Henan Mayuxing Barrel Chicken

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Henan Mayuxing Barrel Chicken is a famous specialty dish in Kaifeng. It is famous for its bright yellow color, salty fragrance, tender crisp, fat but not greasy, chewing more and more fragrant. Its main ingredient is chicken, the main cooking process is boiling. Old hens are more effective in tonifying the body. Many long-term sick and thin people are used to tonify the body, especially those who are afraid of cold and wind, and who are weak and can not be tonified. Old hens can not only invigorate Qi and blood, but also dispel wind.

Barrel chicken is a special dish of Kaifeng. It is made of local high-quality hens and stewed with centuries-old soup. The color is golden, fat but not greasy, tender and crisp.


When it comes to barrel chicken, we should first talk about the centuries-old shop in Kaifeng, Ma Yuxing, which has many stores in many parts of the country under his banner. Maybe you are not unfamiliar with this name. But when it comes to its full name, Ma Yuxing, a religion in Jinling, few people know about it. From its name, we can see that Ma Yuxing was not born and bred in Kaifeng. The founder of Ma Yuxing was Ma Yongcen. Ma Jia was originally a Hui of Yunnan and had a prominent family background. During the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, Wu Sangui troops entered Yunnan, and Ma Jia was greatly affected. So they moved to Jinling (now Nanjing) and opened it. In the years of Xianfeng, because of the war between the Taiping Army and the Qing Dynasty, Jinling was in the midst of arms and fire, and the Ma family came to Kaifeng under the leadership of Ma Yongcen. At that time, Kaifeng's business name was "Yushengyong", which mainly managed food from north to south. Ma Yongcen, aiming at the situation that chickens are abundant in the Central Plains, combined with the processing methods of Nanjing duck products, has made painstaking research, using hens as raw materials, without opening the mouth or breaking the stomach, making the chickens barrel-shaped, and has made a new breed of "barrel chicken". At that time, it was very popular. In 1864, Ma Yongcen opened a new shop in Tongzhi three years. The shop was named "Jinling Religion - Ma Yuxing". The religion said that he believed in Islam. With the passage of time, today's barrel chicken has been familiar with the practice of large businesses in Kaifeng, and some stores barrel chicken is no worse than Ma Yuxing.

Mayuxing Barrel Chicken is well-known for its delicate production, strict selection of ingredients and unique taste. It has been sold for more than 100 years and is now cooked and managed by Mayuxing Chicken and Duck Store. On the basis of the original business, new products such as roast chicken, osmanthus fried duck, roast duck in oven, spiced beef, smoked fish and jerky have been added, which are well-known in the world and enjoy a good reputation in the ancient city.


Bucket chicken is famous for its bright yellow color, salty fragrance, tender crisp, fat but not greasy, chewing more fragrant. some

Friends who have eaten barrel chicken do not feel good. They often complain that they can't bite or move. Apart from the quality of the barrel chicken, the main reason is that they can't eat properly. Because the barrel chicken itself has a crisp character, it is destined that the barrel chicken is not cut into several pieces by knife, gnawed, or torn into half, biting in large mouths. The barrel chicken pays attention to shaving bones first, then slicing, eating with boneless meat, chewing carefully, chewing more fragrant. From this point of view, barrel chicken is not a food for people to eat, but a food for people to enjoy.

There are three main characteristics of Mayuxing barrel chicken:

1. Full-bodied and unique in shape;

2. Golden and yellow in colour and lustre appeals to appetite;

Third, fat but not greasy, tender and crisp.

It is made with exquisite technology and strict material selection. All live hens with a growth period of more than one year and gross weight of more than 1250 grams are selected within three years. It requires that the chicken body be full of muscle, fat and fat, and the breast crotch oil is thicker. It can be soaked and boiled in centuries-old soup for about two hours. When eating, the chicken is divided into about two pieces, each piece is divided into two parts before it is divided again. The latter two parts, chopping bones and filling plates, eat crisp, tender, fragrant, fresh, with a different flavor. The best part of the barrel chicken is the chicken thigh, which is fragrant and tastes good. Several chicken thighs are cut into thin slices, and it is the first-class cold dish. Authentic Mayuxing barrel chicken manufacturer is only one of Kaifeng Mayuxing Meat and Poultry Company in China.


Mayuxing Bucket Chicken won the title of Henan Province's high-quality products three times in 1981, 1987 and 1991, and in 1982,

In 1984 and 1987, he obtained the certificate of high quality products issued by the Ministry of Commerce three times. In 1994, he was recommended as an excellent product by the China Food Industry Association. With good quality and marketable products, he was well received by customers at home and abroad. In December 1995, the vacuum fresh-keeping barrel chicken and roast chicken test successfully formed a soft packaging production line, its products have been welcomed and affirmed by consumers.

Hen meat protein content ratio is high, variety, and digestibility is high, it is easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body.

It can enhance physical strength and strengthen the body. Hen meat contains phospholipids which play an important role in human growth and development, and is one of the important sources of fat and phospholipids in human dietary structure. Hen meat has a good dietary effect on malnutrition, fear of cold, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness and so on.