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Huaibei Normal University

Huaibei Normal University, or Huaibei Normal University, is a multi discipline. Provincial Key Universities Selected Infrastructure construction of universities in the central and Western Regions (phase two).

The school was founded in 1974, when it was Huaibei branch of Anhwei Normal University. In 1978, 12, the State Council approved it. Huaibei Teachers' College of Coal Industry Subordinate Ministry of coal industry In September 1998, the central and local governments were jointly built. Anhui Province Management based management system; 3 menstruation in 2010 Ministry of Education Approved and renamed Huaibei Normal University.

According to the official website of the school in June 2018, the school has two campuses of Xiangshan and Binhu, covering an area of 3000 mu, with a building area of 740 thousand square meters, a total of more than 420 volumes of paper and electronic literature in Chinese and foreign languages, over 27000 pieces of teaching and research instruments and equipment, and a total value of 227 million yuan; 18 colleges and 82 undergraduate specialties; 15 first class master's degree authorization points, and 7 professional degree authorization categories, and more than 30 full-time teachers.

Historical evolution

In 1974, Anhwei Normal University Huaibei branch was established.

In December 1978, State Council of the PRC Approved, renamed Huaibei Coal Industry Teacher's College, under the original Ministry of coal industry of People's Republic of China .

In 1981, the school was granted a bachelor's degree authorization.

In September 1998, the school implemented the management system of "central and local co construction, mainly in Anhui province".

In 2000, the school passed the Ministry of education's undergraduate teaching evaluation with excellent results.

In 2003, the school received the right to grant master's degree.

In 2007, the school obtained the "excellent" ranking in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of education.

In 2009, the school added the training unit for the master of education degree, the doctoral degree awarding unit of the provincial level construction and post doctoral post establishment.

In March 2010, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Approved, Huaibei Coal Industry Teacher's College changed its name to Huaibei Normal University.

In 2016, it was selected as the basic capacity building project in the central and Western Universities (phase two).

Faculty strength

According to the official website of the school in June 2019, there are more than 1100 full-time teachers in the school. Among them, there are more than 330 PhD candidates and 700 master's degrees, with more than 500 senior professional titles. There are 9 "double employed" academicians and so on, including 54 provincial and ministerial level talents, 57 outstanding backbone young and middle-aged teachers in the provincial universities, 14 outstanding national teachers and 51 labor medals, 14 special government allowances, 13 Ceng Xianzi Education Fund winners, 20 provincial teaching masters, 14 provincial excellent teachers, teachers' ethics pacesetter and outstanding party workers. There are 7 teaching teams at the provincial level.

"National special plan", the leading talent of 10 million projects Wang Lei

National candidates for the project of "10 million talents in the new century" Wang Lei

Provincial Teaching Masters Yang Yijun, Hao Wenqing, Liu Jieping, Sun Dengming, Huang Baojun, Deng Daogui, Wang Jiayun, Wang Jiayun, man, man, man, woman, man, woman, man, man, and woman.

Provincial Education show Sun Yixiao, Lu Hongyan, Ma Yanfang, Liu Yongliang, Gao Xuan, Wei Zhenzhong, Li Ying, Li Ying, man, woman, man, woman, man, woman, and Chou dolly.

Provincial Teaching Team Chinese ancient literature teaching team, Chinese history basic course teaching team, physical education professional teaching team, University Mathematics Series teaching team, high-level language programming teaching team, bioengineering core course teaching team.

Teaching construction

According to the official website of the school in June 2018, the school has 5 state-level specialties, 1 national level comprehensive reform pilot projects, 1 state-level special education teacher training and training bases, 1 state-level school enterprise cooperation practical education bases, 10 provincial-level specialty specialties, 15 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, 12 provincial-level demonstration experimental training centers, 2 provincial level virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 2 provincial level personnel training mode innovation experimentation area, 6 provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education bases, and 60 extra provincial quality open courses.

National characteristic specialty : Computer Science and technology, public utilities management, mathematics and applied mathematics, Chinese language and literature, chemistry.

National comprehensive reform pilot Physics

National key training base for special education teacher training Teacher training and Training Center for special education in Binhu Normal University, Huaibei Normal University

State level school enterprise cooperation practical education base Huaibei Normal University -- NIIT (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Engineering Practice Education Center

Provincial specialty : Fine Arts (normal), bioengineering, economics, electronic information engineering, network engineering, etc.

Provincial Comprehensive Pilot Reform : English, electrical information, applied chemistry, musicology, labor and social security, social sports guidance and management, electronic commerce, statistics, Japanese, material physics, international economics and trade, biological science, human resources management, chemical engineering and technology, communication engineering, pre school education.

Provincial Demonstration Experiment Training Center Music performance: Huaibei Flower Drum Opera practice training center, electronic electrician experimental training center, chemical engineering training center, material science and engineering experimental training demonstration center, computer system virtual simulation experiment teaching center, computer professional experimental training center, etc.

Provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center Circuit and electronic technology virtual simulation experiment teaching center, bioengineering virtual simulation experiment teaching center.

Provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education base : teacher education practice education base, Huaibei Normal University -NIIT (Wuxi) engineering practice education center, local university law education practice base, accounting professional school enterprise cooperation comprehensive practice education base, Huaibei Normal University Shanghai Welsh fitness management consulting (Shanghai) limited practice education base, Huaibei Normal University Huaibei normal university basic education group practice education base.

Provincial excellent talent education and training plan : excellent teachers program for primary and secondary schools, excellent training program for legal talents in local colleges and universities, excellent engineers for preschool teachers, electronic information specialty, excellent sports teachers, excellent middle school Chinese teachers, education and training plan, excellent teacher training program for talents in chemistry, excellent teacher education and training plan for computer science and technology major, excellent teacher education and training plan for physics major, excellent talents training program for accountants, excellent middle school English teachers, outstanding engineers, outstanding talents training program for intellectual property rights.

provincial level Quality open course : advanced language programming, ordinary differential equations, mobile communications, microbiology.

provincial level Excellent resource sharing course Ancient Chinese literature, data structure, linear electronic circuits, advanced mathematics, basic principles of Marx doctrine, basic English, microcomputer principles and applications, genetics, Chinese and foreign linguistic history, basketball, computer composition principles, Wushu and sports physiology.

provincial level Quality video open course : Ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, College Chinese, ancient Chinese history, English learning and traditional Chinese culture transmission, modern Chinese commentaries, economic theory, outline of modern Chinese history, microeconomics, color (watercolor landscape sketching)

academic research

Scientific research platform

According to the official website of the school in June 2018, the school has 4 provincial-level key laboratories, 1 provincial collaborative innovation centers, 2 provincial-level humanities and Social Sciences key research bases, 4 provincial science and technology innovation teams, 1 provincial "115" industrial innovation teams, 2 provincial think tanks, and a higher education research center, green chemistry and organic synthesis research laboratory, literature research institute, watercolor art creation and research center and other school level research platforms.

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education (project): Key Laboratory of green and precision synthetic chemistry and Applications

Provincial Key Laboratory : Provincial Key Laboratory of green material chemistry, Provincial Key Laboratory of energetic materials, Provincial Key Laboratory of resource plant biology, Key Laboratory of clean energy and green circulation.

Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center Anhui advanced functional composite material Collaborative Innovation Center

Provincial key research base for Humanities and Social Sciences Anhui Research Center for document collation and research, North Anhui economic and social development research center

Provincial "115" industrial innovation team Research and development team of high polymer fabric sensors for safety monitoring of underground personnel vital signs

Provincial think tank Anhui university management big data research center, Anhui excellent traditional culture research center

Research findings

According to the official website of the school in June 2018, the school has undertaken more than 160 teaching and research projects at provincial level and above, and has won over 70 teaching achievement awards at the provincial level. More than 120 national research projects have been undertaken, and more than 300 scientific research projects have been collected at provincial and ministerial level. More than 2600 papers have been retrieved by SCI, EI, ISTP and CSSCI, and more than 70 scientific research awards have been awarded, including 5 national awards.

According to the statistical investigation documents published by the Ministry of science and technology of the Ministry of education, in the past 2014-2017 years, the total funds for science and technology of Huaibei Normal University were 120 million 769 thousand yuan, 1591 scientific and technological topics, 1461 academic papers, and 5 winning results.