Huizhou Seaside Hot Spring Resort

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Huizhou Seaside Hot Spring Resort

Huizhou Coastal Hot Spring is a large-scale comprehensive resort built according to the national standard of "AAAAAA" scenic spots and five-star hotels. It integrates tourism and vacation, business meetings, catering and accommodation, fitness and leisure, hot spring recuperation and reception of Chinese and foreign VIPs. It is invested by Hong Kong Hengsheng Trading Company and Guangdong Dousheng Investment and Development Co., Ltd. in November 2004 and will be constructed in February 2007. Opening officially on the 1st. The resort is situated in Parrot Cave, Pinghai Town, Zheping Peninsula, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, with beautiful scenery, verdant trees and fragrant flowers. It relies on Daya Bay in the west, and is south of the Shanliao Bay tourist resort in the south, and looks to Red Bay in the east.

Introduction to hot springs

Huizhou seaside hot springs covers an area of 1000 mu, with beautiful environment, rolling terrain, staggered Pinghu Canyon, clear springs everywhere, green trees everywhere, fresh air. The whole resort has grand planning, novel and elegant design and complete functions. It is based on abundant hot spring tourism resources and elaborately creates marine hot spring culture. In the first phase, more than 260 luxury business rooms and 20 noble villas with European style, large multi-functional conference centers and large seashore-style open-air hot springs covering an area of nearly 100 mu were put into use. All kinds of service facilities were provided (the second phase included hot spring canyon, four-wheel drive club, racetrack, Japanese wooden house villas, luxury clubs, Dai-style hot springs). Villas, courtyards, tourist recreation centers, seaside villas, farmhouse entertainment and other projects.

Huizhou Seaside Hot Spring is a national 4A-level scenic spot. It is a comprehensive large-scale tourist resort integrating tourism and vacation, business meetings, catering and accommodation, fitness and leisure, hot spring recuperation and reception of VIPs at home and abroad. The resort has a unique half-mountain hot springs, labyrinth cave springs and the largest 2500 square meters of hot spring surfing pool in the country. It is the largest, highest-grade, most complete and most advanced characteristic hot spring resort hotel in eastern Guangdong. Facilities include main hotel, open-air hot spring area, conference center, complex building, luxury club, hot spring canyon, large ecological lake, water slide, Laodaochi area, Continental villas, Southeast Asian villas, senior wooden house villas, couple villas, fitness physiotherapy center and BBQ leisure area, etc. .

Huizhou Seaside Hot Spring Resort is situated in Pinghai Town, Zhiping Peninsula, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, with beautiful scenery, green trees and fragrant birds. It relies on Daya Bay in the west, Nanmen Laiwan tourist resort in the south, and Honghai Bay in the east. It has excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. It can reach the resort area by Guanghui Expressway and Shenshan Expressway. It is 2 hours away from Shenzhen and Dongguan. About the distance.

Huizhou seaside hot springs, with marine culture as its theme, have more than 72 kinds of open-air hot spring pools of different sizes and functions, which are scattered all over the seaside gardens: warm and romantic couple pool houses; various kinds of feeding and health-preserving hot springs with fitness tune, can soak in the belly of sea turtles in the health-preserving area, can also hide in the gourd and enjoy traditional Chinese medicine bath, and can also enjoy themselves in the big purple sand pot. Enjoy the fragrant tea bath, and the Chinese hot spring spa is more popular, is a good place for people who love beauty skin care and beauty. In addition, the hot spring area also has the most marine cultural characteristics of all kinds of hot spring pools, such as sea turtles, crabs, dolphins, shrimps, seahorses, conches, sea dragons, sharks, fish therapy, shells, seabirds, pearl beauty and other characteristics of hot spring pools; there are all kinds of children's entertainment hot springs, Dead Sea baths, surfing, drifting and other dynamic and grateful hot spring projects, constituting a new and interesting sea temperature. Spring heaven and earth, both Chinese garden style and subtropical coastal style.

Geothermal mineral springs in Huizhou coastal hot springs have daily water inflow of more than 4000 cubic meters, water storage of 10,000 cubic meters and water temperature of nearly 70 degrees. Among the trace mineral elements rich in dozens of beneficial to human health, metasilicic acid, sulphur and radon all meet the national standard naming standards. They are praised by experts as the "best" hot springs in saltwater hot springs, which have very high medical and health value and have special curative effects on beauty and skin. It has good supplementary convalescent effect on neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis, obesity, cardio-cerebral and cardiovascular diseases, and can be comparable to the famous resort of Misa Radon Spring in Japan.

Huizhou Seaside Hot Spring has the unique "hot spring labyrinth" and the largest marine culture hot springs in China. It is the largest, highest-grade, most complete and most advanced characteristic hot spring resort hotel in eastern Guangdong. It is also one of the few high-end, comprehensive, high-quality and professional large-scale hot spring tourist resorts in Guangdong.

Characteristic hot spring

Hot springs, also known as geothermal. Generally speaking, the formation of hot springs requires the following conditions: first, there must be hot water underground; second, there must be hydrostatic pressure difference, leading to hot water upwelling; third, there must be deep fissures in rock heating water to the ground. Strictly speaking, hot springs should have three meanings, that is, certain minerals; reaching a certain temperature; and springs emerging from the surface. Seaside hot springs originate from deep-sea bottom geothermal water. The springs are clear, transparent and smooth. The daily water inflow is over 4000 cubic meters, the water storage is 10,000 cubic meters, and the water temperature is nearly 70 degrees. Seaside hot springs are rich in sulfate, sodium hydride, sulfur and other mineral elements which are beneficial to human health. They are "three materials in one" rare hot springs. Among them, metasilicic acid and sulfur are up to the national standard naming standards, and are praised by experts as "the best" hot springs in saltwater hot springs, with high medical and health value. In addition, immersion in hot springs has a special effect on cosmetology and skin beauty. It also has a good auxiliary convalescent effect on neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis, obesity, cardio-cerebral, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases and so on. Hypertension, heart disease patients, under the premise of regular medication, can soak in hot springs, but each time no more than 20 minutes. Wake up cautiously and slowly to avoid falling down due to dizziness caused by vasodilation and decreased blood pressure. Some patients with skin diseases should not soak in hot springs; for those suffering from winter itching, eczema, ectopic dermatitis, soaking in hot water for too long will accelerate the evaporation of skin moisture, destroy the skin protective layer and worsen symptoms. Pregnant women are not suitable. After soaking in hot springs, human body water evaporates rapidly and needs to be supplemented by drinking water in time.

Play item

Children's Water Paradise

Designed specifically for children, there are many interesting water projects. Adults, children and families can display their innocence freely in Happy Water City, giving children a wonderful joyous journey, passionate surfing on the water, surfing pool, and you can feel the real waves without going to the seaside. Let's experience Robinson Crusoe's adventures together.

Seaside Hot Spring Resort

Hot spring theme seaside hot spring is a "health + entertainment" type hot spring with ocean culture as its theme. It takes the ocean culture and ancient city culture of Ziping Peninsula as its carrier, integrates hot spring health culture and fashionable entertainment elements, and builds a health-preserving, nature-preserving and heart-preserving hot spring vacation culture! The water quality of spring water is a geothermal spring from deep sea. The water quality is slightly salty. The spring water is clear, transparent and smooth. It is rich in more than 40 mineral elements such as sodium chloride, metasilicic acid, sulfur and iron, which are beneficial to human health. It is a rare hot spring of "three materials in one" and has very high medical and health value. The scale of the resort is huge, covering an area of more than 1500 mu, the open-air hot spring area is close to 200 mu, the building area is 100,000 square meters, and the greening rate is 70%. The ground parking lot can park 100 buses and 500 cars, with 337 luxury rooms of various styles.

Daya Bay and Sailiao Bay

Located at the southern end of the beautiful Ziping Peninsula and near the Tropic of Cancer, the seaside hot springs have beautiful scenery of subtropical islands. The resort is connected with Daya Bay in the West and Sunliao Bay in the "Tianzhi Platinum Dike" in the south, Nanmen Bay and Bienyue Bay in the south, and Red Bay in the east, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Zhiping Peninsula has prominent geographical advantages. It is also close to the major cities in eastern Guangdong. The sea, land and air transport network is developed. It is forming an integrated pattern with Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Huizhou. With the development of integrated regional economy, the Ziping Peninsula is gradually becoming a shining new tourism pole. The "Chinese Pool" designed by the terrain on the map of China, where a variety of new types of hydrotherapy are concentrated, hot springs are sprayed by matching sound bubbles to stimulate the human body to receive hydraulic massage, which can relax muscles and blood circulation and relax nerves.

Supporting services

The seaside hot spring resort is surrounded by mountains, sitting on mountains and lakes, the wizard of Oz, the fragrance of birds and flowers, the fragrance of clear water and the charm of sea breeze. It is a natural oxygen bar. In addition to the large-scale open-air ocean culture theme hot spring area, there are also Chinese restaurants, food centers, folk customs, acrobatic performances of ocean customs, business conferences, dance halls, KTV, Western cafes, four seasons orchards, big stalls, tea houses, specialty shopping malls, BBQ barbecue garden, fireworks yards, basketball, tennis, badminton, billiards and other facilities, as well as couples bicycles, Internet cafes, billiards and other facilities. Chess and card room, reading room, hairdressing room, mahjong room, foot bath, Chinese massage, various health care massage projects, SPA beauty and other recreational health projects.

1. Seaside Hot Spring Massage and Physical Therapy Center

With comfortable environment and complete facilities, many VIP rooms are specially designed to meet the needs of consumers of different strata. The center has more than 30 professional massage technicians, technology-based, service-oriented, to deliver high-quality services for your health. The massage physiotherapy center provides Chinese massage, Thai massage, Tibetan massage, cupping, scraping, foot massage, runny back, Taoer, manicure and other services.

Located on the second floor of the Hot Spring Building, the Pacific Song and Dance Hall and entertainment KTV boxes provide nearly 10,000 classical, nostalgic and popular Chinese and Western songs, or sing and dance; or drink and laugh. Place yourself in the music part, enjoy entertainment and carnival. Business hours: 20:00-00:30

2. Hawaiian Cafe

Romantic, elegant and noble sentiment, comfortable and leisurely feeling... Enjoy special drinks and delicate snacks; watch 72 springs in the seaside garden cluster; listen to the sounds of the mountains, plain piano quiet; feel the sea charm of the seaside hot springs. Affectionate Cafe, bring you the extraordinary feeling of leisure fashion. Business hours: 8:00-00:30

3. Teahouse

Tea Art Hall has elegant, quiet, Qing long tea art hall, unique style, about 35 bosom friends, tea talk, laugh at life, point out the mountains and rivers, count the stars, so that the body and mind naturally converted into one.

Business hours: 20:00-00:30

In addition, there are amorous garden, tennis court, badminton, billiards, table tennis, basketball court, beauty and hairdressing center, chess and card room, network information center, entertainment amorous bar, double bicycle, kite court... Enrich the program, so that your vacation more colorful!

Special food

1. Peninsula Fishing Village Restaurant

The Peninsula Fishing Village Restaurant with distinctive features, specially appointed senior chefs who have been engaged in seafood delicacies for many years, originally created seaside hot spring diet therapy, exquisite creativity; various Hakka specialty dishes, so that you can have a good taste and enjoy a healthy life. Among them, the more representative are: sea urchin thorn body, Tieyong oyster, sea urchin fried rice, taro seedling taro rib cooker, hot spring chicken, signboard bowl meat, red stewed sea cucumber and so on.

The restaurant is equipped with Chinese and Western food, large stalls, tea houses, and standard banquet rooms and luxury banquet halls. Business methods include group package meals, individual snacks, meeting meals, business banquets, wedding banquets, etc. Flexible arrangements and tailor-made according to the requirements of guests, to provide more thoughtful and personalized noble services.

2. Seafood stalls: Penglai Pavilion, a beautiful forest scenery, cheap seafood feast, garden-style seafood stalls, is a collection of fresh seafood feasts and beautiful scenery of human delicacies, beauty paradise. All kinds of seafood are delicious. Fresh ingredients, authentic dishes, attractive sales, good taste.

3. Barbecue Barbecue Barbecue

Green trees, green onions, natural ecology, garden BBQ million miles fragrance, passion of the amorous feelings band. Seaside hot spring barbecue garden, shade, spring water flowing, people leisure enjoyment, spring sound, joyment mixed with BBQ delicacies emitted a strong fragrance, let people smell and heartbeat, saliva. Seafood, meat, chicken wings, ham, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, drinks... All-inclusive, everything!

4. Hot Spring Eggs

There is an old saying: hot springs "bath can remove disease, soak can cook fresh". Seaside hot springs are known as the "best" of saltwater hot springs because of their large daily influx, high water temperature and good water quality. The use of hot spring water can also be immersed in cooked eggs, adding some mysterious color to the seaside hot spring. Seaside hot spring egg-soaking pond, the water temperature of the pond as high as 78 C, for tourists to soak eggs cooked food. After 10 minutes of immersion, half-cooked eggs melt at the entrance; after about 20 minutes of immersion, they can be cooked. Easily peel off the eggshell, the protein is smooth and transparent, the yolk condenses properly, taste it lightly, fresh, tender, smooth, soft, unique flavor, delicious, nutritious, let people endless aftertaste.

5. Four Seasons Ecological Fruit Garden

Seaside hot springs also have four seasons of ecological fruit orchards, flavor snack restaurants, rich delicacies, special snacks, so that you can eat!

Surrounding attractions

There are rich tourist resources around Huizhou seaside hot springs, such as the National Turtle Reserve, Bienyuewan Tourism Resort, Sunliao Bay Seaside Resort, Yapo Cape Tourist Area, Mangrove Reserve, Pinghai Ancient City, Ancient Temple and other famous scenic spots.

Traffic information

Passenger line

1. From the North Railway Station of Huizhou, take the Huizhou-Huidong Port Express and get off at the intersection of Pinghai Sand Factory. Transfer to a taxi. You can get to the resort in 5 minutes. At Huizhou Bus Station, take Huizhou-Huidong Express to Huidong Bus Station, transfer to Huidong-Port Bus, get off at the intersection of Pinghai Sand Factory, transfer to taxi, and get to the resort in 5 minutes.

2. Starting from Guangzhou: Take the Guangzhou-Huidong Express to Huidong Bus Station, transfer to Huidong-Port Bus, get off at the intersection of Pinghai Sand Factory, transfer to taxi, and get to the resort in 5 minutes. Take the Guangzhou-Pinghai Express to Pinghai Bus Station and transfer to a taxi. It takes 10 minutes to get to the resort.

3. Start from Shenzhen: Take the Shenzhen-Huidong Express to Huidong Bus Station, transfer to Huidong-Port Bus, get off at the intersection of Pinghai Shachang, transfer to taxi, and get to the resort in 5 minutes. Take the Shenzhen-Pinghai Express to Pinghai Bus Station and transfer to a taxi. It takes 10 minutes to get to the resort.

4. Starting from Dongguan: Take Dongguan-Huidong Express to Huidong Bus Station, transfer to Huidong-Port Bus, get off at Pinghai Shachang intersection, transfer to taxi, and get to the resort in 5 minutes. Take the Dongguan-Pinghai Express to Pinghai Bus Station and transfer to a taxi. It takes 10 minutes to get to the resort.

5. Starting from Shantou: Take the Shantou-Huidong Express to Huidong Bus Station, transfer to Huidong-Port Bus, get off at the intersection of Pinghai Sand Factory, transfer to taxi, and get to the resort in 5 minutes.

Self driving line

1, Guangzhou

Starting from Guanghui Expressway, the Lingkeng Exit of Huidong County is transferred to Shenshan Expressway. The left of Huidong Zishan Exit is transferred to Guangshan Highway for 12 kilometers to Shantou. The right is turned to Binhai Avenue for 1 kilometer, and then to Pinghai (Turtle Nature Reserve) for 20 kilometers. The seaside hot spring resort of Huidong Pinghai can be reached.

2, Shenzhen

Starting from Shenzhen-Shantou Expressway, about an hour's drive from the exit of "Huidong Zishan" to the left of Guangshan Highway is 12 kilometers, then turning to Binhai Avenue and going forward for 1 kilometer, and then walking 20 kilometers to Pinghai (Turtle Nature Reserve) before arriving at Huidong Pinghai Seaside Hot Spring Resort.

3, Shantou

Starting from Shenzhen-Shantou Expressway, after about 2 hours'drive, turn right at the exit of "Jilong Ebu" to Guangzhou-Shantou Highway for 15 kilometers, turn left into Binhai Avenue for 1 kilometer, and then walk 20 kilometers to Pinghai (the direction of Turtle Nature Reserve), you can reach Huidong Pinghai Seaside Hot Spring Resort.