Holiday Beach

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Holiday beach is located on the west coastal avenue of Haikou City, which is 6 kilometers long. On the left side is the verdant forest belt of ephedra, with resorts, hotels, playgrounds and so on. On the right side is the Qiongzhou Strait with blue waves and thousands of hectares, with boats shuttling through the sea and plowing silver and splashing jade.

Holiday beach sunshine, sea water, beach, coconut trees are interesting, forming a beautiful and moving natural picture. The whole beach is divided into beach sunbathing area, marine sports area, marine catering culture area and leisure resort area. It is the most representative coastal tourism and leisure resort in Haikou City. A kind of

Best season: May-November. Summer and autumn are the best, and swimming in the sea is the best choice for summer. Although the weather is comfortable in spring and winter, the sea water is cooler and not suitable for launching.

Address: Haikou Binhai Avenue

Introduction to Holiday Beach

Holiday beach opened in July 1995. It is authorized by Haikou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to develop and manage large-scale beach tourism scenic spots by Haikou Holiday Beach Development and Management Co., Ltd. It is one of the designated tourism units in Hainan Province.

Holiday beach is located in the northwest of Haikou City, with Xixiu beach in the east, Wuyuan estuary in the west, Qiongzhou Strait in the north and Binhai Avenue in the south. It covers an area of 33 hectares with a total beach length of 7 kilometers. Eleven kilometers away from the downtown area of Haikou, the long beach is boundless Qiongzhou Strait, often haunted by sailing boats. The huge open-air seafood barbecue square is very busy at night. There are aristocratic yacht clubs and luxury hotels nearby. Along the holiday beach, there are broad and clean coastal avenues. It is very comfortable to walk and blow in here. In addition, the theatre on the east side of the beach can be at night. Watch the live performance of Impression Hainan Island. Greening area reached more than 80%, including coconut trees, Casuarina equisetifolia, oil palm trees accounted for 60%, shrubs, flowers accounted for 20%, and Taiwan turf accounted for 20%. In this area, green onions, sea breeze, white beach, bright sunshine, sunshine, beach, sea water, coconut trees, constitute a beautiful and moving picture of nature, charming tropical scenery has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Since the opening of Holiday Beach, Party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Qian Qichen and Li Tieying have also visited it personally. They have highly affirmed the development and management of Holiday Beach. Holiday Beach has become the tourist window of Haikou, a tropical coastal city. Since its opening, it has received about 13.6 million visitors, with an average annual reception of more than 1.7 million, making it the largest tourist attraction in Hainan Province.

Service facilities

According to the general plan approved by the municipal government, the holiday beach is divided into four functional areas: catering culture area, beach sunbathing area, sea sports area and leisure resort area in order from east to west. The construction of beach sunbathing area and sea sports area has been completed, while the other two functional areas are under construction. From east to west, the projects open to tourists are: Water World, Water Motorcycle Boat Center, Swimming Tool Rental, Shower Center, Hot Spring Hotel, Tourist Craft Shop, Watchtower, Drinking Center, Music Square, Beach Volleyball Course, Beach Football Field, Barbecue Garden, Coconut Wood House, Lighting Basketball Court, Aristocratic Yacht Club, New State Guest House, Golden Coast Garden, etc.

Original name

"Holiday Beach" is named by Mr. Xia Luping, a researcher of Party School of Hainan Provincial Committee. In 1993, the Haikou Municipal Government planned a campaign to name the beach. Mr. Xia was inspired by the Hilton Holiday Inn on the famous WaKIKI beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. The implication of this name is to hope that this beach can become a holy place for people to spend their holidays in the city and lead a leisure lifestyle in Haikou during the holidays.

Landscape profile

Beach entrance

The largest entrance of the beach scenic area is located in the beach sunbathing area in the center of the scenic area. Among them, the huge antique banyan trees embraced by more than ten people in Ganwei are most noticeable. In the warm and soft welcome music, the flourishing leaves of the electronic control ancient banyan greet people, and the green leaves and red fruits shine.

Although visitors have not entered the scenic area, they have already felt warm and refreshing. Walk into the beach sunbathing area gate, neat and beautiful ecological parking lot, crisscrossing lanes, flower beds with different shapes, colorful tropical landscape trees, red and blue color semi-circular steel and aluminum building, colorful restaurant pavilions and pavilions. It's just dazzling. Looking to the East and west, the crescent-shaped 6 km beach, all kinds of recreational facilities, beautiful layout, novel construction, harmonious tone, and the sea, the beach is like a colorful lace set on the edge of a huge sapphire.

Being in such a colorful and elegant coastal Grand View garden, people can feel that the holiday beach provides the people living in the city with a natural environment, modern beaches and recreational facilities with rich contents on the sea surface. It is an ideal place for health and refreshment.

East side of beach

The eastern side of the beach is composed of three parts: the aquatic performance hall, the water amusement park and the sea club, covering more than 80 acres of "water world". Its architecture is ancient Roman style and can accommodate more than 1,800 spectators. Over the years, domestic and foreign stars are invited to perform aquatic ballet, high-altitude diving, land style dancing, etc. It integrates art appreciation, fashion sports and fashion tourism to give touring holidays. Ri Beach adds more elegance.

Leisure Resort

The west of the beach sunbathing area is a recreational resort with elegant environment. There are new vacation villas, special wooden and bamboo structure resort centers, various kinds of tents, simple hammocks and other coastal accommodation facilities, which provide comfortable night accommodation environment and equipment for people who enjoy daytime seaside recreation. Passengers who have experienced many recreational activities, such as the beach Pavilion near the sea, the sea breeze, cool and relaxed; the sound of the waves is incisive, sleeping leisurely; the spirit of Penglai, wandering immortal, really can be described as the immortal fun of sleeping in waves and waves.

Leisure events

Beach barbecue is a compulsory course for holiday travel and leisure. Every weekend, there are always three or five groups of people sitting on the holiday beach, tasting their own barbecues.

Barbecue food: chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken feet, beef, pork chops, ham sausages, mutton kebabs, sausages, sausages, corn sausages, dried tofu, corn, mushrooms, squid, amphioxus and so on. Barbecue seasonings: cumin, sesame, chili noodles, sesame oil, barbecue juice, tomato sauce and so on.

Barbecue tools: cups for drinks, bowls for seasoning, sticks for wearing food, brushes for brushing seasoning, knives, beer openers, etc.

If there are too many people, they still need to buy some carbon to take it with them.

Ticket Price

Ticket: Free (120 yuan per stove at barbecue).

Traffic information

It can be reached by 28, 28, 35, 37, 37, 40, 40, 57, 57, 86, 86 and 6 tourist routes.

Holiday beach, what a lovely name! Holiday beach, what a fascinating connotation! She is like a pearl inlaid on the coast of Coconut City, which attracts people's attention with its pure texture and brilliant brilliance. Her appearance adds a splendid page to the history of tourism in Hainan.