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Huainan Normal University

Huainan Normal University (Huainan Normal University) is a provincial full-time undergraduate college. In 2009, he was selected as a provincial master's institution.

The school was founded in 1958 when it was a teacher's College in Huainan. In 2000, approved by the Ministry of education, the former Huainan normal school, Huainan Education Institute and Huainan normal school merged to form Huainan Normal University.

As of November 2018, the school covers an area of 762 thousand square meters, with a total area of 540 thousand square meters, with 15 two level colleges, 60 undergraduate majors, 817 full-time teachers, and 19 thousand full-time students.

Historical evolution

In 1958, Huainan normal college was founded.

In 1962, the Huainan teachers' college was transformed into a teacher training school in Huainan.

In 1963, the Huainan teachers' further education school was suspended.

In 1977, the school resumed.

In 1978, the Huainan teachers' further education school was reactivated and renamed. Anhwei Normal University (Huainan specialist class).

In 1983, Anhwei Normal University (Huainan specialized class) was converted to Huainan normal school.

In 1985, the Huainan Institute of education was incorporated into Huainan normal college.

In 1986, Huainan Teachers College (formerly part of the Huainan Institute of Education) was converted to the Huainan Institute of education.

In 1999, the three schools of Huainan normal college, Huainan Education Institute and Huainan normal school merged.

March 2000, by the state Ministry of Education Approval upgraded to huainan normal university 。

Scale of running a school

Department specialty

· Establishment of departments

As of November 2018, the school was set up by Huainan Normal University School of education, Huainan Normal University School of economics and management, Huainan Normal University School of electronic engineering, Huainan Normal University literature and communication college. School of bioengineering, Huainan Normal University Huainan Normal University, School of chemistry and materials engineering, Huainan Normal University, School of mechanical and electrical engineering, Huainan Normal University School of Finance and mathematics, Huainan Normal University Computer Institute, Institute of foreign languages, Faculty of foreign languages, University of foreign languages, law school, Marx School of economics, Institute of Physical Education and sports (Public Physical Education Department), School of fine arts and design, Institute of music and electrical engineering, children's dance research center, 15 two level colleges.


· Professional setup

The college is equipped with International economy and trade , Chinese language and Literature , Financial Engineering , Chemical engineering and technology , communication engineering , Electronic Information Engineering Chemistry, Electrical engineering and automation , network engineering, Digital media technology , automation, Politics and Administration Landscape architecture, optical information science, mathematics and applied mathematics, physics, Applied Psychology Musicology, Fine Arts Animation, Environmental art design , Visual communication design , Advertising Science Accounting and so on, covering 65 undergraduate majors in nine universities.

Faculty strength

As of November 2018, there were 1037 in-service staff and 817 full-time teachers, of whom 248 were senior professional titles and 645 had doctorate degrees. There are 4 excellent teachers in the country, 12 excellent teachers at the provincial level, 9 famous teachers in the provincial level, and 19 new teachers in provincial educational circles. 。

Discipline construction

As of November 2018, there were 2 provincial key disciplines and 10 key disciplines at the university level. 。

Provincial Key Disciplines: Physical chemistry, development and educational psychology 。

Key disciplines at school level: Regional economics, Chinese and foreign political system, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Sinicization of Marx doctrine, materials science, ecology, signal and information processing, etc. 。

Teaching construction

As of November 2018, there were 1 state-level specialties, 8 provincial-level specialties, 11 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot programs, 2 provincial-level personnel training mode innovation experimentation area, 5 provincial-level outstanding talent education and training programs, 4 provincial demonstration practice training centers, 2 virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 8 provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education bases, 7 provincial teaching teams, 3 provincial top quality courses, 17 door provincial quality resource sharing courses, the provincial gate quality video open course, and the provincial gate large-scale online open course (MOOC).

National characteristic specialty (1): Primary School Education

Provincial specialty (7): Art design , International economy and trade , Bioscience , Chemistry , automation , accounting , physical education

Provincial professional comprehensive reform pilot program (9): Bioscience , Mathematics and Applied Mathematics , Chemical engineering and technology , preschool education , Electronic Commerce , English? , Cultural industry management

Provincial demonstration practice training center (4): Economic management experiment center, applied biotechnology demonstration practice training center, art training center and life science experiment center.

Provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center (1): Virtual experiment teaching center of Biotechnology

Provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education base (4 One) : The comprehensive practice base of law education, applied biological technology innovation and practice education base, animation design school enterprise cooperation practical education base, and Huainan Normal University - Ya Peng Sheng agricultural practice education base.

Provincial Teaching Team (6): Materials chemistry course teaching team, political science teaching team, Chinese and foreign literature teaching team, economics series teaching team, electrical information subject platform course dual energy teaching team, management teaching team

Provincial Quality Courses (10 doors): Socialist market economy, signals and systems, and Introduction to national culture, principles of politics, administrative law, introduction to Chinese culture, electromagnetism, university physics experiments, public physical education and literature.

Provincial quality resource sharing course (11 door): College physics experiments, organic chemistry, management of small and medium-sized enterprises, higher mathematics, logic, structural chemistry, literature introduction, public relations, university chemistry experiments, Chinese painting and mathematical analysis.

Provincial quality video open course (2 door): Introduction to Chinese culture and organic chemistry

Provincial outstanding talent education and training plan (4): Provincial excellent marketing teacher education and training plan, provincial excellent environmental designer training plan, provincial excellent primary and secondary school teacher plan, provincial outstanding legal talent education and training plan

Innovation of provincial talents training mode experimentation area (2): Chemical and biological personnel training mode innovation experimentation area, Bio Science Talent Training Mode Innovation experimentation area

academic research

scientific research institution

As of November 2018, the school has 1 provincial key laboratories and 2 provincial-level humanities.

The key research bases of Social Sciences, 1 provincial think tanks, 1 municipal engineering and technology research centers, 4 Municipal Science and technology innovation teams, 5 school level innovation platforms, 10 research institutes directly under the school level, 7 research and innovation teams at the university level.

The school has more than 20 academic research institutions, namely, "Key Laboratory of data science", "Key Laboratory of green chemistry synthesis" and "resource-based urban development research center". In collaboration with Huainan, Huainan Youth Network Ideological and Political Education Research Center, Huainan cultural industry development research center and Huainan smart city development research center were set up. 。

Provincial Key Laboratories: Huainan Provincial Key Laboratory of low temperature co fired materials

Provincial key research base for Humanities and Social Sciences: "Resource-based city development research center" and "University Emergency Management Research Center"

Anhui provincial university think tank: Anhui resource city development research center.

Achievements in scientific research

According to the information released by the school's official website in November 2018, the school published 1754 academic research papers in the past five years, published 49 monographs and teaching materials, approved 529 authorized patents, approved 11 national fund projects, 245 provincial and ministerial level projects, 2 Anhui science and technology awards, 2 Anhui Social Science awards, and 4 Huainan science and technology progress award. 。

Academic resources

· Collection resources

As of May 2018, Huainan Normal University Library There are 1 million 260 thousand books in the collection, nearly 830 thousand kinds of e-books, 542 kinds of newspapers and 25 kinds of newspapers. There are more than 30 network teaching resources databases, 5 Chinese and foreign periodical databases, and a reading and academic search platform, a query system and a non book management system.

The library provides 22 services, such as book lending, newspaper reading, electronic literature retrieval, reader training, information consultation, book appointment, overdue reminder, document delivery, entrusted novelty search, and personalized digital library construction and tracking service based on CNKI.

In 2011 and 2012, the library received 4 million yuan from the central financial support for the construction project. In 2013, it received 1 million 500 thousand yuan from the Anhui provincial university Capacity Upgrading Project "digital resources sharing and online learning platform". 。

· Academic journals

Academic journals sponsored by the school. Journal of Huainan Normal University (Bimonthly), face

Publicly issued at home and abroad. " Journal of Huainan Normal University "Deng Xiaoping" is the director of the Anhui Provincial Department of education, sponsored by the State Press and publication administration. The academic journal of Huainan Normal University is a comprehensive academic journal focusing on mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, education, sports and other related disciplines. The periodicals include "Deng Xiaoping theory research", "Poetics Construction", "thinking research", "Graduate Forum" and so on. The journal has been awarded two honorary titles of "Anhui provincial high school liberal arts journal" and "China humanities and Social Sciences Journal Quality Improvement Award", and has joined the "China Journal Net" and "Wanfang Data one digital periodical group". The 2001 excerpts of papers published in the forefront of similar institutions in the country.

academic exchange

The school has established extensive inter school communication with universities and educational institutions in Britain, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Australia and Canada, and has extensively carried out educational and teaching cooperation and academic exchanges with many key institutions and research institutes in University of Science and Technology of China. To carry out flexible cultural exchange and student exchange activities with universities at home and abroad.

Outstanding alumni

Yao Yu Zhou : He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Huainan Teachers College in 1982. He is currently standing committee of the Anhui provincial Party committee and Secretary of the political and legislative committee.

Zhang Qi : He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Huainan Teachers College in 1981. He is currently standing committee of the Hainan provincial Party committee and Secretary of Haikou Municipal Committee.

Li Meng : He graduated from the Department of politics and education in Huainan normal college in 1987. He is the Secretary of the Tongling Municipal Committee.

Liu Guang Jing : He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Huainan Teachers College in 1979. Anhui Huishang Group Co Ltd general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee.

Liu Yi : He graduated from the Chinese Department of Huainan teachers' College in 1983. He is the chairman and general manager of the state invested coal limited company, and is the chairman, senior engineer and senior economist of Limited by Share Ltd. It has won many special honors from the Huainan model worker, Anhui model worker, national youth post master, national coal youth post expert, the Tenth China's ten outstanding young people, outstanding young entrepreneurs in Anhui, the Shi Gejie Spirit Award and the national labor model of the highest award of China's coal enterprise ideological and political work.

Sude mine He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Huainan Teachers College in 1980, and has a postgraduate qualification. He is a professor of mathematics at Zhejiang University. Zhejiang University, the three educating pacesetter, the first teaching master of Zhejiang University, and the excellent course in Zhejiang. Calculus The head of the course, the deputy director of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the public mathematics foundation course of Zhejiang University, the head of the calculus course of Zhejiang University, the executive director and Secretary General of the Higher Mathematics Teaching Research Association of Zhejiang Province, is one of the members of the research group of the former state Education Commission, "the reform of teaching content and curriculum system facing the twenty-first Century", presided by Professor Xiao Shutie of Tsinghua University. Professor of mathematics and mathematics teaching and research center of the Department of mathematics, a famous master of mathematics tutoring in the postgraduate entrance examination, is one of the students' favorite teachers. In 2014, he was awarded the highest honor of the "Ping Ping prize" awarded by Zhejiang University.

You shun Xu : In July 1980, he graduated from the Chinese Department of Huainan teachers college. Now she is the vice principal of Bengbu second middle school in Anhui province. She is a special teacher in middle school, and is executive director of the Chinese Language Association. In 1991, it was rated as "excellent teacher in the whole country" and "super teacher" in 1999. In 2005, the special allowance of the Anhui provincial government was granted. He is currently the supervisor of Bengbu No. 3 middle school.

Wang sun : He graduated from the English Department of Huainan normal college in 1983. He is now vice president of Mount Holyoke secondary school in Anhui and a special teacher in middle school. In 1997, he was named "the first teaching star of Anhui province". In 2001, he was selected as "the national model teacher" and "the model teacher of Anhui province". In 2002, he was awarded the title of "super teacher of Anhui province" by the provincial people's government. In 2004, he was awarded the "excellent foreign language teacher of the whole country".