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Hefei University

hefei university (Hefei University), located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui, is a common higher education institution jointly organized by the state and local governments and cities and municipalities. The predecessor of Hefei United University was appointed secretary of Hefei Municipal Committee. Zheng Rui Chinese Vice President, Mrs. Curie's eldest daughter, Chinese apprentice, founder of radiochemistry in New China Yang Cheng Chung Sir. In March 2002, approved by the Ministry of education, the former Hefei United University and Hefei Education Institute and Hefei normal school merged to form the Hefei University. In February 2017, the University of Hefei was officially launched.

The school is the "Sino German educational cooperation demonstration base", the master's degree awarding unit, the independent higher vocational Title independent appraisal power university, the Ministry of education first batch. Excellent engineer education and training plan "Colleges and universities, the vice chairman of the National Applied Undergraduate University Committee, the chairman of the union of Applied Universities in the Yangtze River Delta, the Anhui provincial Applied University Alliance, and the local applied high level university construction unit, and the Chinese government scholarship students commissioned to support the school. National deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration University It is a member of the national new engineering education and research unit, a member of the Sino German Economic Advisory Committee and a strategic partner of the global SME alliance.

As of June 2018, the school covers an area of 1391 mu, with a building area of 547 thousand and 100 square meters, a total value of 319 million yuan of teaching equipment and equipment, 14 teaching departments and 4 teaching units, 57 undergraduate majors, and 1000 teachers, of whom 919 are full-time teachers, and 365 are teachers with higher professional titles. There are about 17000 full-time students.

On 2015, Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Merkel visited schools. Li Keqiang pointed out: "the development and expansion of Hefei University in the past 30 years is a successful example of pragmatic cooperation between China and Germany". With the "three decades of standing, fruitful and deep rooted", the achievements of Sino German cooperation in the thirty years of Hefei University were summarized, and the expectation of "30 years of Sino German cooperation in the future will be more brilliant".

School history development

School predecessor

· Former Hefei United University

Former Hefei United University University of Science & Technology China , Hefei Polytechnic University Anhui University and other 7 universities were founded in 1980, located in the middle of Mount Huangshan road. The proposed school names include "Anhui independent university", "Xing Jin University", "Jianghuai University" and so on. During the war of resistance against Japan, there was a "Southwest Associated University" which was jointly constructed by three universities, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Nankai University. The school thinks this is also called the UN General Assembly, reflecting the spirit of joint school running.

In August 28, 1980, it was officially named "Hefei United University". The Faculty of Hefei United University is transferred from the University of science and technology, the University of technology and the University of Anda.

In October 11, 1980, the first batch of new student commencement ceremony was held. Hefei United University is China's first

I went to university at my own expense. At the time of establishment, there are running modes in this specialty.

When the Hefei General Assembly was founded, it set up a board of directors, and then served as the chairman of the Hefei Municipal Committee, Zheng Rui, and then deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial People's Congress and former vice president of University of Science & Technology China, Yang Cheng Chung. At the beginning of the school running, it tried out a different form of running schools with other universities at that time, that is, "jointly organizing public assistance, charging appropriately, setting up specialty, not distributing, preferentially recommending recruitment and logistics socialization" according to social needs.

The first school enrolment 357, the school system for four years undergraduate course, set up Chinese Department, science and Engineering Department, English department.

In March 1985, on the basis of the relationship between Anhui province and Lowersaxony, Germany, Lowersaxony, Germany and Anhui Province signed the agreement to jointly build Hefei United University, making Hefei Union University one of the two applied universities in Germany. The school has also trained a number of graduates for system orientation such as taxation, finance, electricity and tobacco.

· Former Hefei Institute of Education

The former Hefei Institute of education was incorporated by the former Hefei normal school and the former Hefei teachers' further education school in 1981. It is located in the north section of Ningguo Road, with an area of 64 mu. It is an adult higher education institution mainly training middle school teachers and educational management cadres. It also assumes undergraduate correspondence education at Anhwei Normal University.

In 1993, full-time full-time college students were recruited, offering Chinese language and literature, history, geography, biochemistry, English, sports, mathematics, physics, computers, elementary education and applied electronics.

In 1997, it was identified as "Continuing Education Center for professionals and technicians in Hefei" by the Hefei Municipal Bureau of personnel.

In 1998, it was approved by the Ministry of education as a "central normal education subsidy fund" institution.

In 2000, after the consent of the Anhui Provincial Department of education, it was decided to declare Hefei United University, Hefei Education Institute and Hefei normal school merged to form Hefei University.

In March 2002, with the approval of the Ministry of education, the three schools merged and renamed Hefei University.

· Former Hefei normal school

The original Hefei normal school was founded in 1952, located in the northern part of Jinzhai Road, and moved to the economic and Technological Development Zone in 1999. The campus covers an area of 180 mu, which is a normal school in Anhui province.

During the cultural revolution, the school moved to Taihe County, Huaibei.

In 1971, it was resumed and changed to Hefei normal college twice in 1958-1962 and 1978-1981.

In 1989, it became one of the first batch of pilot schools in the national new teaching scheme. Since 1995, it has undertaken the task of "primary school teacher training center in Hefei". .

In 2002, Hefei normal school revoked its establishment and merged and renamed Hefei University.

Merging schools

On January 3, 2000, Zhang Xueping, vice mayor of Hefei, presided over the first meeting of the leading group of Hefei university preparatory work.

In from September 5 to 6, 2001, a group of 6 experts from the Ministry of education headed by Li Jincai, President of Jianghan University, was commissioned by the Ministry of education to conduct a field inspection of Hefei University founded by the Anhui Provincial People's Government on the basis of the merger of Hefei United University and Hefei Institute of education. The expert group agreed to submit the evaluation committee to the national higher education institutions.

In March 14, 2002, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Ratification Hefei United University The three schools of Hefei Education College and Hefei normal school merged to set up Hefei University.

In 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of education, Hefei University awarded the bachelor's degree awarding unit.

At the end of 2009, a new round of undergraduate teaching evaluation was officially launched by the Ministry of education of China. Anhui, China, Germany center, Korea Center, Hefei, China. In the same year, the school was listed as the provincial master's degree project by the Anhui Provincial Department of education.

In April 2010, Hefei University signed a "University of Science & Technology China" with University of Science & Technology China.

- Hefei University's inter school strategic cooperation framework agreement "and" University of Science & Technology China - Hefei University joint training professional degree graduate agreement ". In the same year, Hefei University and Anhui University of Technology signed an agreement to jointly train postgraduate students. In June 23rd, the college became the first country to undertake. " Excellent engineer education and training plan One of the 61 pilot universities.

In 2011, the school was approved to serve as a "national special needs talent training project" to train master's degree graduate students. Hefei University formally approved the master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering) unit. In 2012, the first graduate student of Hefei University went to school successfully.

In 2012, the college Mount Huangshan Road Campus was relocated to the South Yan Lake campus to open a school running area.

In April 2013, Hefei University and Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Signing a comprehensive cooperation agreement . In the same year, the Hefei branch of German logistics association was set up in Hefei University. The national e-business application (cadre) training project practice education base was settled at Hefei University. In June, the expert workstation of water environment control and pollution control of Hefei University was established. . In the same year, the school was granted the scholarship from the Chinese government.

Hefei University was identified as the first batch in 2014. Anhui higher education revitalization program The project of "local application high level university construction" is set up to build universities.

On October 2015, Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Merkel visited Hefei University, and decided to set up a Sino German cooperative education base at Hefei University and set up a cooperative fund. The demonstration base for Sino German educational cooperation has been supported by the central and provincial governments. At present, the Sino German educational cooperation demonstration base is in the construction stage.

In December 2015, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive cooperation between Hefei Institute of Physical Science.CAS and Hefei University was held in Hefei University.

At the beginning of 2016, the Hefei municipal government explicitly proposed to support Hefei University's renaming of Hefei University, and wrote it to the municipal government's work report in 13th Five-Year, and clearly declared the construction of Hefei University in 13th Five-Year. In the same year, the Confucius Institute of Hefei University was established by German Chancellor Merkel personally. It was the only Confucius Institute in Western Europe in Anhui Province, and a new academician workstation at Hefei University. Till now, there are 2 academician workstations in Hefei University, and more than 11 provincial scientific research platforms.

In December 19, 2016, the Anhui Provincial Department of education investigated Hefei University's renaming and 13th Five-Year planning work, explicitly supported Hefei University's construction of a high level applied Hefei University, and indicated that Hefei University should be incorporated into the 13th Five-Year university setting.

In February 22, 2017, the general office of Hefei Municipal Committee issued a document: the leadership Office of Hefei University was formally established. Hefei municipal Party committee secretary said: to build the University of Hefei with the power of the whole city. In May of the same year, the school decided to prepare for the completion of the University of Hefei in 3 years.

In May 28, 2018, the official website of the Hefei Municipal People's government issued fourteenth notices for Hefei's key livelihood work in 2018: the focus is on promoting the Sino German educational cooperation demonstration base fund of Hefei University and the construction of a local high level university to achieve the goal of Hefei University's completion. In July, it was appraised by the Ministry of education as the 2018 year. Typical experience of innovation and entrepreneurship in China .

School running conditions

Faculty strength

As of June 2018, there were 919 full-time teachers, including 365 senior titles. Over the years, more than 20 foreign teachers were in school, 4 were awarded the "Friendship Award" by the Chinese government, and 11 received the "Mount Huangshan Friendship Award". .

Through flexible introduction, it has gathered a number of leading talents including Wang Xiangke, the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, the "thousand person plan" Zhang Han, the "hundred people plan" Wan Yinhua, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Suojiang, Wanjiang scholar Luo Xichun and so on. Through the implementation of the "1251" talent plan, the introduction of a number of high-quality, high-level talents in Germany, a group of high-end technology innovation team is emerging.

Discipline construction

In 2009, the school was approved by Anhui provincial master's degree project.

Before 2010, schools and German universities jointly developed professional postgraduates.

In 2010, schools and University of Science & Technology China and Anhui University of Technology signed an agreement to jointly train postgraduate students.

In 2011, with the approval of the Ministry of education, the school formally obtained the qualification to enroll in the master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering) of the national special needs project.

In 2012, the first postgraduate of the school was successfully enrolled.

In 2013, the Anhui Provincial Department of education set up an academic master's degree in chemical engineering and technology. The preparatory office is located in the Department of chemical engineering, Hefei University. In 2014, the preparatory office for master's degree of Hefei University was formally established. .

In January 2015, the first independent graduate student of Hefei University graduated smoothly.

In 2018, with the approval of the Ministry of education, Hefei University formally approved the master's degree awarding unit.

As of May 2014, the school has 1 key disciplines in Anhui. microbiology ), Anhui provincial key construction disciplines 1 (Chemical Engineering and Technology), 1 master's degree awarded first level discipline, 1 professional master's award categories.

In May 21, 2018, the school launched the second round of master's degree training program and the third round of discipline construction projects, CO sponsored 5 master level one discipline empowerment project, 9 master's degree authorization point cultivation project, 4 key disciplines construction projects and 5 subject leaders training objects, and put forward specific requirements and suggestions on project construction and project task book formulation. . The Ministry of Education formally awarded the first level master's disciplines and fields as follows:

Teaching construction

· quality engineering

As of April 2017, the school had 5 specialties with national characteristics, 4 outstanding engineers' education and training programs, 1 professional reform pilot courses for national undergraduate majors, 3 external cooperation schools approved by the Ministry of education, and 3 practical teaching bases for national college students. .

Construction of national characteristic specialty (5): Bioengineering, electronic information engineering, logistics management, computer science and technology, chemical engineering and technology.

The national undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot program (1): industrial design

Anhui provincial characteristic specialty (6): Electronic information engineering, logistics management, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, international economy and trade, engineering management, and industrial design.

Anhui provincial key test training speciality (1): Finance

Excellent engineer education and training plan Implementation of professional (4): Industrial design and machinery design

Manufacturing and automation, software engineering, chemical engineering and technology

Provincial comprehensive professional reform pilot projects (3): Logistics management, bioengineering, chemical engineering and technology

Provincial Teaching Team (3): University mathematics teaching team, education discipline series teaching team, basic chemistry teaching team

Provincial Quality Courses (11 doors): Fermentation engineering and equipment, system programming technology, higher mathematics, educational scientific research methods, data structure, biochemistry, physical chemistry, curriculum and teaching theory, ergonomics, advanced financial management, ancient Chinese Literature

Provincial Demonstration Experimental Training Center (4): Basic experimental and practical teaching center, economic management experimental center, mechanical engineering experimental training center (Anhui province Applied University Alliance), chemical engineering and technology demonstration practice training center

Innovation of provincial talents training mode experimentation area (2): Ability oriented training mode of accounting talents, innovation of experimentation area, excellent engineers and talent training mode

Provincial schools and enterprises jointly build practical education bases (1): Hefei University - Hefei Royalstar SANYO electric Limited by Share Ltd provincial level engineering practice education center

Major in Chinese foreign cooperation in running schools (12): Industrial design, machinery manufacturing and automation, logistics management, etc.

· Teaching achievement

In 2003, the school first proposed the orientation of "locality, application and internationalization", focusing on cultivating students' innovation and practical ability, promoting the eight transformations of school orientation and professional structure, and building a training system of applied talents systematically. Among them, "locality and application" has been written into the qualification evaluation system of undergraduate education of the Ministry of education, and has become the national standard.

In 2009, the school won the two prize of national teaching achievement. According to Comrade Liu Yandong and Comrade Chen Xi's instructions, the Ministry of education has concluded the Research Report on the training mode of Applied Talents in local universities such as Hefei University, which is popularized throughout the country. In April 16, 2014, the China Education newspaper reported on the front page headline "the breakout of a local university transformation". In 2014, we won the first prize of national teaching achievement by breaking the discipline, constructing modular curriculum and reconstructing the teaching system of ability oriented applied talents.

In 2015, he won the fourth national special award for education reform and innovation. In 2016, the United German continental group and the German University of Applied Sciences designed the "dual system" higher education specialty, and explored a new mode of integration of production and education.

In September 2016, the evaluation center of the Ministry of education pointed out that Hefei University is the leader of the first phalanx of the National Applied Undergraduate Universities. Hefei University model is worth promoting and can be copied.

From 2009 to April 2017, students won 1059 awards for all kinds of science and technology competitions at the provincial level, among which 246 were national awards, 47 were first prize and first prize, and the other awards were the only or the first time for universities in the province. Such as the tenth "SIEMENS Cup" China intelligent manufacturing challenge national finals final prize (first place). The Sino German youth incubator center has 30 entrepreneurial teams and 14 registered companies. In 2016, there were 145 national and 375 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and 18 new university students' laboratory construction plans were set up to maintain the first rate of universities in Anhui. .

· Exchange and cooperation

The school has established a cooperative relationship with a large number of enterprises, research institutes and Hefei districts and counties. In the field of industrial design, environmental protection, logistics management, economic engineering, electromechanical and other fields, there are 191 practical bases, 3 embedded laboratories and 5 engineering centers. We have created a number of collaborative innovation platforms, such as "deep installation and large industrial design Co., Ltd.", "Anhui Combined Environment Inspection Co., Ltd.", "Hefei University new ark Creative Workshop", "integrated railway construction engineering measurement and control technology center" and so on. The school signed a cooperation agreement with a group of 31 heavy machines, forging machine tools, Limited by Share Ltd and other enterprises.

In 1984, the Anhui Provincial People's government signed an agreement with the German government of Lowersaxony to establish the Hefei University as a Sino German cultural exchange and cooperation project, and to identify the cooperation between the University and the applied science and Technology University of Lowersaxony as a provincial government education cooperation project. The school is also one of the two applied universities in Germany's focus on China's education and cultural exchange in 1980s. In collaboration with many universities of Applied Science and technology in Lowersaxony, Germany, in accordance with the mode of "2+3" and "3+1", the machinery, electronics, computer, construction, management, and German professionals have been trained. In addition to Lowersaxony, the school has established a cooperative and exchange relationship with Holzer Blu University of Applied Sciences, Reutlingen University and Rostock University. In addition, it also carried out project cooperation and academic exchanges with the University of Austria and the University of cove. The German Academy of Applied Sciences, jointly established by China and Germany, began enrollment in 2010. .

In 1998, the school and Korea Hanseo University Sign a cooperation and exchange agreement. By June 2013, it has established friendly relations with 14 universities, including Hanseo University, Hannan University, Pai Chai University, Seoul University, Soonchunhyang University, Hanas University, hanba University, Hallym University, Jingren University of education, Jianyang University, Hallym University, Xie Cheng University, and Hsin Chi University. The "2+2" Chinese International Education Specialty cooperated with Hanseo University and the "1.5+1.5" network system management specialty and Tourism Management Specialty co trained with Hannah University began enrollment in 2006. The "2+2" Korean language specialty co trained with Soonchunhyang University began enrollment in 2007. The first batch of students has graduated smoothly. The major of Chinese International Education (2+2) has been adjusted in 2009. The students will go to the South Korean University of Korea and Hallym University for the last two years. In 2010, the "3+1" speciality co operated with Hannover applied science and Technology University was added. In 2010, the logistics management specialty of Sino foreign cooperative education project was approved by the Ministry of education. In 2012, the Ministry of Education approved the Ministry of education in China. Approved by the Ministry of education in 2013. .

The school is a scholarship unit from the Chinese government to China. It has "China Anhui Germany center" and "China Hefei Korea Center". As of August 2016, the school had established cooperative relations with 60 universities in Germany, Korea, Japan, the United States, Italy, the west, Austria, Britain and Taiwan. There are 3 Sino foreign cooperative education programs approved by the Ministry of education, 10 Sino foreign cooperative training majors, and over 3300 students are studying abroad. Over 1100 German and Korean students come to school to study and practice. . The school jointly established the German Academy of Applied Sciences in Hannover with the University of Applied Sciences in Hefei. The logistics management profession was supported by the German academic exchange center and was supported by the German Logistics Association, so that the Hefei branch of the German logistics association was established in the school. Since 2001, schools and German cooperation institutions have launched the 14 Workshop cooperation project, gathered a group of experts from the industrial and design circles in Germany and Korea.

During the 30th anniversary anniversary of the founding of the University, Mr. Woolf, the then German president, sent a congratulatory letter. On October 30, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council and the German Chancellor Merkel inspected the school together and pointed out: "your Hefei University has applied well, Hefei University is a good school". Premier Merkel praised the Hefei University as "a paragon of Sino German cooperation", and witnessed with Premier Li Keqiang, the China Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Stralsund Applied Science University of Germany and the Hefei University signed the agreement on the establishment of the Confucius School of Applied Sciences in Stralsund. Premier Li Keqiang wrote an inscription: "thirty years stand, fruitful and deep rooted."

Schools play a bridge role in promoting folk diplomacy with confidence in education. 4 foreign experts were awarded the "Friendship Award" of the Chinese government. 4 experts attended the new year's forum of foreign experts held by Premier Li Keqiang in 2016 and 2017. In 2015, 3 foreign visiting professors were invited to participate in the 70th anniversary campaign to commemorate the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan and the world's anti fascist war. Since 2000, more than 420 delegations of German government, social organizations, friendly schools and enterprises have visited schools. Including the German ambassador to China, Shi Mingxian, the current German foreign minister, former Federal Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of economy and energy, Lowersaxony governor Gabriel, the current Minister of education and research in Germany, the then Lowersaxony Minister of science and culture, Wan Kah and other dignitaries, as well as Germany Volkswagen, BOSCH SIEMENS, mainland tire and other companies president visited schools. Wulf, the former German federal president and the current chairman of the global SME alliance, visited the school for the three time.

In 2016, the school became the only member of the Sino German Economic Advisory Committee. "China Anhui - Germany center" and "China Hefei - Korea Center" provide services for Anhui provincial government and enterprises to cooperate with other countries. To assist Hefei in introducing German Continental Tire Company, West Wade group and "Korea city" project. The German Logistics Association set up the Hefei branch of German logistics association in our university. To help Hefei become a friendly city with Germany, the city of Rostock, and the city of Rui Shan, Korea. Help Huangshan City and Germany to become a friendly city.

In August 30, 2016, our school established the first Confucius Institute in Stralsund, Germany. This is also the first Confucius Institute in Anhui in Western Europe. Premier Merkel was invited to announce the opening of Kong yuan, and was hailed as "a milestone in the history of the development of Confucius College". It has hosted the 7 "Chinese Bridge" German middle school summer camp, the 9 Korean speech contest, and the 2 "Hefei University Cup" Chinese speech contest.

On October 30, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Merkel jointly inspected the school. Li Keqiang pointed out: "the development and expansion of Hefei University in the past 30 years is a successful example of pragmatic cooperation between China and Germany". With the "three decades of standing, fruitful and deep rooted", the achievements of Sino German cooperation in the thirty years of Hefei University were summarized, and the expectation of "30 years of Sino German cooperation in the future will be more brilliant". German Chancellor Merkel praised Hefei University as "a shining example of Sino German cooperation in the past 30 years". The two prime ministers jointly decided to set up a demonstration base and fund for Sino German educational cooperation at Hefei University. The Ministry of education and Anhui jointly formulated the "Sino German educational cooperation demonstration base and cooperative fund construction plan" and submitted it to the State Council to determine the goal of building a model school and six platforms. Anhui and Hefei will "support the construction of Sino German educational cooperation demonstration base in Hefei University" in the provincial and municipal "13th Five-Year" development plan, Anhui's "five major development" action plan, and the provincial education "13th Five-Year" plan. At present, it has entered the construction stage.

academic research

Scientific research platform

As of April 2018, the school has two academician expert workstations, focusing on water environment treatment and pollution control and research of functional ionic liquid battery electrolyte; approved the seventh batch of postdoctoral scientific research workstations in Anhui, Anhui Collaborative Innovation Center for environmental pollution prevention and ecological rehabilitation, municipal solid waste treatment and resource utilization, Anhui provincial engineering and technology research center, Anhui modern electronic control and testing application technology innovation center, Chaohu rim cultural and economic and social development research center, and provincial engineering and technology center, industry center and Key Laboratory, and 11 provincial platforms.

In 2012, the German Logistics Association set up the Hefei branch in the school. There are a number of "embedded" laboratories jointly built by the school and enterprise, including "Shenzhen Industrial Design Co., Ltd.", "Anhui grand environment testing Co., Ltd." and "Hefei University new ark Creative Workshop". .

The school also has real estate research institute, Hefei Environmental Engineering Research Institute, small and medium enterprise development research center, Applied Chemical Research Institute, tourism consulting and Planning Institute, Intellectual Property Research Institute, modern management institute, Jianghuai Culture Research Institute, Civil Engineering Management Institute, Fermentation Engineering Research Institute, Sino German process new energy technology Research Institute, Basic Education Research Institute, foreign culture research institute, university student ideological and Political Education Research Center, Sino German Cooperative environmental technology transformation center, Art Design Institute and other research institutes (centers). .

In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the school has set up an expert workstation for water environment management and pollution control of Hefei University, and has undertaken the work of pollution analysis of the 82 rivers in the Chaohu sea. Professor Luo Xichun and academician expert workstation expert Cao Hongbin, Professor Strathclyde, are invited to be professors of Wanjiang scholar.

Achievements in construction

From 2002 to 2017, the school has undertaken many National Natural Science Foundation projects, the national social science fund project, the national social science planning project, the national open laboratory research project, the National 863 plan research sub item, the provincial "95" science and technology tackling key project, the Provincial Outstanding Youth Science and technology fund project, the Provincial Natural Science and social science fund project, and the municipal and hospital level research projects, more than 1000 articles, 2000 papers published in academic journals at home and abroad, 9 national invention projects, and dozens of research awards in provinces and municipalities.

In 2013, the school received 2 projects on the National Natural Science Foundation, 1 on the Youth Science Foundation, and 2 in the humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of education. More than 800 papers were published in international search (SCI, EI), of which more than 500 were in chemistry. Publishing 50 academic works and compiling teaching materials. . In 2014, the total volume of scientific research in Hefei University broke through 30 million / year for the first time. Among them, the research achievements of Humanities and Social Sciences in the university are among the top of the provincial universities.

The school has undertaken a number of research projects such as "monitoring and analysis of main maintenance structure of line 1 and line 3 of Hefei rail transit", "research and report on Conceptual Planning and urban design of international hot spring resort in Hefei", "Research Report on industrial design platform construction in Hefei", sludge blending technology in Hefei thermal power group, and "Research on construction mode and application demonstration of photovoltaic power plants in Colleges and universities". A number of Humanities and social science research bases and platforms, such as the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at the provincial level, "Research Center for Chaohu culture and economic and social development" and so on, have been built. In the past five years, the number of applied achievements in Humanities and social sciences is among the highest in the province's universities.