History of Dazhou

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History of Dazhou

Dazhou area belonged to Liangzhou in Xia Dynasty and Yongzhou in Yin Dynasty. The earliest indigenous people were the Cong people, who established the state of Cong (now tuxi Town, Quxian county). In the early Warring States period, Ba people migrated from the Han River to the Yangtze River Basin, and Dazhou area was included in the Ba state.

In 316 B.C., Qin destroyed Bashu, and Dazhou was Dangqu County in Qin Dynasty and Western Han Dynasty (314 BC).

In the eighth year of Yongyuan (96), Xuanhan county was located in the east of Dangqu county. In the sixth year of Jian'an (201), Yizhou Mu Liu Zhang established Brazil County, and Dazhou area belongs to Yizhou Brazil county.

In 347, in the third year of Yonghe in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Dangqu county was divided into Brazil county and Xuanhan County, Hanxing county and Dangqu county were owned.

In the early Yongchu period of the Liu Song Dynasty (420-422), Xuanhan county was upgraded to Baqu County, which governed seven counties including Xuanhan, Shixing, Baqu, Dongguan, Xin'an, Xiapu and Jinxing.

In the second year of Datong in Nanliang Dynasty (536), Baqu county was abolished and Wanzhou was established. It governed seven counties, including Kaiba County, Xin'an County, Wanrong county and Dongguan county.

In 553, Wanzhou was changed to Tongzhou in 553.

In 607, Tongzhou was changed into Tongchuan county.

Tongzhou was renamed Tongzhou in 618. In the third year of Wude, Tongchuan Prefecture was established in Tongchuan County, governing eight prefectures including Tongchuan and Wanzhou. In the seventh year of Wude, the general manager's office was changed to the governor's office. In 631, the fifth year of the reign of emperor zhendu. In the first year of Tianbao (712), Tongzhou was changed to Tongchuan county. Tongzhou was renamed Tongzhou in 758.

In 965, Tongzhou was renamed Dazhou. In the Song Dynasty, Dazhou belonged to Xialu (Fengjie), then Kuizhou Road (Fengjie).

In 1279, it belonged to Xuanwei Department of Sichuan Province. In the 22nd year (1285), it was changed to Kuizhou Road (now Fengjie) in Sichuan Province.

Hongwu Ming nine years (1376), Jiangzhou County, Kuizhou (Fengjie).

In the Qing Dynasty, it was the capital of Kuizhou in Fengjie. In 1728, Dazhou was upgraded to Zhili Prefecture. In 1802, Dazhou was changed to suiding Prefecture. The name of Dazhou was taken as the name of the county, and Daxian county was added as Fuguo county.

In 1913, suiding government was withdrawn. In 1935, Sichuan government was unified and the 15th administrative supervision area of Sichuan Province was established.

On December 10, 1949, the Chinese people's Liberation Army captured and liberated Kaijiang. Dazhu was liberated on 11th, Quxian on 12th, Daxian on 15th, Xuanhan on 17th and Wanyuan on 29th. At this point, all counties of Dazhou were liberated.

In 1950, the administrative supervision area was changed to Daxian District in northern Sichuan.

On September 11, 1952, the Central People's Government of the people's Republic of China abolished the administrative districts in eastern, western, southern and Northern Sichuan, and restored the organizational system of Sichuan Province as Daxian special area of Sichuan Province.

In 1970, Daxian district was renamed Daxian District, and the area was located in Daxian county.

On July 5, 1993, Daxian area was renamed Dachuan area.

On June 20, 1999, Dachuan district was abolished and prefecture level Dazhou city was established. The Municipal People's government was located in Heye street, Tongchuan District.

On November 29, 2020, join Dabashan Grand Three Gorges Cultural Tourism Development Alliance.