Historical evolution of Neijiang

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Historical evolution of Neijiang

Xia, Shang, Zhou and Qin Han Dynasties

Xia and Shang were Liangzhou, Zhou was Yongzhou, spring and autumn and Warring States were ba Jun and Shu Jun; Western Han Dynasty was Zizhou; Eastern Han Dynasty was Han'an county.

Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties

In 303, in the second year of Tai'an of emperor Hui of Jin Dynasty, Li te of Ba people was named emperor of Shu. In the next year (304), his son Li Cheng became emperor, and his name was Dacheng. Liao people from the South took the opportunity to invade Han'an county. The people of Han'an County lived in different places with the county government. At the same time, Zizhong County, which was barren, had its name preserved because of frequent wars. Niugebei County, which was extremely turbulent, was transferred to Shu county.

In the fourth year of Jiande (575), Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou Dynasty established Puzhou and Anyue, Yongkang and duoye counties in today's Anyue and Lezhi counties. In 560, Zizhou moved to Ziyang County, which was the original place of Zizhong County in Han Dynasty; Panshi county was established in Chonglong town of Zizhong County in 561-565 years; Zhongjiang County was established in the former site of Han'an in the second year of Tianhe (567).

Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties and Song Dynasties

In the second year of Duanping of LiZong in the Southern Song Dynasty (1235), the Mongolian army attacked Sichuan separately, and Puzhou was in chaos; in the third year of Chunyou (1243), the Mongolian army entered Sichuan from the south, and Zizhou and the counties under its jurisdiction were abandoned; the soldiers and civilians of Puzhou built Tiefeng City, which was controlled by danger, and was destroyed in 1258.