Hohhot Laoniuwan Tourist Area

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Hohhot Laoniuwan Tourist Area

Laoniu Bay is located at the entrance of Shanxi-Shaanxi Grand Canyon. This is the Great Wall, the only typical parallel section of the Yellow River. The widest part of the river is not more than 100 meters. There are two villages in Laoniuwan, located in Inner Mongolia and Shanxi respectively. There is a deep ditch in the middle, and the water depth in the ditch is 30-40 meters due to the rising water level of the reservoir and the upstream irrigation of the river (the water will change in different seasons). It needs to be crossed by boats of local farmers.

Laoniuwan Scenic Area on the Inner Mongolian side is located in Qingshuihe County, Hohhot City, 160 kilometers away from Hohhot, 170 kilometers away from Baotou, which is recognized by photographers as the best location to refract Laoniuwan. And the slopes like Niutou are situated on the side of Inner Mongolia, where you can see a famous sleeping natural landscape - Niutou nostrils. There is a natural cave under the cliff. Through the cave, you can see the Yellow River Bay under the cliff. The scenery is magnificent and beautiful.

Lao Niu Wan is surrounded by water on three sides and mountains on one side. All kinds of stone buildings are built on the basis of terrain, stone kiln stone houses live side by side, stone walls and stone courtyards follow the shape; stone grinding, pestle mortar can be seen everywhere; stone horses, stone warehouses are available. In recent years, the Municipal Tourism Bureau has vigorously developed the tourism industry, constructed and improved tourism facilities, and has become a favorite tourist destination for many tourists.

Special food

Sour Rice

Fermented rice porridge, this sour porridge can appetize and invigorate the spleen, skin care and beauty, wonderful. It's sold locally, and now it's a local breakfast. It has become an indispensable delicacy, mainly from Baode, Hequ, Biangguan and Qingshui rivers in Northwest Shanxi.

Farm naked noodles

The naked bread has high protein content, high calorie content, low sugar content, hypoglycemia and decompression, invigorating Qi and invigorating spleen, and is very popular with people. The naked bread is delicious, and its production is also exquisite. It needs washing, shade drying, roasting, rolling and so on. It is best to choose 39 days for processing. Only in this way can it be stored for a long time, and it will not mildew in three years and two years. One kind of naked bread can make many kinds of meals. Pushing nests, twisting strips, steaming dumplings, making yam fish, playing puppets. Only puppets can do several things well, such as pot puppets, fried puppets, yam puppets, steamed puppets. The most artistic quality of the meal should be pushing the nest. Nowadays, naked bread is an indispensable specialty on the local table.

Deep fried cake

It is made from a crop with a name of millet (shu). Commonly known as yellow rice, yellow rice cake made of yellow rice noodles has four characteristics of "yellow, soft, tendon, fragrance". There are two ways to eat it: one is "plain cake" and the other is "fried cake". Fried cakes are more exquisite. Datong Fried Cakes have three characteristics: small size, thin skin and many patterns. Its flower samples are divided into three kinds: bean stuffing, sugar stuffing and vegetable stuffing. There are four kinds of bean stuffing: adzuki bean, cowpea, lentil and kidney bean. There are two kinds of sugar stuffing: brown sugar and white sugar. Now it has become a local wedding, birthday and other celebration of the first-class dishes.

Tourist route

Line 1: (Hohhot - Tocteau County Highway) Hohhot - Baimiaozi - Lama Bay - Chengwan (along the Yellow Highway) - Laoniu Bay

Line 2: (Hohhot - Helin County Highway, 209 National Highway) Hohhot - Helinger - Qingshuihe - Laoniuwan

Line 3: (Hohhot-Toketo County Highway) Hohhot-Baimiaozi-Lama Bay (Crossing the Yellow River Bridge) - Xuejiawan (Junggar Banner) - Wanjiazhai Hydropower Station (about 190 kilometers) - Laoniuwan (Wanlao Line, 17 kilometers)

Travel suggestions: fly directly to Taiyuan, from Taiyuan to Bianguan by coach, from Bianguan to Laoniuwan by chartered bus. You can also visit Yungang Grottoes, Pingyao Ancient City and Wangjia Courtyard.

Development situation

In recent years, Qingshuihe County, relying on its unique tourism resources, actively proposes to build "one county, three places" tourist attractions, and constantly speed up the pace of construction of tourist attractions. Laoniuwan Scenic Tourist Area in Qingshui River of the Yellow River is gradually becoming an important business card of characteristic tourism in Hohhot City. Focusing on the construction of the characteristic scenic spot of the Yellow River Grand Canyon in Laoniuwan. Last year, the Laoniuwan scenic spot received 30,000 domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year, realizing tourism income of 3 million yuan. This year, combined with the convening of the two civilized experience exchanges in 2011, the county took the construction of Laoniuwan scenic spot as a key greeting project, earnestly worked out the project plan, planned to invest 16 million yuan to build 300 guest rooms, invested 2.1 million yuan to build an ecological parking lot covering 10,000 square meters, invested 600,000 yuan to build two environmentally friendly water flushing toilets, and invested 500,000 yuan. Construction of scenic spot doors and landscapes; investment of 1 million yuan for scenic spot greening. At present, the state and autonomous regions are actively striving for special construction funds. The implementation of this project plays a very important role in improving the facilities of Laoniuwan scenic spot, improving the service conditions of scenic spot, enhancing the service function of scenic spot, increasing the income of local villagers, driving the development of county economy and enhancing the popularity of Qingshuihe County.