Hu Yiyang Legend

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Hu Yiyang Legend

Hu Yiyang (about 1639-1718) is a good prime minister. He is a native of Liuting Village, Renhua Township, Moxian County (now Liuting Street, Chengyang District, Qingdao City). All his life, he did not become an official, but taught and apprenticed as his career. He is the author of Yixiang Enlightenment, Yijing Zhengshi, Jiezhi Mengtu Shuo, Liuxi Fragments, Cold Night Collection and so on.

brief introduction

Hu Yiyang (about 1639-1718) is a good prime minister with the character of Yiyang, a native of Jimo in Qingdao, Shandong Province (now Liuting Town, Chengyang District). All his life, he did not become an official, but taught and apprenticed as his career. "Family is very poor, one does not take, Peng room urn, leisurely and comfortable. Elegant workmanship and craftsmanship are regarded as a way of making progress. It can be seen that this is a scholar who pursues something quite different from the general feudal scholar-bureaucrats. Hu Yiyang's former residence has been built in Chengyang District.


Folk legends are Liyang, Yuyang, Weiyang, Liangtong, Xiangying, Yiyang, Virgin of Yuyu, and Mochengyang in Qing Dynasty. Born in Chongzhen, Ming Dynasty (1639), he studied in Wali and Huijuyuan when he was a teenager. When he was 16 years old in 1655, the gatekeeper forced him to undress his clothes and search his body. He was so angry that he flew away, swearing that he should not try all his life and then set up a hall to teach his apprentices for a living.


Hu Fuyang is endowed with extraordinary qualities. His intensive study of Zhouyi is different from that of Liluo. The family is very poor, carefully selected, Pengcheng urn, leisurely and self-satisfied. Although elegant workmanship and craftsmanship, but see the road of progress as well, but with Laoshan Baifuan Jiang Qingshan Road long intersect very closely. Hu Yiyang died in 1718 in the fifty-seventh year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. After his death, the Hu clan was honored as the tenth ancestor. Hu Yiyang left behind many anecdotes and anecdotes for future generations. In the Qing Dynasty's Jiaozhou Chronicle, there is Guziyang in the South China Sea of Lingdong Province. Someone here meets an old man who is sailing a boat and wears Taoist clothes with a very ancient appearance. It was more than 40 years since Hu Yiyang died. Hu Yiyang "seventy years, foretelling the end of the disease without illness". The Yi Jing Zheng Shi Jie was not printed at that time, but its manuscript remained. It was not until 300 years after Hu's death that its descendant Hu Pengchang printed it in Beiping.