History and culture of Mianyang

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History and culture of Mianyang

Town God's Temple Conference

Located 47 kilometers south of Santai County, Qijiang ancient town was once the capital of Qi state during the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. Every year on the 27 to 28 May of the lunar calendar, all the male and female believers around the eight towns and villages in Town God's Temple will go to the ancient town of "Jiang" to catch up with a hundred years of history. This activity has been listed as the intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan Province. It mainly prays for peace and good luck through the City God's patrol, and carries out an ancient folk activity - Praying for rain. Every year, the town will hold the annual "5.28 Town God's Temple conference" once a year, and go to the ancient town to observe folk performances, to listen to Sichuan Opera in the ancient stage, to enter the Han tombs, and to culture the culture of ancient and ancient countries. In addition, a series of wonderful folk performances, such as "land lotus boat", "lame man getting married", "pig Bajie carrying daughter-in-law", "chicken bus picking up little daughter-in-law" have also been staged.

Intangible cultural heritage

Local specialties

Mianyang's famous local products include: wood carving lacquerware, antique furniture, wall hanging, tie dyeing, jute carpet, water mill lacquerware, glass painting, fans, bamboo and poultry, as well as Pingwu jujube and plum thread, Beichuan tea, Beichuan bacon, walnut, agaric, sweet potato, Guangyou instant vermicelli, Xuebao milk, Jiangyou Zhongba soy sauce, Zitong pastry and other famous and high-quality products.

Mianyang is one of the main producing areas of traditional Chinese medicine in Sichuan. It is rich in aconite, Aconitum, Ophiopogon japonicus, Gastrodia elata, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Magnolia and Platycodon grandiflorum.