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Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum is located in Sun Island Science and Technology Park of Harbin City, which is a ship-shaped building sailing. The Pavilion covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with a building area of 25,000 square meters, one floor underground and three floors above ground. Among them, the permanent exhibition hall has an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters and the temporary exhibition hall of 1,500 square meters. It is the largest modern multi-functional science popularization hall in the province at present. There are altogether 12 exhibition areas and one special exhibition area in the museum, which are set in five exhibition areas on the first floor, namely: mathematics exhibition area; mechanics exhibition area; Machinery Exhibition area; aerospace, Transportation Exhibition area; energy and materials exhibition area. The two exhibition areas on the second floor are life and Environment Exhibition area, acoustooptic and electromagnetics exhibition area. There are two exhibition areas on the third floor: one is to show the forestry, geology, mineral resources, animal and plant resources of our province into the Xing'an Mountains exhibition area and the other is the children's science exhibition area manufactured by children. Special exhibition area: TRIZ - theory of inventing problem solving; scientific diet - eating health; building a conservation-oriented society - saving energy I go first.

Located on the North Bank of Songhua River Highway Bridge, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has a construction area of 25,000 square meters. It is a famous modern building in Harbin. The green belts on both sides of the highway are partly covered with turf. The vision is quite good. The full and powerful modern shape looks extraordinarily magnificent in the sunset, driving or walking. Outdated with its panoramic view, giving people excellent visual enjoyment.

Since its opening, the Science and Technology Museum has become the largest base of science popularization education in Heilongjiang Province. It is a modern comprehensive science popularization exhibition hall with functions of exhibition education, science and technology training, science and technology exchange, tourism leisure, collection and production. The Science and Technology Museum popularizes scientific knowledge in a fun-loving way, enlightens people's wisdom by participating in interactive ways, and enables every audience to receive the education of modern scientific and technological knowledge and the edification of scientific spirit in their sightseeing and entertainment. Form

When we enter this spacious and bright hall, we will see a mysterious and mysterious exhibit of science and technology. Each exhibit vividly and vividly illustrates a scientific principle or the application of science and technology. It shows that science accompanies human life, promotes the progress and development of human civilization, and the power of science is completed. Many human dreams. All the contents displayed here are the dissemination and popularization of scientific knowledge, scientific ideas, scientific methods and scientific spirit, which embodies the perfect combination of science and humanities, art and society.

Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum includes two special cinema halls, a permanent exhibition hall and a temporary exhibition hall, and another simultaneous interpretation hall which can accommodate 300 people. The permanent exhibition hall is divided into three floors, with a total area of 13,000 square meters. It is located on the first floor to the third floor of the main building. There are five exhibition areas on the first floor: mathematics, mechanics, machinery, aerospace, transportation and energy. On the second floor, there are two exhibition areas: electromagnetics and human health. On the third floor, there are children's science exhibition areas. There are 260 exhibits in the permanent exhibition area of the Science and Technology Museum, 70% of which are hands-on interactive exhibits. People can participate in all aspects of magical scientific and technological inventions and operations. In the dome cinema, we can experience the sound and light shock effect of stereo movies. Among the science and technology museums that have been built and opened in China, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum ranks first in hardware level and third in building area.

The Science and Technology Museum is rich in knowledge, all-embracing, more than 400 exhibits, covering more than a dozen disciplines such as machinery, energy, aerospace, mathematics, life environment, acoustic optics and so on. If you enter the Science and Technology Museum, you will be amazed at the progress of mankind and the magic of science.

In the first floor of the mechanical exhibition area, there are intelligent songs and intelligent robots that can talk with you, as well as the space shuttle, the International Space Station and the thrilling bicycle-walking wire; in the second floor of the life environment exhibition area, you can see the whole process of chicken birth and feel the wonderful phenomenon of roller and tilted cabin; in the third floor of the children's exhibition area, there are three levels of children's exhibition area. Children's paradise, they can build houses in "small architects". There are also valuable animal and plant resources exhibition... Each exhibit of the Science and Technology Museum has strong scientificity, knowledge, interest and participation. It vividly demonstrates a scientific principle and vividly reproduces the mystery of science and technology.

In the temporary exhibition hall, academic lecture hall, Youth Science studio and book reading room in the museum, you can watch special exhibitions on hot social issues, listen to the wonderful scientific reports of experts, operate experiments by yourself to carry out scientific inquiries, and read books in leisure to meet your desire for knowledge. Tourist reception center, souvenir sales department, fast food restaurant, medical room and other service facilities can provide you with thoughtful and convenient services. Garden courtyard is equipped with bell-and-plate type, hun-tian type, double-ring sundial, Long March 2-F rocket and brain windmill and other scientific and technological exhibits, which provide you with a beautiful, fresh, elegant and comfortable environment for you to enjoy science and technology in the modern and intelligent scientific palace and linger and forget to return.

A layer of exhibition area

On the first floor, there are five exhibition areas: machinery, energy materials, aerospace transportation, mechanics and mathematics. By demonstrating the operation of intelligent robots, mechanical transmission, bicycle walking wire, four-wire pendulum and chaotic waterwheel and other exhibits, the audience can easily learn the scientific and technological knowledge in the game.

Two level exhibition area

On the second floor, there are two exhibition areas, one reflecting the basic principles of acousto-opto-electromagnetics and the other reflecting human scientific knowledge, health knowledge and health testing. People can also enjoy the wonderful experience of science and technology in a comfortable visit.

Three level exhibition area

On the third floor, there are two exhibition areas: children's Kingdom and paradise, brain Park and hands-on park, track ball, small architect and water park, which can stimulate children's imagination and creativity, and water park with local characteristics. Exhibition of precious specimens of animals and plants in the Great Hinggan Mountains. These educational and entertaining exhibits allow children to experience the magic of technology while playing.

Every day, the popular science theatre regularly performs science interactive drama, "Madelberg hemisphere", "Hercules hair dryer", "discolored beverage" and other experiments for the audience, which vividly and interestingly presents the boring and difficult physical and chemical experiments in the form of fairy tales. Children can not only experience wonderful physical and chemical phenomena, but also increase scientific knowledge in interaction.

The outdoor exhibition area is equipped with bell-and-disc sundials, cloudy-sky sundials, double-ring sundials, Long March 2-F launch vehicles and brain windmills and other scientific and technological exhibits.

Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum - Youth Science Studio

Youth Science Studio is a key project of China Association of Science and Technology (CAST) sponsored by the Museum of Science and Technology. The project was prepared in November 2007, exhibition construction was carried out in May 2008 and trial operation was launched on July 22. The theme of adolescent science studio is "observation, thinking, experiment", which is the place for the majority of adolescents to carry out scientific inquiry and experience activities, filling the gap in the training and experimental education mode of science and technology museum, and leading adolescents into the classroom of exploring and experiencing the mysteries of Science in its rich content and novel form. The Youth Science Studio is composed of three parts: Biology Science Studio, Science and Art Creative Studio and Robot Studio. The studio integrates vividness, knowledge, artistry and interesting. It combines education with nature, ecology, popular science and interactive experience. It has not only ecological natural landscape exhibition, but also popular science knowledge and exhibits.

Biological Science Studio: Observing and perceiving organisms and life phenomena and their essential characteristics through the senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell, so as to cultivate their observing ability, experimental ability, thinking ability and operational ability.

Science and Art Creative Studio: It is a vast space for you to combine inspiration and creativity with exploratory experience, and to cultivate youngsters'ability to design projects, practice and operate, and organize observation records.

Robot studio: It mainly carries out Lego robot construction and programming activities, organizes various robot competitions, and is a good place for teenagers'extracurricular activities. Here, Lego Robot training is also arranged for children of different ages, so that children can learn how to use hands, brains and find their own solutions to problems.

The exhibition area of "Human and Health" devoted by Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum was opened to the public on May 1, 2014. Vivid and novel exhibits, rich and systematic scientific knowledge, interactive and interesting popular science exhibits and creative exhibition environment closely grasp the exhibition characteristics of modern science and technology museum, and add new content for public participation in scientific practice and exploration of scientific and technological mysteries.

Make the public understand the scientific knowledge of human and health comprehensively and systematically

The fully upgraded "Human and Health" exhibition area is located on the second floor of the Science and Technology Museum. It is reconstructed from the original exhibition area of life and environment, fire knowledge, sound and light, and information technology. It has five sub-themes and 140 sets of exhibits, including "Human Science", "Eight Systems", "Perception", "Healthy Life" and "Healthy Physical Fitness". The exhibition area is designed with the idea of "taking human as the main line and taking health as the core". Through the light and sound seen by human body science, eight systems of human body and perception organ "eyes", the exhibition area sets human body science knowledge, health knowledge and health testing items, and the public observes and understands the exhibits through exhibits. Experience the knowledge happening around us, understand the macro-laws and micro-mechanisms of human life, understand the functions and potential of the body, understand how to live healthier, think about the essence and laws of life, and cultivate the concept of cherishing life, caring for the body and healthy life.

Highlighted exhibit creativity refreshes the public

With its comprehensive and systematic scientific knowledge, open subject extension, advanced exhibition means, vivid exhibition effect and new exhibition environment, the new exhibition area presents a scientific world full of scientific creativity and novelty for the public. In the "Human Science" sub-exhibition area, exhibits such as "Human Evolution" revealing the origin and evolution of human beings, "Gene Tree" decoding gene codes, and "Melody of DNA" showing the intertwining nucleotide chains have attracted the public's attention, making precise and abstract human science knowledge become one by one in the hands of designers. Vivid images, different shapes of science and technology exhibits, so that the public in learning knowledge at the same time, the designer's unique creative admiration.

High and New Technology Enhances the Interaction of Exhibits

The new exhibition area enhances the interaction of exhibits. 22 health test exhibits can be operated by the public. Height, weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen and hand-eye coordination ability can be tested. In the "perception" area, the public perceives scientific knowledge through visual and auditory exhibits such as "shooting crooked hands", "sound cannon", "periscope" and so on, leaving great space for the public to imagine and create. Through the interactive operation of exhibits, people's thirst for knowledge and exploration of science is inspired; the public also finds it in the new exhibition area. The exhibits of advanced technology applications such as 3D, voice control and speech recognition, image recognition and processing bring more novelty and happy technological experience to the public.


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