Hua Mulan Movie

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Hua Mulan Movie

(in 2020, Liu Yifei starred in Disney's live version).

Mulan is produced by Walt Disney Studios. Niki Caro Directing, Liu Yifei , Donnie Yen , Gong Li , Jet Li A live action movie starring. The file was released in North America in March 27, 2020.

According to the animation adaptation of Disney's same name in 1998, the film tells the story of Mulan disguising herself as a man, a father in the army, and a war of merit. .


The emperor of China issued a decree requiring a man to serve in the army to defend himself against the invasion of the north.

Slightly. As the eldest daughter of a respectable soldier, Mulan (Liu Yifei) He stood up and enlisted for his sick father. She disguised herself as a man, a pseudonym flower army. (Hua Jun) Through all kinds of tests, we must use our inner strength to accept our true potential. It was an epic journey that led to the transformation of Mulan into a respected soldier and the respect of his father from the state and proud father. .

Behind the scenes

· Jet Li decided to take the film because his daughter thought Disney shot Mulan is a good opportunity to promote Chinese culture, so he asked his father to take the photo for himself. .

Behind the scenes production

Actor selection

In order to find the right candidate for both English and Mulan's temperament, Disney held the global maritime election.

Open for starring.

The film director's team visited five continents in search of suitable actors to screen nearly 1000 actors. The requirements for this role include reliable martial arts skills, speaking English and, above all, star quality. .

In November 30, 2017, Disney officially announced that the international maritime election was over and officially confirmed that Liu Yifei played the role of Mulan. .

Production and distribution

Prophase propaganda

In March 2, 2018, a series of movie schedules released by Disney showed that the preparation time of the film was longer due to the selection of corners and so on, from the original November 2, 2018 to March 27, 2020. In August 13th of the same year, Disney's official twitter released the installation of the heroine Liu Yifei. .

In July 7, 2019, the film's first announcement was released during the half-time of the women's World Cup. In 24 hours, the global hits reached 175 million 100 thousand times, ranking seventh on the first day of movie trailers, which was second in the Disney animated movie live preview. .