Hot Pot

Home Food 2018-09-28

        Hot pot, known as "antique soup" in ancient times, is named for its "grunt" when food is put into boiling water. It is a unique Chinese food with a long history and is suitable for all ages. According to textual research, there was hot pot in the Warring States Period. Pottery pot was used as a pot at that time. In the Song Dynasty, the eating method of hot pot was very common among the people. In the Yuan Dynasty, chafing dish was spread to Mongolia and used to cook beef and mutton. By the Qing Dynasty, hot pot was not only popular among the people, but also became a famous "palace dish" with game such as pheasants.


        Hot pot generally refers to the cooking method of boiling food with a pot as a utensil, a pot as a heat source, boiled in water or soup, and can also refer to the pot utensils used in this cooking method. It is characterized by eating while boiling, or the pot itself has the effect of heat preservation, eating when the food is still steaming hot, soup into one. There are similar dishes all over the world, but they are especially prevalent in East Asia. Hot pot is now hot, hot and salty, greasy but not greasy, sweat dripping, strong, melancholy dehumidification, suitable for the climate of mountains and rivers, now developed into a Mandarin pot, spicy and light, each take the necessary, young and old salty, to the winter of the best.


        Typical hotpot ingredients include various meat, seafood, vegetables, beans, mushrooms, eggs and so on, which are put into boiled water or specially made soup pot after boiling. Some of them will be eaten together with flavored ingredients.


        Hot pot is the best in Chengdu and Chongqing.

        In Chongqing, Chengdu, hot pot can be seen everywhere.You can add a lot of stuff to hot pot.

        For Example

Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage

Bean sprout

Bean sprout





Lotus root slices

Lotus root slices

Potato chips

Potato chips



Lamb Kebab Roll

Lamb Kebab Roll



Duck intestine

Duck intestine

Chicken claw

Chicken claw

Chicken wings

Chicken wings

        There are still a lot of it

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