Hongjiannao Scenic Area

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Hongjiannao Scenic Area

Hongjiannao Scenic Area is located in Shenmu City, Shaanxi Province. It is located in the transitional zone between the Loess Plateau and Inner Mongolia Plateau, at the junction of Maowusu Desert and Ordos Basin, with an elevation of 1100 meters and a continental monsoon climate. The lake is 41.8 square kilometers in shape of a triangle. Seven seasonal rivers are injected along the lake. The average water depth is 8.2 meters and the deepest water level is 12 meters. Hongjiannao is the largest desert freshwater lake in China, with unique natural landscape. In 1995, it was appraised as a provincial scenic spot by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government. Now it has been appraised as "AAAA" scenic spot by the state. It is one of the top ten natural scenic spots and ten honest units in Shaanxi Province. It receives 250,000 tourists annually. In the 2008 Northwest China Tourism Marketing Conference and Tourism Equipment Exhibition, it was included in the "Magic Northwest 100 Sceneries" list.

As of December 2015, the lake area had shrunk by 25.5 square kilometers due to human factors and natural precipitation reduction, and the survival of endangered rare birds and gulls that breed and inhabit the lake was worrying.

On July 12, 2016, the organizer held a press conference and business invitation launching ceremony at the People's Building of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, announcing that the desert rock music and food festival "Frontier fortress amorous feelings are similar to Hongjinao" will be held in Shenmu Hongjinao Scenic Area of Yulin City from August 13 to 18, 2016.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Hongjiannao waters are vast, vast, vast, blue sky, white clouds, green water and yellow sand, each other shining, spectacular scenery. Around the lake, the natural ecology is good and the environment is elegant. The Hongjiannao Wetland is the world's largest rare and endangered bird, the breeding and habitat of the gulls. Every year from April to August, there are 90% of the world's total number of gulls, up to 20,000 of which breed and thrive in a magnificent scale. In addition, there are white swans, cormorants, egrets, golden eagles, fish eagles, cormorants and other rare species protected by the state. Birds, birds, water, and music, constitute a very perfect movement. There are also abundant fishery resources in Hongjinao. There are 17 kinds of freshwater wild fish such as carp, grass carp, crucian carp, silver carp and so on. They are pure natural and pollution-free green delicacies. The fish stewed in local water is known as "boiled fish in Shenhu Lake", which is famous for its unique delicacy and delicacy.

Tourism information

The planned area of the scenic spot is 112 square kilometers.

Hudong District is a comprehensive tourist service area with complete facilities and complete functions. It has a large ecological parking lot, tourist service center, three-star hotel, 3D cinema, catering, entertainment and shopping street. In the evening, there are "desert night bonfire party" and "lakeside dance" and other large-scale entertainment activities.

Hunan is the breeding and breeding base of Hongjiannao aquatic products; Huxi is the nature wetland reserve, which can enjoy beautiful grassland wetland scenery; Hubei is the desert recreation center with sand skiing, sand motorcycle, sand off-road vehicle, amphibious recreation vehicle, space ball, bouncing flyer, desert camel, flavor picnic, water park and other recreational projects; among them, Hongjiannao water park and water park. Shenmu Television Co-produced the TV program "Happy Forward", striving to create entertainment programs with the style of northern Shaanxi.

Cultural Activity

On July 12, 2016, the sponsors of Shenmu Tourism Bureau, Shenmu Hongjiannao Tourism Scenic Area Management Committee and Shenmu Hongjiannao Tourism Development Co., Ltd. held a press conference and business invitation launching ceremony at the People's Building of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, announcing that the desert rock and roll music food festival will be held in Shenmu Hongjiannao Scenic Area of Yulin City from August 13 to 18, 2016. Many rock singers will be invited to sing along the lakeside during the desert rock and roll music food festival of "Frontier fortress amorous amorous amorous approaching Hongjiannao". Rock music bonfire feast, loud singing sounds desert passion. There will also be national cultural exhibition, 1000 people walking around the lake, Lake cycling race, beach beauty show, hot-air balloon experience, refreshing summer water splashing show and other wonderful activities, carnival for five days and five nights.

The desert rock festival is a huge one, which is one of the few rock concerts in Northwest China this summer. And with the Shenmu frontier fortress style, Hongjiannao unique desert Lake beauty, elements and style unparalleled, will be a shocking shaanxi, Mongolia and Jin, affecting the country's grand tourism and cultural activities.

In addition to the beautiful scenery and music, food is also a bright spot, in addition to northern Shaanxi snacks, northwest grassland flavor, local cuisine will be gathered here, to meet different taste preferences, so that all tourists can enjoy a big feast.

During the desert rock music and gourmet food festival, Yuyang Airport in Yulin will open a dedicated line of Hongjiannao scenic spot to facilitate tourists to visit.

Traffic information

Hongjiannao scenic spot has convenient transportation. The special tourist routes leading to the scenic spot include Jindalu Road, Mayao Road and Huanhu Tourist Road. Baomao Expressway and National Highway 210 cross the western side of the scenic spot and connect with Huanhu Highway. The Hongjiannao Station of Xibao Railway is only eight kilometers away from the scenic spot. The airport of Yulin City is 90 kilometers away from the scenic spot and the Ordos Airport of Inner Mongolia is 60 kilometers away from the scenic spot.