Huhu Water Eco Scenic Spot

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Huhu Water Eco-Scenic Spot

Located in the southwestern edge of Pingshan County, Hebei Province, the old revolutionary area, the Biaoshui Eco-Scenic Spot has a tourist area of 11.5 square kilometers, an altitude of 800-1100 meters, and a distance of 95 kilometers from Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. Now it is the national 4A scenic spot, the National Water Conservancy Scenic spot, the national scenic spot and the best eco-tourism scenic spot in China. This scenic spot integrates natural scenery, cultural landscape and red tourism. As early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was one of the "eight scenic spots" in Pingshan, and enjoyed the reputation of "Shushui Falls rising from heaven".

Main attractions

Waterfalls in the ecological scenic area of Shuangshui are typical karst karst springs. They flow all the year round, and the water quality is clean and sweet. They fall along the cliff, forming multi-level waterfalls with a drop of 93 meters and 45 meters, such as "waves like snow, spraying like flowers", "white rainbows like drinks in the source". Ice waterfalls hang high in winter, such as curtains like pillars, flowers like jade, thousands of strange forms, crystal clear. Historically, there are hanging coffins in the South and niche coffins in the north, but nowadays the hard-to-find niche coffins can be featured here, which belongs to the unique North . The mountains are magnificent and beautiful, with strange shapes, camel peaks, dream pens, spiritual vulture peaks, lotus Guanyin, a line of sky, Tianshengqiao and so on, countless, skillful and lifelike, leaving visitors with many mysteries that are difficult to solve. Natural plants decorate the valley with colorful, lush, primitive forest, summer green, autumn red, birds contending, which can be called Beixiong Nanxiu collection; folk stories, myths and legends, interesting and interesting, Wulong Virgin Mother, lotus fairy, black dragon pressing the top, God bell punishing corruption and so on, have been circulating in succession, like endless rolling water, which shows the origin of Taihang Mountains. Long-standing, rich and colorful history and culture; Qinglime tile houses, age-old stumps, horse-mounted stones, ancestral stone mills, as well as simple and honest folk customs, hospitable folk customs, a concentrated reflection of the ancient and strong Taihang style.

Because it is located in the depths of Taihang, the local villagers are very simple and kind. No matter where you go, the simple mountain people will warmly entertain you. They will let you live in the farmyard, eat farm meals and have a special watering hotel. It is also one of the reasons why many tourists have to go to the watering Restaurant for a few days every year. Moreover, it is of good quality and low price, and it keeps the simple wild vegetables, game, pot dishes and baking. Cakes and stickers are delicious in the world.

From the gate to the scenic spot, you can visit the dead wood bridge, lotus pond, monument pond of "red power plant", old site area of red power plant, quanhuatai, Hulu lake, nine-day rain shower, water curtain labyrinth, exhibition area of red power plant, Zhude Road, Baotu spring, secluded valley, Taoran lake, Baizhang Fairfall, Tianchi, Wulongtan, Wulong Notre Dame Bridge, Shuimu Temple, Lingquan Cave, Valley of Valley of Valley of Valley of Valley of Valley of Valley of Valley of Valley of Valley of Lovers, More than 80 scenic spots such as niches, coffins, Mengbifeng, Wanghai Peak, primitive forests, Yingshui Well, etc.

Legend of scenic spots

Legend has it that in ancient times, the people were not bored with the drought, drinking water was limited, and laundry took turns. Golden Phoenix, a kindhearted village aunt, washed her robes for monks and bit off the five-color thread head, so that she was pregnant with dragons, was blessed by Guanyin, gave birth to five dragons, became the Virgin Mother, opened Lingquan, and solved the people's difficulties. People are grateful to Dade, to build the Temple of the Virgin Mother, to build jellyfish temples, and to hold temple fairs, which are full of incense and reverence, and to eliminate worries and calamities. Legend has painted a layer of mysterious color for Taoist landscape, natural stone arch bridge and Yingshui well, which are dotted by Guanyin; Lingquan Cave is the source of people's longevity; Wulongtan is the palace for dragon's enjoyment; Qingshiqiao is the incarnation of Qinglong; spiritual eagle, camel, tortoise and male lion are all the God birds and monsters protecting spring; Valley of Valley of Lovers originates from the place where monks are loved and returned to vulgar.

"Yuanbishui Eco-Scenic Spot" is also known as "Blood Girl Spring" in "The History of Chuimin". The earliest record of "Blood Girl Spring" originated from "The History of Chuimin", "Beoza Ether". The original article wrote: "Beoza sees Anrowpara, her teacher, playing chess in the danger of"Blood Girl Spring". "Because the political situation of the people's house was unstable at that time, Bei was blamed by Yihuang and went to Xuennuquan to ask his teacher, Anrovada, to play chess at the peak of Xuennuquan.

In addition, there are other articles about XueNuQuan, such as "Sleeping and swimming in XueNuQuan".

[Original: Its cities are surrounded by mountains, and the clouds are as close as possible. At first glance, there is a turbulent waterfall under B. See Yu Fu, too. The mountain is located in the north of Shishi, and there are springs and clear streams, so they all want to swim.

To the valley, there are wan, the land is very flat and yellow. Many people come and go, and there are also wanton people, the city of Bifu. The mountain has a mouth to the south, and the entrance is slightly refreshing. The acupoints also take many steps and meet the second ancestors. The brother of Pizongxie went to dinner. Chen Zhi-cuisine, ready, no shortage in Houfu's practice. A spring falls from the top in the West while sitting alone at the table and watching the scenery. There are many people here who want to get rid of it. Once full, dedicate to the Houfu, quote from it, said Ganzai!

Is Houfu's meeting at the acupoint, or is it Xi-ri? September 23, 2008.

(Afterword: First, you can only travel to a spring. It's just a matter of study to go all the way. Its spring is called "Blood Girl Spring". A return visit in July of ten years is better than father's and mother's. ]

Obviously, this is a travel story. In addition, in the Journey of the Snow, it is also noted that "although after the meeting, the Fu feasted on the acupoints", the "acupoints" mentioned in this sentence and the comprehension of the whole sentence refer to the events in "Sleeping and Travelling Bloodlady Spring".

Tourism information

Traffic information


1. Shijiazhuang-North 2nd Ring-Shiyan Highway-Bai Chi-pole-Pingshan-Wentang-Guyue Left Turn (19 km) -Shuangshui

2. Shijiazhuang - Xibaipo Expressway - Wentang (Lower Expressway) - Guyue (Left Turn) - Shushui (about 2 hours)


1. Taiyuan-Yangqu-Shouyang-Nanlou-Yuxian-Jiaokou-Xianrenxiang-Qingfeng-Taya-Shuangshui (about 3.5 hours)

2. Taiyuan-G55 Erguang Expressway-Beijing-Kunming Expressway-Xibaipo Expressway-Wentang (Lower Expressway) -Guyue (Left Turn) -Shuilishui


Beijing-Beijing-Kunming Expressway-Xibaipo Expressway-Wentang (Lower Expressway) -Guyue (Left Turn) -Shuoshui


Tianjin-Tianjin-Baoshan Expressway-Jingkun Expressway-Xibaipo Expressway-Wentang (Lower Expressway) -Guyue (Left Turn) -Shuoshui


Beijing-Kunming Expressway-Xibaipo Expressway-Wentang (Lower Expressway) -Guyue (Left Turn) -Shuoshui

Bus routes:

Shijiazhuang North Passenger Transport Station-the Miao Shui Tourist Special Line Bus leaves at 8:30 p.m. every day and returns at 15:30 p.m.

Taiyuan Passenger Terminal-Pingshan Passenger Station

Beijing Lianhuachi Station-Pingshan Passenger Station

Tianjin Hongqiao Passenger Station-Pingshan Passenger Station

Baoding Passenger Terminus-Shuoshui Scenic Area

Pingshan Passenger Station - Miaoshui 8:20 p.m. and 1:20 p.m.

Shuoshuishui - Pingshan Passenger Station 6:20 a.m. and 1:20 p.m.

Ticket information

Ticket price: 65 yuan per person for adults

Special population preferential policies:

A. Free Policy: a. Height < 1.2m

B. Older persons over 70 years of age (with valid identity cards)

C. Active servicemen, journalists and disabled persons (with valid identity documents)

B. Preferential policies: a.1.2 < height < 1.4 meters for 35 yuan per person

B. Students (with student certificates) buy student tickets at 35 yuan per person

C. 35 yuan per person aged over 60 (with valid certificate)

Opening Hours

Summer: 08:00-18:00

Winter: 08:00-21:00

Best season

Four seasons are available (spring flowers, summer waterfalls, autumn leaves, winter ice waterfalls)


4-6 hours