Chinese national civilization for thousands of years. Buddhist culture and jade culture interact and penetrate each other. In the Tang Dynasty, jade ranked among the seven treasures of Buddhism and became a carrier of Buddhist culture. The opening of the International Jade City is a boost to the development of Jade Culture. After all, the head of Wanzheng Group once said in his speech: "The International Jade City will effectively promote the organic combination of Jade culture and Buddhist culture, and become the support point for gathering market popularity."

The completion and opening of the first phase of the International Yucheng Project marks that the development of the jade carving industry in Shifosi Town of Nanyang City has entered a new stage of development. The project integrates industry, culture, ecology, tourism, etc. to build the largest professional wholesale base of jade and related arts and crafts in the world, the largest jade culture exhibition base in the world, international tourism shopping park and large-scale film and television base.

Traffic routes

Zhenping Shifosi Town International Yucheng Scenic Area is 30 kilometers away from Nanyang City and 280 kilometers away from Zhengzhou City.

The train route from Zhengzhou:

1. Zhengzhou-Nanyang-312 National Road-Zhenping Stone Buddhist Temple.

2. Zhengzhou-Zhengyao Expressway-Erguang Expressway Shashan Station-Pingshi Buddhist Temple, 312 National Road Town

3. Zhengzhou-Zhengyao Expressway-Erguang Expressway-Shanghai-Shanxi Expressway-Zhenping Export International Jade City Direction

From Nanyang City: From Nanyang Bus Station, take the Jade Car of Shifo Temple to the scenic spot. It runs every 10 minutes from 6:00 a.m. to 18:00 a.m.

From Zhenping County, there is a No. 2 bus line to the scenic spot, which runs every 20 minutes from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. At the same time, each node in the scenic area has scenic tourist buses, which run every 15 minutes in peak season and every 20 minutes in peacetime.

Scenic area address

"All the world's jade capital is flawless in stone; congealing the heavens and the earth is charming; the world's scenic spots, famous cities have appointments, welcome guests from all over the world". International Jade City, a city of ancient treasures and beautiful jade, a city of literary prosperity, a tourist resort and a shopping paradise, is increasingly playing a leading role in the development of its jade carving industry carrier and promoting the construction of the main economic zone of Central Plains. International Yucheng, the world of Yucheng, is renowned all over the world. She is opening her arms and welcoming the arrival of businessmen and tourists from all over the world.